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Join the zero waste movement

Re-uz ® democratizes reusable containers and reuse facilities to limit the use of single-use containers.

Adopt ecoresponsible zero waste containers

100% made in Europe reusable containers

Tailor-made solutions
suited to your needs

préservation de la planète & écoresponsabilité

Europe-wide help & support

Sustainable, eco-designed & 100% recyclable containers

You too, join the Re-uz ® zero waste movement: an eco-gesture to limit single use and preserve the planet.

Re-uz : Less is now

rental of reusable cups & containers

rental of reusable glasses, cups and containers for your event

Re-uz ®, offers turnkey rental solutions for reusable containers and glasses, sustainable alternatives to disposable items.

purchase of reusable & customizable containers

The purchase of customizable containers, glasses and cups

Re-uz ® creates custom-made, eco-designed and reusable containers. Personalized to be reused over and over again, join the zero waste movement.

Every year


Tons of plastic avoided thanks to Re-uz reusable containers


containers and cups washed thanks to Re-uz washing centers


Re-uz ® customers who already trust us and who have chosen us as their eco-partner


For Re-uz ®, reuse combines eco-responsibility, ecology and circular economy. Each event has environmental issues to which Re-uz ® provides lasting solutions. Rental of reusable containers, purchase of reusable containers, local storage device, ecological washing
Re-uz ® supports organizers in minimizing their environmental impact. Join the zero waste movement.

Eco-responsible reuse solutions for catering

Take-out catering, service at the table, catering ephemeral in the context of events, delivery of dishes, deposit and deposit for crockery, community of committed brands… Re-uz ® offers simple and eco-responsible devices for restaurateurs and caterers: forget about single use, take the step of reuse and join the zero waste movement: less is now.

Reuse at the heart of companies: "0 waste" objective

Reuse is long-term: a similar analogy to the longevity desired for all companies. Reducing the environmental impact is a real challenge for the years to come. Integrating the circular economy and reducing consumables helps to minimize waste production. Re-uz ® allows you to activate eco-responsible levers with ease via products and services that are part of a real CSR approach. Join the zero waste movement too!

Re-uz ®: A strong commitment to zero waste

Washing reusable dishes and reusable cups

Re-uz ®: professional washing
as an eco-responsible and sustainable solution

Because every drop of water counts, Re-uz ® develops innovative washing techniques. Thanks to its network of washing centers and mobile laundries Re-uz ® limits the transport of reusable containers to wash them as close as possible.

Storage of reusable containers and logistics deployment

Re-uz ®: the alliance of local storage and event logistics

With a network in France and Europe, Re-uz ® stores as close as possible to limit the carbon footprint. The reusable containers are washed, then packed and stored to then be deployed when needed.

How to switch to reuse? the Re-uz ® virtuous cycle

Going from disposable to durable: a necessity more than an alternative

Re-uz provides simple and accessible solutions to change everyday gestures and switch to reusable.

Our ambition is to produce less and reuse more to limit our environmental impact.

for each reuse problem, a tailor-made eco-responsible solution Re-uz ®

Events but not only… Convinced by our approach, we deploy and adapt our solutions to other sectors of activity: reuse in companies, sustainable takeaway catering… As well as to each of the problems of our customers.

Re-uz ®: a strong commitment and iconic brands

Pioneers in the event market with our historic brands Ecocup ® and GreenCup, Re-uz has been offering to replace single-use disposable cups with reusable cups for more than 15 years. Billie Cup, Kio Box, Beer Up System, Boxeaty then joined the large Re-uz family to continue to democratize reuse

ecological and practical, Re-uz ® eco-responsible solutions are becoming an obvious choice

Re-uz ®: your dedicated partner for a 360° service

Our tailor-made solutions will be adapted to your needs. We will accompany you on all the important steps of the device.

The opportunity to improve your environmental impact

Significantly reduce single-use waste. By opting for reuse, you become an actor in sustainable development.

Positive communication with your customers and partners

Communicate with your customers, users, partners… To change everyday gestures and move the lines.