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Re-uz : Less is now

takeaway & delivery

Join a community of committed restaurateurs who use reusable tableware.

Becoming a zero-waste restaurant has never been easier. Choose containers specially designed for restaurants. Re-uz ® can help you make the transition to zero waste.

Reusable crockery to enhance your takeaway dishes

Discover a wide range of reusable tableware to help you make the switch from disposable to reusable and reduce the amount of waste generated by single-use packaging.
Our containers are eco-designed: reusable crockery, reusable and customizable cups, reclosable mugs and coffee cups with lids. They have the distinctive feature of being both lightweight and robust.
The containers and vessels from the Re-uz ® tableware range combineaesthetics with practicality. They feature airtight lids to make dishes 100% portable. They are easy to transport and facilitate takeaway and home delivery services.

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Reusable & attractive containers for your customers, designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs

Arrange your dishes in elegant, reusable crockery. Soup bowls, sauce bowls, high or low plates in square or rectangular format... All containers are suitable for takeaway catering. Each has a hermetically sealed lid for optimal transport while preserving the food content.
Re-uz ® tableware is ideal for table service. Extremely sturdy, the containers are not susceptible to scratches from cutlery. Their contemporary square shape enhances the dishes served.

Reduce your ecological impact and promote it to your customers

We're sensitive to it, you're sensitive to it... And your customers are sensitive to it too. Opting for a re-use approach reduces your ecological impact and builds loyalty among your customers, who are becoming increasingly aware of this issue.
The entire range, from tableware to cups, can be washed in the dishwasher and used again and again.

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Ergonomic reusable tableware: an asset for order preparation

Responding to the expectations of restaurateurs and the demands of transport, reusable dishes have been designed to take up a minimum of space both in the kitchen and during transport. The popular square and rectangular formats allow optimized storage in the kitchen, in the store or on delivery. The 7 different sizes of crockery can be stacked on top of each other in a balanced, space-saving way.
Stackable, this tableware is lightweight, can withstand freezing, is microwave-safe and can be kept in a hot oven at up to 80°C.

Reusable crockery that favours short circuits

All Re-uz ® reusable containers are manufactured in our own workshops. In this way, we favor short circuits to minimize the environmental impact of transport. From eco-design to manufacturing, we are proud to offer 100% reusable and fully recyclable tableware. The single-material design allows for optimum management of container end-of-life after numerous uses.

boucle du réemploi

Towards a transition from disposable to reusable foodservice in France

Re-uz ® provides alternative solutions to single-use plastic packaging. In addition to the eco-responsibility initiatives launched by many restaurateurs, the year 2023 marks a real turning point in the implementation of reuse. Let's change our ways together and join the zero-waste community!

Customized container deposit, tracking & collection system

Re-uz ® supports you in setting up the system with a simplified management system. Each container is logged. Within the Kio Box by Re-uz community, the deposit has been extended to a network of committed restaurateurs.