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Reusable eco-responsible glasses & cups

Reusable glasses and cups save resources. The recurrence of their use allows to obtain a positive impact on the environment. Unlike disposable plastic or paper/cardboard glasses and cups, reusable glasses and cups can be used multiple times. The greater their reuse, the more virtuous the reuse becomes.

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Reusable plastic glasses and cups

Reusable glasses and cups can be made from different materials such as glass, metal, silicone or plastic. Re-uz ®, designs, manufactures and deploys eco-responsible tableware designed in single plastic material. This choice allows Re-uz ® to understand the entire life cycle of manufactured food containers: production, deployment, storage, dishwashing and recycling… A virtuous loop to make reuse obvious.

The choice of plastic for eco-designed glasses and cups

Why does Re-uz ® support the use of reusable plastic cups and glasses?

Re-uz's choice: plastic cups to combine practicality, eco-responsibility and durability

At Re-uz ®, we have opted for a plastic design. Why ? Plastic glasses and cups combine multiple advantages. They offer optimal drinking comfort, they are robust as soon as the design is well thought out upstream.

Each stemmed glass, tumbler, cocktail glass can be washed and reused without commonality: the whole thing is truly unbreakable. After numerous reuses, the containers can also be fully recycled.

verres réutilisables

What about glass, metal or silicone lenses?

For Re-uz ®, the reuse and reuse of containers, regardless of their nature, is virtuous.

Glasses and glass tumblers are the most commonly used in the context of domestic use. These are glasses used at home or in restaurants… Most often at the table. They are also durable in essence, resistant to scratches and can be washed in the dishwasher. They can also break or chip but offer real drinking comfort.

Metal glasses and tumblers are lightweight and durable, but they may not be suitable for all drinks, as metal can affect taste.
Silicone glasses and tumblers are flexible, lightweight, and durable, but may have a different mouthfeel than other materials.

Reusable plastic glasses to preserve the planet

Reusable plastic glasses and cups have several environmental advantages… And not the least! They drastically reduce the amount of waste produced. More than 500 billion single-use disposable cups are thought to be used around the world each year, contributing significantly to plastic pollution.

Ecocup ® reusable cups have already reduced waste in the context of events. Today, Re-uz ® deploys them within companies, restaurants and other structures concerned with limiting the environmental impact.

At a crossroads, the Beer Up System technology combines ecology with economy. The system of filling the cups by drawing pressure from below allows the “non-waste” of 10% of the barrels.

verres & gobelets réutilisables Re-uz

Plastic and uses: a beneficial material when used properly

The reusable glasses and cups manufactured by Re-uz ® are single materials and therefore 100% recyclable. At the end of its life, the material is recovered and crushed for later use.

Use and reuse: plastic can move the lines

An Ecocup ® cup used more than 5 times already has a positive impact compared to single-use disposable cups. Although the initial cost may be higher a fortiori, in the medium and long term, their use makes it possible to reduce the costs associated with the purchase and disposal of disposable glasses and cups.

Reusable glasses to consume the content rather than the container

Reusable glasses are an environmentally-friendly solution for consuming beverages without producing waste. They offer a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic or paper/cardboard glasses, which are thrown away after a single use.

Reusing containers to reduce waste

Firstly, the use of reusable glasses and containers considerably reduces the amount of waste produced. In France, over 4 billion disposable glasses are used every year. By using reusable glasses, we can all work together to reduce plastic pollution from mass consumption. There are no small gestures, join the zero waste movement!

Disposable container costs avoided

The use of reusable glasses reduces the costs associated with the purchase and disposal of disposable glasses. Re-uz ® offers the purchase of containers for recurrent use or the rental of glasses and tumblers for occasional use. Thanks to simple reuse solutions, it is now possible to reduce the costs associated with the purchase and disposal of disposable glassware… while at the same time making a cleaner planet.

gobelets lavables et réemployables Re-uz

Real drinking pleasure with reusable glasses

Reusable glasses are inherently stronger than disposable ones: they have been made to last. They are decidedly more practical for outdoor use, or for events such as sports meetings, street events, weddings or parties. Washable, they can be washed within the structure using them (companies, restaurants, stadiums, etc.) or by outsourcing washing to dedicated Re-uz ® laundry centers. Designed to meet every need, Re-uz ® has also developed cups with lids for the latest in on-the-go drinking habits.

A sustainable deposit and guarantee model

Cup deposits are a practice that consists in setting up a system for recovering plastic cups and glasses so that they can be reused. This measure is becoming increasingly common in public places such as festivals, concerts, sporting events and businesses. By recovering them, it is possible to limit their impact on nature: they can be reused again and again.

Set-back devices are easy to install. Re-uz ® supports each of its customers in setting up deposit systems. This principle both conserves resources and generates substantial savings over the long term.

Raising awareness of environmental issues among users of reusable cups

The deposit on glasses and cups helps raise awareness of the importance of reuse and environmental preservation. By encouraging your audience and yourself to adopt responsible behavior, together we can contribute to a lasting change in attitudes.