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Carafe & gobelet réutilisable Ecocup by Re-uz
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Contenants réemployables pour les bars by Re-uz

Innovative solutions for beverage service

Reusable cups and containers for bars

Reusable cups and containers for bars and pubs: an eco-friendly solution for an easy transition to reuse!

Equip your establishment with eco-designed, durable and customisable tableware.

Ecocup ® cups: where lightweight design meets reusability

For drinking establishments such as bars and pubs, safety and convenience are key concerns. These locations accommodate a constant flow of customers and thus must ensure a safe and easily manageable environment. The Re-uz ® range of cups meets these requirements without compromising on durability. Washable and reusable hundreds of times over, these plastic glasses address safety concerns and provide ease for both staff and customers. This eliminates the risk of breakage ; events and gatherings can proceed smoothly and peacefully. In addition to classic cup sizes, the Re-uz range offers unique unbreakable cocktail glasses. Thanks to various sizes, they are tailored to the diversity in your beverage offerings.

To further encourage the reuse of these containers, the customisation is also possible. Your establishment’s own cups will keep your serving areas busy for a long time. The Re-uz ® ambition: to offer easy solutions that make reuse accessible!

Gobelets Ecocup pour les bars
Carafe ou pichet réemployable Ecocup by Re-uz

The Re-uz ® customisable carafe: a lasting ally for bars and pubs

What’s a beer gathering without the carafe? It’s an invitation to share and socialise in bars and pubs. Re-uz ® understands the importance of this container and offers you the reusable and customisable plastic carafe! Unbreakable, with a capacity of 1.5 L, this jug makes serving beer easier and safer. This makes it perfectly suited for lively bars and outdoor consumption.

The Re-uz ® decanter stands out for its durability, both in terms of impact resistance and reusability. Eco-designed, it can be reused many times before being completely recycled. More than an alternative, it’s a truly responsible choice.

Personalising the carafe enables bars to create a container that is uniquely theirs, showcasing the establishment’s identity.

Beer Up System: A technology designed for beverage professionals

Re-uz ® revolutionises beer service for beverage professionals with the Beer Up System ® technology. This innovative bottom-draw method ensures quick and loss-free service, thanks to a programmed stop. It’s a filling system that offers great efficiency and eases the daily tasks of bartenders by freeing them up during the drawing process.

The Beer Up system is used with dedicated cups from the same range, specially designed for bottom filling. Available in pint and half pint, these customisable glasses feature a valve that allows beer to be served from the bottom.

Moreover, the installation of the Beer Up ® system in your establishment is also simplified. There’s no need to overhaul all your installations, as the pumps and taps can be easily integrated into your existing refrigeration equipment.

Beer Up System : système de tirage de bière par le bas by Re-uz
Barquette en plastique lavable et réemployable by Re-uz ®

Ergonomic trays and plates for all types of side dishes

For on-site storage and serving of side dishes and meals, the Re-uz ® range includes a set of reusable trays and containers, to be used with or without lids. These are washable, reusable plastic containers that combine practicality and sustainability. They offer bars an ecological, functional, and economical solution tailored to busy times.

These lightweight containers offer great versatility and allow for the serving of both hot and cold foods. They replace single-use plates and dishes for more sustainability, and also glass containers by eliminating the risk of breakage. With such qualities, they stand as the perfect vessels for bar service, seamlessly blending safety, convenience, and durability.