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How to limit waste and preserve our planet? Re-uz ® works to meet the major challenge of our society: to limit packaging and over-packaging. The solution is to offer reusable food containers as part of a virtuous circle of reuse.
Through an eco-designed range, Re-uz ® offers simple and effective solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. Re-uz ® reusable tableware shakes up uses. How to make plastic an eco-responsible asset? Discover our range of tableware available for purchase:

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Reuse: a sustainable solution

Re-uz ® reusable plastic food containers are designed to be part of a virtuous process of reuse, and can be used several times. Our food containers can be washed and reused repeatedly. Their proven longevity considerably reduces the amount of waste generated. By investing in these containers, we’re encouraging reuse, a sustainable practice that helps preserve natural resources.

Reduce plastic waste: consume content, not containers

Plastic waste proliferation, open-air dumping, degradation of flora and fauna … Disposable plastic food containers are one of the main sources of pollution.
By opting for reusable containers, we help reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill or in natural ecosystems. Every gesture counts! Repeated use of a reusable container saves dozens of single-use packages a year.

produire plus : est-ce la solution?

Energy efficiency: produce less & reuse

Buying reusable plastic food containers is not just about reducing waste. It also has a positive impact on our company’s overall energy efficiency. The production of disposable packaging requires a considerable amount of energy, from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacture and distribution of finished products.

By choosing reusable containers, we contribute to reducing this energy demand, thus preserving natural resources and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Eco-responsible purchasing as an alternative solution

Today, the perception of plastic is ambivalent. When used for its robustness, waterproofing and safety, it becomes a major asset. Re-uz containers are eco-designed to offer intrinsic characteristics in line with a re-use approach: lightness, durability and ease of use on a daily basis. Plastic can have a significant positive impact on the environment when used wisely.

Raising awareness and changing behavior

Raise awareness and mobilize! The purchase of reusable plastic food containers makes sense as a way of supporting behavioral change. It’s not a revolution, but rather a return to basics: deposit, wash, reuse… These terms are not new, but have been forgotten for a few decades: let’s bring them up to date for greater eco-responsibility!

Range of reusable food containers

Growing awareness of the ecological impact of our consumption choices has led Re-uz ® to multiply its sustainable solutions…

Range of reusable food containers

The Ecocup ® reusable cup has become an indispensable container. Ideal for serving hot or cold drinks, such as fruit juices, cocktails or smoothies. Companies, event organizers and restaurateurs use it to offer an elegant drinking experience while reducing their environmental footprint. The Re-uz ® range is composed of different formats adapted to all types of beverages. These containers can be washed and reused sustainably.

Sustainable , practical dishes

Reusable plastic dishes are another variation on the Re-uz ® range of eco-friendly tableware. Suitable for food service companies, caterers and canteens, these takeaway food containers offer a sustainable alternative to disposable takeaway boxes. They are sturdy enough to hold a variety of dishes: salads, pasta, hot dishes or ready-made meals. The Re-uz ® range comprises containers that can be hermetically sealed for easy transport and storage.

Environmentally-friendly plates and bowls

Reusable plastic plates and bowls are increasingly used at events, stadiums and restaurants. These containers offer an alternative to “traditional” disposable plates and bowls (let’s not think of them as a tradition after all). Reusable plates and bowls are available in a range of modular, stackable formats. They are lightweight, easy to clean and can be used over and over again.

Who should buy reusable tableware?

Re-uz ® deploys and offers a very wide range of containers to make re-use a matter of course. The end-user will be your customer… But who can offer this type of container?

Multiple uses in different sectors

Companies, event organizers, stadiums, restaurateurs and caterers can all benefit from using reusable plastic tableware.

In restaurants and catering services, reusable plastic containers make it possible to offer takeaway options without generating excessive waste.

Stadiums and event organizers can reduce their ecological footprint by providing their visitors with reusable cups and crockery.

verres à pied en plastique solides et réemployables

environmental and econoMic benefits

Economically speaking, the use of reusable plastic tableware can lead to long-term savings for companies, event organizers and restaurateurs, by reducing the costs associated with the constant purchase of disposable tableware.

Reusable plastic tableware offers an ecological and practical solution for a variety of containers and uses. From reusable glass for drinks to reusable dishes, plates and bowls, these eco-designed containers limit environmental impact while meeting the needs of businesses, event organizers, stadiums, restaurateurs and caterers. By opting for reusable plastic tableware, we can take an important step towards reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet.