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Re-uz : Less is now
Customization of reusable containers

Custom cups: why customize to reuse more?

Personalization creates a stronger bond between user and container. To encourage the re-use and recycling of cups, glasses and mugs, Re-uz deploys turnkey personalization systems: digital printing, silk-screening, In-mould labelling plastic injection.

These schemes are designed tofurther encourage reuse and help promote a culture of re-use. Personalized and returnable containers are therefore more likely to be reused. Personalization is designed to make them less trivial, encourage user involvement and convey the strong values of re-use.

Join the zero waste movement: Less is now!

In mould labelling
Digital printing
screen printing
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Screen-printing personalization

Personnalisation Re-uz en sérigraphie

Silk-screen printing is a specific printing method adapted to container personalization. This customization technique can be used to match the curves of any container. It offers great versatility

It involves the use of stencils, with blocked areas to form a pattern. The ink is then applied to the screen and stencilled onto the surface to be printed. The scenery created is clean and precise.

In-mould labelling

Personnalisation IML Re-uz

IML injection molding is a printing technique that integrates the plastic injection process with the simultaneous application of a decorative label directly in the mold. This one-step manufacturing process merges labeling and container creation, giving rise to finished products with labels firmly integrated into their structure.

Digital personalization

personnalisation digitale Re-uz

Digital personalization, commonly known as “digital” printing, is based on advanced printing technologies. The support cup can be likened to a cylindrical sheet of paper on which the graphics are printed.

Digital personalization offers exceptional responsiveness: containers can be customized on demand, adding an agile dimension to production.

What are the advantages of customizing returnable containers?

Combined with deposit systems, container personalization offers a number of advantages, both for consumers and for the companies and organizations involved in the virtuous reuse system. Here are some of the key benefits:

For companies and/or organizations...

eco-responsabilité Re-uz

Brand visibility & commitment to the environment

Personalized containers offer a unique opportunity to boost brand visibility. Company logos and messages are constantly on display when consumers use their returnable containers. The latter convey strong values of reuse associated with use.


Increased loyalty inherent in deposits

Personalization creates a strong bond between consumers and the brand. Consumers are more likely to return to a company that has provided them with returnable containers and a personalized experience.


Targeted, meaningful communication

Companies and organizations can use personalization to convey specific messages and raise environmental awareness. They associate their image with eco-responsible containers.

économies de coûts

Undeniable cost savings & environmental benefits

Purchasing reusable cups helps limit plastic waste and encourages reuse. Containers can be reused again and again, limiting the resources needed to manufacture new containers and cutting costs.

For consumers and/or users...


Easy identification

Reusable, personalized containers create an emotional bond with consumers. They are more likely to be returned via deposit systems.

If the returnable container is not returned but kept by the user, it will be reused in the home.

pictogramme récupérer les consignes ecocup

More comfortable drinking thanks to sturdy containers

Single-use containers are still commonplace, and apart from the fact that they are thrown away after use, they don’t provide a unique drinking experience: soft walls and a delicate grip, feverish sturdiness… Re-uz ® returnable containers are sturdier and easier to drink from. 5 uses of the same cup are enough to pay for the amount of material used, compared to a single-use cup!

recyclabilité des contenants Re-uz

Greater commitment to waste reduction

The virtuous circle of reuse works through cross-functional mobilization. Users and companies work together to reduce waste. Personalized containers mobilize consumers and encourage them to make gestures that help preserve the environment.