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Eco-designed reusable plates with airtight lids

Reusable plates with lids should not be considered as an alternative… But as an ecological and practical evidence. The flat and soup plates of the Re-uz ® range are made from durable materials. These containers can be used several times: a true eco-responsible tableware with an assertive design which considerably reduces the amount of waste produced.

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Design and practical tableware for eco-responsibility

There’s no longer any need to justify it: single use and eco-responsibility don’t mix. Single-use plates can hardly be recycled, let alone reused. Reusable plates are designed to be reused again and again, reducing the amount of waste produced.

The convenience of eco-designed plastic plates

Re-uz ® reusable plates are strong and durable. They can be used to serve larger dishes and heavier foods than usual. The user can walk or eat standing up without the plate bending under the weight of the food.

The ergonomic lid associated with each dish in the Re-uz ® range is a major advantage. The hermetically-sealed lid preserves dishes during transport.
Food protection with the lid closed is a real advantage. Often used for outdoor events, hygiene is enhanced by better preservation of the food served.

assiettes réutilisables Re-uz
les assiettes réutilisables Re-uz

Des contenants zéro déchet conçus pour durer

Re-uz ® vous propose d’acheter ou de louer les assiettes pour vos événements. Ces deux dispositifs accentuent les bénéfices économiques sur les moyen et long termes. Contrairement aux assiettes jetables, les contenants peuvent être utilisés à plusieurs reprises. Les assiettes réemployables Re-uz ® permettent tant de réduire les coûts de gestion des déchets que ceux inhérents aux achats récurrents de contenants.

Design and practical tableware for eco-responsibility

Re-uz ® has designed its range of tableware with three key objectives in mind: durability, extreme resistance and ease of washing. These three items combine to make Re-uz ® reusable tableware sustainable.

Whether for events or catering, reusable tableware is becoming a matter of course

For several years now, new ecological challenges have been emerging. Restaurateurs and event organizers are mobilizing and moving towards more sustainable practices in terms of packaging and plate use.
At the same time, customers and end-users are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their consumption choices. The latter often prefer to support companies that adopt more environmentally-friendly practices.
To include every player in a virtuous approach to reuse, Re-uz ® strives to move the lines by offering eco-designed, practical containers that meet everyone’s expectations.

assiettes réutilisable avec couvercles hermétiques Re-uz
assiettes réemployables avec couvercles hermétiques Re-uz

Des assiettes nomades avec couvercles pour préserver l’essentiel

La vaisselle nomade Re-uz ® est composée d’assiettes, de bols et de gobelets réutilisables. Solides et résistants, ces contenants s’inscrivent dans la boucle vertueuse du réemploi. Pionnière, Re-uz accompagne chaque acteur dans la préservation des ressources et dans l’évolution des usages. Re-uz accompagne des clients dans la mise en place de consigne / caution pour que chaque contenant puisse être réutilisé.

L’univers de la restauration est particulièrement sensible aux préoccupations environnementales. L’utilisation de vaisselle nomade réemployable améliore l’expérience client et demeure un véritable tremplin pour la réputation du restaurant. Les clients apprécient souvent les efforts concrets d’une entreprise pour réduire son impact environnemental.