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Reusable and customizable Ecocup ® cups

Re-uz ® offers a wide range of eco-designed beverage containers to make reuse a real no-brainer. Ecological and reusable, the reusable cups in the Ecocup ® range are designed to last. Customized for reuse, containers are available for purchase or rental. Join the virtuous circle of reuse… Join the zero waste movement!

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A range of eco-friendly glasses and tumblers for reuse

Re-uz ® aims to minimize everyone’s environmental impact. Ecocup ® cups are part of a wide range of reusable plastic tableware: each container has been thought out and designed with eco-responsibility in mind. Durable, our glasses and tumblers have been designed to combine longevity, ergonomics and practicality. They can bereused several hundred times without any change in use.

Eco-friendly plastic cups and glasses

Single-material and thermo-molded, the use of plastic was favored right from the design stage of Ecocup ® cups. The unique material used, combined with our mastery of plastics processing, makes them extremely resistant. This major characteristic makes them lightweight, robust, unbreakable and 100% recyclable.

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Ecocup ® glasses and tumblers are made in France.
Made in France guarantees product quality at every stage of production. This approach also makes it possible to limit our ecological footprint by opting for short supply chains.
So, from design and manufacture to storage, transport, washing and recycling, every stage of the life cycle is optimized by the Re-uz ® teams.

Reusable, ergonomic and practical cups

Because design is also a means of promoting reuse, Ecocup ® cups and glasses can be customized: IML ( in-mould labelling ) or silk-screen printing… Each device features high-definition personalization and printing to encourage reuse. Because being adopted also means being reused… Re-uz: less is now.

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Rental or purchase of Ecocup ® glasses and cups

The use of Ecocup ® glasses and cups is one way of joining the virtuous circle of reuse. By using, reusing and reusing again these reusable containers, you join the zero waste movement. There are two ways to make reuse a reality …

Rental of reusable glasses and cups

Renting Ecocup ® glasses and cups helps to limit single use. By limiting single use, you limit the mechanical production of waste… For Re-uz ®, “the best waste is that which is not produced”. Ecocup provides its customers with a fleet of ready-to-use containers.

As an event organizer, renting Ecocup ® cups allows you to outsource the problems of storing and washing glasses. You’ll benefit from a high degree of management flexibility when organizing your events.

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The purchase of customizable and reusable glasses and tumblers

Ecocup ® cups and tumblers are particularly suitable forrecurrent use. The cups are then reused in a closed circuit within your facility.

Glasses and tumblers can be customized with your own colors, logos, baselines and ecological messages. They mobilize users and demonstrate your planet-friendly image. Discover the different personalization options available by browsing the description sheets for each Ecocup ® glass and cup.

By maximizing reuse, you minimize your environmental impact… Re-uz: less is now.