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Flûte à champagne Ecocup by Re-uz

Reusable cups for your celebrations

Eco-friendly cups and containers

Organize zero-waste parties and celebrations with our reusable cups and containers.

Reuse makes its way into all your parties with a complete range of washable and reusable plastic tableware: cups, dishes and containers of all kinds to suit all your occasions.

Gobelets réutilisables Ecocup ® pour célébration, fête & soirée by Re-uz ®

Durable reusable cups for safe parties and celebrations

Re-uz ® containers are extremely strong and durable. Eco-designed, they will help you organize a 100% eco-responsible event. These ultra-light, unbreakable containers are particularly appropriate for festive occasions. They secure the event for young and old, and free up your guests to enjoy the dance floor and move around freely. No risk of breakage, our containers really are built to last!

Our Ecocup ® cups resist high temperatures: they are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. You can serve juices, wines and champagnes, as well as coffee and tea, in complete safety. The same goes for the Ecocup ® carafe, which completes the service. Available for purchase or rental, our ambition is to make your organization as flexible as possible.

Opt for Re-uz ® containers containers is a simple and committed way to make your event memorable. Your gesture in favor of the environment will undoubtedly be appreciated, and will initiate discussions. Safety, lightness and eco-responsibility will be the order of the day: an all-around successful celebration!

Your personalized reusable cups: a precious souvenir of your event

At Re-uz ®, we personalize for better re-use.
Entertain your guests with style and eco-responsibility by choosing our range of reusable plastic cups. Your personalized Ecocup ® cups will be a precious souvenir of your event. Whether it’s a baptism, wedding anniversary, New Year’s Eve, birth or babyshower, your personalized cups will be a twitness to these celebratory moments.

Choose the method that suits you best from our various container customization options. You can attach your best illustration to your request, or ask our graphic designers for advice. Your cups will be all the more memorable, and will accompany you for many years of reuse. We guarantee a high-quality finish for our prints, which withstand perfectly to use and washing.

Gobelet Ecocup ® personnalisé pour célébration, fête & soirée by Re-uz ®
Gobelet Ecocup coupe à champagne by Re-uz pour célébration

A selection of elegant wine glasses for your finest occasions

Our Ecocup ® range includes glasses in a variety of designs to meet your every need.

For your celebrations and festivities, we’ve developed a selection of customizable Ecocup ® cups specifically designed for wine. It is a collection of elegant stemmed glasses that will find their place at your most distinguished receptions. These washable, reusable polypropylene glasses combine the elegance of glass with the strength and lightness of plastic.

Prized for their reliability, they meet all the requirements for a trouble-free celebratory event. They are easy to handle and add a modern touch to any table. Tasting is comfortable and the aromas are accentuated.

A range of reusable tableware for stylish, eco-friendly entertaining

Continue your ecological approach by combining Ecocup ® cups with our range of reusable tableware. We offer an assortment of washable and reusable plastic dishes and bowls to complete your selection. Hermetically resealable, they can be used immediately as storage boxes. As a result, our containers are multi-purpose and resistant to all kinds of use. It’s the ideal choice for risk-free festivities. Unbreakable and lightweight, they make serving and eating easy. Re-uz ® reusable dishes are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

Our teams have also paid particular attention to the design of Re-uz ® containers. There’s no need to compromise when it comes to entertaining: our modern, aesthetically pleasing dishes ensure the perfect table setting. Their sober, contemporary colours match the most elegant themes.

To further facilitate the organization of your celebratory events, we also have containers available for hire. It’s an ideal option for one-off events with small or large groups.

contenants et gobelets réutilisables pour soirées, célébrations et fêtes
Gobelet à bière pour célébration - Beer Up by Re-uz

Beer Up: A memorable beer experience

Discover Beer Up ®, the Re-uz ® brand dedicated to beer. More than just a range of containers, it’s a universe that approaches beer as an experience and moments to be lived.

Reusable cups from the Beer Up ® range, half-pint or pint size, have been designed for serving this convivial beverage, ensuring perfect volume and foam collar. You can also personalize them to reflect the spirit of your reception.

Beer up ® cups are combined with our bottom-draw technology thanks to innovative dispensers. In addition to making serving easier and smoother, beer adds life to your party. Make reuse a fun and entertaining activity!