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Re-uz : Less is now

Eco-responsible sports events

Reusable cups in stadiums and courts

Discover our range of reusable cups and containers to use in your stadiums. 

Football, rugby, tennis, handball… sporting competitions are emotion-rich moments. Sport in all its forms brings people together, initiates discussion and galvanizes.
Offer your spectators cups that combine eco-friendliness and lightness, and let them experience the moment to the fullest without being overloaded.

Reuse in sports facilities: creating emotion with eco-responsibility

Your stadium is a major gathering place that brings together thousands of spectators to celebrate sport and share great moments. During these events, the role of the audience is central. It’s essential to choose solutions that contribute to the comfort and freedom of movement of the public. Our reusable cups can be integrated into your stadiums to help you create this experience. Lightweight and resistant, they offer supporters a comfortable way to enjoy the match.

Attentive and on the edge of their seats for long minutes or even hours, the fans will undoubtedly need to quench their thirst on a regular basis. Reusable plastic cups are the best solution for keeping stadiums clean and safe. Washable and reusable hundreds of times over, these lightweight, ultra-resistant glasses are perfect for a zero-waste approach.

Carrying a strong message, Ecocup ® cups make your stadium part of an eco-responsible approach, and reaffirm your commitment simply by their presence in the stands.

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High-quality, impact- and drop-resistant containers



Space-saving, lightweight containers



Containers that can be reused hundreds of times and then 100% recycled

Reusable cups: a wide and practical range

Our Ecocup ® cups cups come in a variety of sizes and capacities. This means they can be adapted to all types and volumes of beverage (up to 90 cl, so the supporters never have to take their eyes off the game!). It’s a complete, adjustable range that is an answer to stadium safety and environmental issues. You can go for the rental option for your one-off events.

Beyond Ecocup ® cups, Re-uz ® offers a range of containers suitable for both seated and standing consumption, indoors and out. Re-uz ® containers are stackable : they will fit easily into your stadium’s refreshment area. They will replace single-use cardboard cups and containers. It’s a simple and effective way of keeping the stands clean and offering a convivial and enjoyable moment for all.

For VIP boxes and lounges, Re-uz ® offers a selection of reusable glasses and tumblers for a premium experience. These eco-responsible containers will complement the modern, elegant decor of these privileged spaces.

Sustainable, returnable cups

In order to be fully integrated into the virtuous circle of reuse, we encourage the implementation of a deposit system for our containers. Our cups are unbreakable and durable, made to be used and reused.

Very easy to set up, this deposit system can be manual or automatic. After use or at the end of the match, spectators can drop off their reusable cups in a collector, a reverse vending machine or directly to the refreshment area and collect their deposit. The containers can then be washed and reused at future events. This is how a true circularity is established.

In short, the container deposit system is a process that raises public awareness and effectively promotes the value of reuse. It’s an obvious way to keep stadiums clean and responsible.


Reusable cups in your stadium's colours

Bring the supporters’ immersion right down to their drinks by offering reusable cups customized with your stadium’s identity. An effective and memorable way to complete the fan experience in your stands.

We offer a variety of customization methods to suit your needs.

First, for screen printing personalization, we use stencils to customize the cups. It’s a method with a very clean rendering that follows the shape of the cup perfectly. It gives a discreet relief to the touch. To include your graphics directly in the mould of your reusable cup, opt for IML or In Mould Labelling. Injected directly into the plastic, the label is an integral part of the cup’s design, offering extraordinary print quality and durability. Finally, through digital personalization, your logo, slogan or illustration is applied directly to the outside of the Ecocup ® cup.

Whichever personalization method you choose, putting your colors on reusable cups is a sign of your commitment to reuse. More than just beverage containers, your Ecocup ® cups become an integral part of your stadium’s identity.