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Re-uz : Less is now

Tailor-made, environmentally-friendly washing solutions

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Focus on the heart of your business, so you can hear ours beating… Our know-how for your needs.
Re-uz ® offers tailor-made ecological washing solutions, ensuring the cleanliness and availability of your food containers.

Eco-responsibility: the intelligent use of every resource

Reuse is a virtuous loop.

The purpose of an eco-responsible container (reusable cup, reusable mug, ecological plastic, glass or stainless steel tableware, etc.) is to be reused again and again. Washing becomes an essential step. This is part of the virtuous circle of re-use.

Washing orchestrated by Re-uz ® ensures container cleanliness. The major challenge for our teams is to combineirreproachable washing with strong ecological criteria (water saving, eco-responsible washing products, etc.).

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Consume the content rather than the container to minimize single use

For decades, Re-uz ® has strived to manufacture high-quality containers to maximize their lifespan. Ecocup ® cups and Re-uz ® reusable tableware are examples of our commitment to eco-design … This is an essential criterion for their re-use.

Re-uz ® marks out the entire reuse cycle by offering its customers optimized washing solutions for all types of reusable containers.

Because every drop counts

Water, energy, detergents… Re-uz develops innovative washing techniques while ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of washed containers. A truly local network, Re-uz washes as close to you as possible to limit transport and minimize your carbon footprint.

quote Conserving resources as far as possible, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene to speed up re-use. Our motto: make re-use a matter of course. quote

Re-uz: eco-responsible professional laundry

Re-uz offers solutions to facilitate transport and washing processes, and guarantees the professional use of containers: a virtuous loop for reuse.

Local container washing

Re-uz deploys wash centers across Europe.

Within each country, a network of local contacts is created. Re-uz strives to wash as close as possible to limit environmental impact and demonstrate agility. We also offer “mobile laundries” for on-site deployment.

centres de lavage Re-uz
Collection of dirty dishes by Re-uz teams

Arrival of dirty dishes at our wash centers

Manual sorting and emptying

Loading into the washer

Drastic process and hygiene standards guarantee efficiency

Glasses, cups, dishes, stainless steel containers… Each container is collected beforehand. There are 8 key stages in the washing process, from receipt to reconditioning.

At the start of the wash line, a dedicated team handles the dirty side. At the end of the chain, a second team takes care of the clean side. These two separate zones ensure efficient washing.

Precise monitoring of the washing process

Our washing machines form the real demarcation between dirty and clean areas.

Once washed, the containers are dried, unloaded and inspected. They are then reconditioned for storage. They will then be returned to the customer for re-use.

Washing and drying

Unloading and inspection


Provision of clean crockery

washing team Re-uz

Our expertise tailored to your needs

Re-uz is the washing solution for every industry.
Because reuse concerns consumers and entrepreneurs alike, we deploy systems adapted to each problem encountered…

Bars, cafés & hotels

Takeaway food

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Contract catering

Stadiums & competitions

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Enterprise & corporate

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Concerts, festivals & culture

Parks & leisure

Fairs & exhibitions

Ecological washing