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Customizable reusable cocktail glasses

Re-uz ® reusable cocktail glasses are built to last. This range of plastic glasses developed by Re-uz ® combines durability and practicality. Reusable and customizable, these cocktail glasses are eco-responsible: their recurring use and regular reuse save resources like single-use disposable cups. By definition, they greatly limit the environmental impact. Discover a range with atypical formats dedicated to the service of original drinks. Join the zero waste movement: less is now!

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Eco-designed & sustainable cocktail glasses

Every cocktail deserves its own container. So as not to overlook the aesthetics of the service, Re-uz ® has designed a range dedicated to cocktails within the overall plastic tableware offering.

Glass sizes to suit even the largest cocktails

Re-uz ® offers a range of different sizes of glasses for cocktails and mixed drinks. Variety of formats, specific styles… All containers in the range can be washed and reused.

Reusable plastic Highball glasses

The reusable Highball glass is undoubtedly the most suitable container for soda or lemonade-based drinks. This glass is characterized by its narrow cylindrical shape and high capacity. The drinks served are sublimated: the transparency of the glass allows a glimpse of the different layers of the cocktails.
verres highball en plastique réemployables
verres à cocktails réemployables avec glaçons

Reusable plastic mojito glasses

The mojito glass is characterized by its elongated shape and large capacity. This format allows drinks to be served with lots of crushed ice and garnishes such as mint leaves and lime slices. Da transparency lets you see the cocktail’s vivid color and highlights its fresh ingredients.

Reusable plastic shot glasses

Shooter glasses, also known as shot glasses, are small cylindrical glasses generally used to serve small quantities of beverages. They can also be used as verrines for caterers or restaurateurs.
shooters en plastique réemployables
verre shortdrink en plastique réutilisable

Reusable plastic short-drink glasses

Short drinks glasses, also known as old fashioned glasses, are short, wide glasses used to serve alcoholic beverages with ice. These glasses are often used for “classic” cocktails on the rocks.

Reusable plastic glasses for cocktails

Re-uz ® reusable cocktail glasses are resolutely practical and festive. Designed for event and catering professionals, bar owners and event organizers can use them over and over again without having to buy new glasses each time. Their recurrent use reduces the costs associated with the purchase of new glassware, as well as (and above all) waste management.

Re-uz ® offers many different formats. Yet each container has the same practical features: they’re sturdy, lightweight and easy to transport. This range is perfectly suited to outdoor use (terraces, ephemeral events, etc.) and indoor use (bars, discotheques, etc.). Extremely durable, they can withstand accidental drops or impacts without breaking.

gamme de verres à cocktail réemployables en plastique

Cocktail glasses that can be reused and customized

Customizable cocktail glasses are a great way to create a unique and memorable experience for your guests/customers. These glasses can be customized for any event, whether it’s a trade show, reception, corporate event or association party.

High-quality personalized glasses

When you buy Re-uz ® reusable glasses, you can personalize them. You have total control over the design and the information you wish to include. You can add names, dates, logos or slogans to publicize your event and convey the eco-responsible values you espouse. Customized glasses are more widely reused. They’re also a great way to reinforce your company’s brand at corporate events or product launches.

Cocktail glasses customized to your image

Customization options are extensive. From mojito glasses to highball glasses to shortdrinks … every type of glass can be customized to create a unique experience for your guests and customers. The technique used is screen-printed lens personalization. This process hugs the shapes of the glasses brilliantly, adding a certain shine and a slight relief to the touch… Each glass becomes a truly exceptional container, and can be reused again and again.

verres personnalisables pour cocktails

In short, Re-uz ® customizable cocktail glasses are a great way to add a personal touch to any event and encourage container reuse. They can be customized with specific designs, logos and information to reflect the theme or occasion of the event.
Re-uz ® personalized glasses are durable and reusable, offering an eco-friendly option for all types of events.