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Cups for hot drinks: reusable cups and mugs with lids

The Re-uz ® range of cups with lids is eco-designed and meets growing mobility needs. Each container is reusable: it can be used and reused over and over again.

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A range of eco-friendly cups, mugs and tumblers for reuse

Why consume the content AND the container? When you buy a hot drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.), you’ve probably already asked yourself this question! Throwing away a cup is heresy! Re-uz ® offers a sustainable alternative by shaking things up.

hot and cold beverage cups with lids

The Re-uz ® range of hot beverage cups is made up of different formats offering a wide range of capacities. Discover our 20 cl cups, 30 cl mugs and 40 cl mugs: designed to combine mobility and eco-responsibility. These cups are lightweight and stackable. This optimizes storage.

Designed to be reused, the entire range is washable. Cups, mugs and tumblers are dishwasher-safe. They are resistant to high washing temperatures (dishwashers, private, semi-professional or professional).

The cups are thermo-molded in one piece. They have no rough edges and are extremely easy to wash. From design to manufacture, Re-uz ® has strived to combine contemporary design with the practicality of reuse.

Cups and contents can be reheated. The containers are microwaveable and sturdy. Coffees, teas, sweet delights, ice creams, creams… They’ll be the perfect setting for the drinks and desserts served.

gobelets nomades dans la rue

Nomadic coffee cups 100% Made-in-Europe

The “Hotcup” range is manufactured in our own workshops in France. Re-uz ® favors short circuits to minimize the impact of transport. For our teams, Made-In-France is non-negotiable. It’s the guarantee of a controlled quality process with formalized milestones.

Mugs and cups are made from a single material. This intrinsic characteristic makes them 100% recyclable. The food-grade plastic used in their manufacture is BPA-free. Materials and manufacturing methods comply fully with current European standards. By combining expertise and know-how in plastics processing with a concern for the environment, Re-uz ® designs and manufactures sustainable, eco-responsible containers in tune with the times.

Combining mobility and eco-responsibility

Durable coffee cups, mugs and cups have been designed to combine longevity, ergonomics and practicality… both for the end consumer and the retailer. You too can be part of the virtuous circle of reuse by joining the zero waste movement: Less is now!

Using and reusing eco-cups

Hot beverage cups are designed for takeaways, cafés, vending machines, bakeries and hot-spots… They are ideal for all environmentally conscious retailers. They anchor reuse in a meaningful, sustainable approach.

To deploy reusable cups in your establishment, we recommend that you set up deposit boxes. When purchasing a drink, your customer will be asked to pay a deposit. This will be returned when the container is returned.

couvercles hotcups

One lid for 3 cup sizes

Different formats for a unique lid! Practical by essence, nomadic par excellence, Hotcup by Re-uz ® cups are designed to be taken along. For easy transport and to keep drinks warm, each cup can be closed with an ergonomic Hotcup lid.

The cap has been designed and created for real drinking comfort. The flat surface allows cups to be stacked on top of each other (even when closed).