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Eco-designed reusable bowls & salad bowls with airtight lids

Mobility is growing and the preservation of resources is more relevant than ever. How to consume in a more sustainable way, while adapting to changing consumption patterns? With growing awareness of environmental issues, plastic reusable tableware helps reduce carbon footprint and minimize environmental impact. Re-uz ® reusable plastic bowls are the practical and durable solution in tune with the times.

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Eco-designed bowls for recurrent use

Re-uz ® reusable plastic bowls are made from durable, long-lasting materials. These reusable bowls are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit everyone’s needs. Washable, sturdy and lightweight, they are easy to store and deploy.

Bowls that combine eco-responsibility and practicality

Reusable bowls can, by definition, be reused. Re-uz ® has designed its range of tableware with sustainability in mind. This innovative range eliminates the need for disposable paper or thin plastic bowls. In terms of use, disposable bowls tend to tear. They are therefore unusable after a single use. Conversely, Re-uz ® reusable bowls can be used over and over again.

bols réutilisables Re-uz
bol pour contenant réemployable

Sustainable containers for re-use

Reusable bowls have been designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs … with the utmost respect for the environment. Like disposable containers, they can be reused several times, considerably reducing their environmental impact.

Re-uz ® offers the purchase or rental of reusable containers. Both are part of the virtuous circle of reuse: consuming the content rather than the content and the container.

Nomadic bowls with airtight lids

Re-uz ® nomad bowls feature lids for easy transport. Within the range of reusable tableware, they stand out for their practicality. These durable containers have been designed for people on the move who want to take meals or snacks with them. These bowls are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to carry.

Practical bowls for catering andevents

Re-uz ® nomad bowls with lids can be used to carry salads, soups, pasta, fruit, vegetables, nuts and much more. Leak-proof lids keep food fresh and prevent spills (liquids or dishes in sauce)… Containers that are simply perfect for use on the move, outdoors or on the go.

These nomad bowls are designed for strength and durability. They can be used over and over again, just like conventional crockery. They are extremely sturdy: they won’t break, and resist both mechanical and thermal shock. They can be placed in the microwave or dishwasher.

bols réemployables Re-uz
bols et vaisselles réemployables Re-uz

Reusable bowls in the modular tableware range

The entire Re-uz ® tableware range has been designed to be modular. This consistency has been an essential criterion from the outset. The various elements are compatible with each other, particularly in terms of size, shape and cover.

Bowls and plates come in a variety of formats. These containers can accommodate generous portions or smaller side dishes. The various crockery units can be stacked (lids closed) or recessed (lids open). This simplifies both storage and transport.

Consistency of form also led the Re-uz ® teams to design the range in modular form. The same lid can fit several different containers. In the kitchen, container management is therefore optimal.

For the end user, the bowls and plates in the range have been designed to be comfortable to hold and easy to use. The walls are sturdy and scratch-resistant. The edges and corners are rounded and maintain a contemporary shape.

Genuine all-terrain crockery, attractive and 100% reusable

For all its containers, Re-uz ® offers visual consistency and a variety of options. The lids come in different colors depending on the use of the crockery (network, purchase or rental).

Ingenious lids allow containers to be stacked on top of each other with great stability. Notches and small feet on the underside of each container allow them to nestle in place.

gamme bol réutilisable

Re-uz ® reusable bowls are part of a complete range of reusable plastic tableware. The sustainable, reusable materials used in its manufacture reduce waste and contribute to the fight against plastic pollution. Join the zero waste movement: less is now!