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Hospitality & Reuse

Reusable unbreakable tableware for hotel establishments

Re-uz ® has developed a selection of high-quality tableware tailored to the requirements of hotel and restaurant professionals.
Diverse and versatile, these pieces of tableware provide reliable equipment for table or room services. Unbreakable and reusable, the containers can be used and reused both indoors and outdoors. Both stylish and sturdy, they combine elegance and durability.

Reusable tableware for eco-responsible hotels

Tailored to the high standards of the hospitality industry, Re-uz® offers a wide range of containers that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Made from food-grade plastic, it combines elegance and sturdiness. While maintaining an elegant simplicity, the glasses can also be customised to match the establishment’s colors.

Elegant tableware for the hospitality industry

As a true reflection of your establishment’s identity, tableware must be selected with care.

Our innovative design has successfully combined often opposing qualities: durability, practicality, and aesthetics. Indeed, while Re-uz ® containers meet safety and convenience criteria through their lightweight and sturdy design, they are also refined. Each Re-uz ® piece has a distinctive look and adds a modern touch to any table.

The Re-uz ® range includes contemporary plates and wine glasses in polypropylene or Tritan. These robust materials are both ideal for buffets and table services, offering safety and noise reduction in the dining room. Tritan brings brilliance and transparency.

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Vaisselle réemployable Re-uz ® pour room service, petit-déjeuner à l'hôtel

Lightweight, reusable tableware for room service

Seeking comfort and practicality, guests who choose room service enjoy their meals without leaving their room. Re-uz ® offers hotel establishments a comprehensive range of tableware particularly suited to this type of service. For breakfast, lunch, simple drinks or an afternoon snack, our reusable containers will meet every demand.

Plates, cups and bowls bowls are made from durable, lightweight food-grade plastic. It allows for combining functionality and durability. Unbreakable, they eliminate any safety risk for users. This is a range of tableware for intensive professional use: the pieces withstand temperatures and dishwasher washing.

The Re-uz ® containers containers offer a sleek, modern aesthetic that blends in beautifully with your rooms. They indeed have a similar appearance to traditional porcelain tableware, yet offer an entirely fresh level of convenience.

Vaisselle réemployable cuisine centrale conforme aux normes d'hygiène et de sécurité

Tableware that meets hygiene and safety standards.


Lightweight, unbreakable professional equipment

Vaisselle réemployable cuisine centrale : des contenants recyclables écoresponsables

Sustainable, recyclable containers

Reusable cups: a sustainable choice all the way to the bathroom.

Continue the eco-friendly experience in your in-room bathrooms by replacing single-use cups with our reusable plastic cups. This containers are lightweight and practical, which means the usual usage is not altered in any way. They effectively reduce waste while maintaining a level of aesthetics and refinement in line with hospitality standards.

The Re-uz ® range includes a wide selection of ultra-lightweight reusable cups that can be repurposed for multiple functions.

Hygiene is maintained as they are washable at high temperatures and have a smooth interior for impeccable disinfection.

Gobelets réemployables Re-uz ®pour salle de bain chambre d'hôtel