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Outdoor hospitality

Outdoor hospitality: reusable glasses & tableware for campsites

Re-uz ® offers reusable cups & glasses and unbreakable reusable tableware for campsites and outdoor facilities. Combined with this wide range of eco-responsible containers, Re-uz ® solutions facilitate all aspects of container management: manual or automatic deposits, innovative beer tapping system… Explore all the services for simplified reuse!

Close to nature: eco-friendly cups & containers

Open-air accomodations bring us closer to nature. Camping allows us to immerse ourselves in stunning environments and enjoy tranquility. It’s also an opportunity to rediscover the beauty of natural landscapes, breathe fresh air, and savor simple, authentic moments To ensure this experience remains enjoyable and sustainable, it is essential to take care of the places we visit.

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Ecocup ® cups, a sustainable solution for campsites

The Ecocup ® range from Re-uz ® is ideal for campsites and food and beverage services within residential leisure parks. In these demanding environments, it is essential to have reliable equipment that can withstand all conditions. Re-uz ® aims to adress these needs with a practical and environmentally respectful solution

Ecocup ® cups can be easily integrated into outdoor spaces: they are unbreakable and eliminate any risk of injury. Their sturdy design makes them ideal for locations where safety and durability are essential. Made from a unique, recyclable material, they offer a durable yet equally practical alternative to disposable cups. They feature an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable grip for users, whether standing or on the move.


Ultra-durable, reusable, resealable dishes and trays

Re-uz ® reusable trays, plates and dishes offer a practical and ecological solution for serving meals at campsites. From the lidded box that facilitates transportation to the unbreakable serving dish, these containers are suitable for both hot and cold foods. They were designed to withstand a great deal of use in any location. Stylish and multifunctional, they easily equip mobile homes, camper vans, and other camping accommodations such as bungalows and chalets.

Re-uz ® dishes provide stability and convenience for campers, allowing them to enjoy a stress-free stay. These containers can withstand intensive use and eliminate waste at campsites . Thanks to their resistance to high temperatures, they can be used all year round, in the mountains or by the sea.

BEER UP SYSTEM ®, impress with an innovative beer dispensing experience

Make beer a real highlight at your campsite with our patented Beer Up ® technology.

This bottom pull system is highly efficient and simplifies the day-to-day work of camping crews. The automatic stop feature frees up staff while preventing waste. Service becomes practical, fun and a source of entertainment.

The range includes a set of pumps and dispensers that are particularly easy to install. Combine them with reusable cups from the same range, for classic half or pint serving formats. Customisable, lightweight and practical, they feature a secure valve for filling from the bottom.

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A deposit system for reuse at campsites

As returning containers is crucial for reuse, it’s essential to implement a deposit system that is accessible to everyone. That’s why all Re-uz ® containers are easily returnable. Stackable for easy storage, washable for impeccable hygiene, they seamlessly integrate into this virtuous system offered by the deposit scheme.

In partnership with collection and sorting expert Lemon Tri, Re-uz ® completes its re-use offering with automatic deposits. We offer reverse vending machines in various sizes to suit all types of space. They are customisable and can thus become an integral part of your indoor and outdoor installations. Their aim is to encourage the return of containers by making it fun and accessible.