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Re-uz : Less is now
Contenants réemployables pour les bars by Re-uz


Nomadic cups and reusable containers

Re-uz ® offers cafés reusable cups with lids and reusable dishes as an alternative to conventional crockery and single-use containers.

As a place to live and socialize, the café brings people together and creates moments of conviviality over a hot drink or a gourmet plate.
In these establishments, it is necessary to offer high-quality reusable crockery that can withstand the test of time and use, as well as washing in a professional environment.

Discover our range of reusable containers for snacks and hot or cold drinks.

Eco-friendly cups & containers

Petite tasse à café avec couvercle pour les boissons à emporter by Re-uz

Mugs to (re)use on site or to take away

Re-uz ® reinvents hot beverage consumption with the Hotcup. Halfway between the classic mug and the disposable cup, it combines the advantages of both formats to offer a durable yet convenient container. These mugs are also customisable to create a strong identity for your establishment.

Available in a range of sizes and featuring a hermetically sealed lid, this mug is ideal for all types of hot beverages. Its thick walls provide a pleasant, comforting grip. It’s a lightweight cup that allows for hundreds of uses. It replaces the cardboard cup and makes it easy for cafés to switch to re-use. By setting up a deposit system, returns to your facility are made easy to ensure the re-use of these containers.

Re-uz ® offers simple, accessible solutions, ideal for professionals such as cafés and tearooms.

The ideal containers for all indulgent breaks

Establishments such as cafes and tearooms welcome indulgent breaks throughout the day. For breakfast or snack time, opt for our reusable reusable plastic plates to avoid any risk of breakage. Lightweight and easily washable, they are designed to make everyday work easier for your teams.

Plates, bowls and dishes are ideal for all kinds of sweet and savory snacks, including muffins, pancakes and pastries. Re-uz ® containers are easy to move and stack for optimized storage. They come with a hermetically sealed lid, making them ideal as take-away packaging or storage boxes.

Petit plat pour les cafés by Re-uz
Gobelet café à emporter Billie Cup by Re-uz

Billie Cup ®: a community for reuse

More than just a range of reusable cups, a true community has formed around Billie Cup ®. Equipped with a secure lid, Billie Cup ® mugs are ideal for drinking on-the-go.

The need for a network system was obvious. Users don’t have to go back to the same café to drop their returnable mug– they can drop it off at any other shop in the community. So once they’ve enjoyed their drink in their Billie mug, there’s no need to turn back to collect the deposit. It’s an innovative way of forging links and encouraging exchanges between cafe owners and their clientele.

Ecocup ® cups: the eco-responsible choice in cafés

Find the right container for every drink on your menu with Re-uz ®. For smoothies, juices, milkshakes and shakes, Ecocup ® formats are ideal. These are practical, sturdy glasses that maintain freshness and allow consumption indoors or on terraces.

It’s a solution that considerably reduces waste while keeping the practicality of plastic. Washable at high temperatures for impeccable hygiene, these cups can be reused many times before being completely recycled.

Just like the coffee mugs, these containers can be customised. So you can have a complete collection in your brand’s colors.

Gobelet Ecocup