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About us

Less is now ! Re-uz

A look at Re-uz ® vision

Re-uz ® embodies a bold vision where sustainability is not just a goal, but a true business philosophy. By combining eco-designed containers and services, Re-uz ® deploys a wide range of reuse systems and works towards a greener, more respectful future for our planet. Re-uz ® is a call to action, an invitation to act, with simple gestures.

We are more than a hundred employees united by our determination to change habits, promote eco-responsible practices and reduce waste. Through our commitment and the virtuous re-use solutions we offer, we strive to shape a more sustainable future.

Each reusable container becomes a declaration of intent, a small gesture which, multiplied by thousands, creates impact.

Locaux Re-uz

Eco-responsibility at the heart of Re-uz ® DNA

Eco-responsibility is woven into the DNA of Re-uz ®. Our company is actively seeking to inspire a change in mentality by linking containers and reuse solutions.

Re-uz ®, with its eloquent name, stimulates reflection and catalyzes change. Our company strives to create a culture where eco-responsibility is not simply an option, but an accepted and encouraged norm.

Eco-design to redefine the standard

Eco-design is the cornerstone of Re-uz®‘s philosophy. We design reusable containers using a responsible, holistic approach. By using resistant and durable materials, we demonstrate that it is possible to create practical products while respecting natural balances.

Our eco-design approach helps preserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We carefully select the materials we use to ensure optimal re-use and recyclability.

Our eco-design approach is not limited to materials, but also encompasses product design. Sustainability is built into every aspect, from ergonomic design to easy end-of-life recycling. Re-uz ® demonstrates that reusable tableware can be aesthetically pleasing, practical and environmentally friendly.

Écoconception by Re-uz
Lavage écologique by Re-uz

Washing, a pillar of sustainability

Symbolizing the transition from a disposable to a sustainable culture, we see washing as a crucial stage in the life cycle of containers. For us, each wash cycle extends the useful life of the containers and is part of a circular vision.

Once used, the containers are collected by Re-uz ® and then thoroughly washed. Our washing technologies are designed to be environmentally friendly, with water and energy savings at the heart of the process. The containers are then made available for re-use. This approach aims to extend their lifespan and considerably reduce the amount of plastic waste generated.

By adopting this approach, Re-uz ® is part of a circular resource management process, minimizing the use of new materials while maximizing the use of existing resources.

Short supply chain: choosing proximity

Located in Europe and across the Atlantic, we manufacture, deploy and wash our products as close as possible to our customers.
Our aim is to drastically reduce transport distances and thus significantly reduce our ecological footprint.
We support local economies by working locally. This approach reinforces the sustainability of our model and our approach

Communauté engagée via la consigne avec Re-uz

Deposit system: engage the community

The deposit system set up by Re-uz ® is a vehicle for community involvement and environmental education.

All container users are encouraged to return their containers. Alongside our partners and customers, we believe that each individual act contributes to the preservation of our planet.

The deposit becomes an opportunity to play an active role in waste reduction. This system embodies collective responsibility. We strive to strengthen the link between people and their commitment to sustainability.

Eco-responsible catering: the informed choice of containers

Re-uz ® is aimed at a sector where environmental challenges are particularly pronounced. We support our partners by helping them to rethink their practices. Minimizing our carbon footprint, reducing waste, encouraging conscious consumption and raising awareness… By encouraging the reuse of containers and proposing simple management solutions, we engage and mobilize.

Restauration écoresponsable by Re-uz
Réemploi en entreprise avec les gobelets et contenants réemployables Re-uz ®

Corporate re-use: a gradual transition to sustainability

How can we transform professional spaces into environments where eco-responsible values are embodied on a daily basis?

The adoption of reuse in the workplace relies on reconceptualizing the life cycle of containers. Instead of a linear approach based on consumption and disposal, we facilitate the implementation of circular models. Our approach helps to reduce the demand for new raw materials, thus minimizing the overall ecological impact… Consume the content, not the content and the container!

An eco-responsible future together

Our company shows that it’s possible to combine pleasure with environmental responsibility.

By embracing the Re-uz ® vision, you commit not only to changing the way you consume, but also to redefining your relationship with the planet.
Re-uz ® is a call to action, an invitation to act with simple gestures. Every event organizer, every participant, every restaurateur, every customer, every company, every employee, every citizen can become an agent of change.

Together, with informed choices and sustainable practices, we can create a world where our consumption patterns and respect for the planet go hand in hand. Re-uz ® shows you the way, now it’s time to follow it: LESS IS NOW.

Eco-responsible events: redefining industry standards

Ecocup ® is not simply a product supplier, but a strategic partner for event organizers. The company is committed to integrating eco-responsible practices into event planning and execution, from waste management to environmental awareness.

The environmental impact of an event is carefully assessed, and tailored solutions are proposed to minimize this impact. Ecocup ® serves as a catalyst to transform the event industry, encouraging others in the sector to adopt sustainable practices to preserve natural resources and reduce carbon footprints.

Équipes Re-uz ® pour la logistique événementielle
Réduction de l'impact environnemental grâce aux contenants réemployables Re-uz

Environmental benefits: a tangible impact

Reducing single-use plastic waste, cutting carbon emissions linked to the production of new materials and promoting a local economy are all tangible benefits.

The ecological footprint of an event equipped with Ecocup ® is considerably reduced. The tons of plastic waste avoided, carbon emissions minimized and natural resources preserved create a positive impact that goes beyond the event itself. It’s a concrete step towards a healthier, more sustainable planet.