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Zero waste music events

Reusable festival cups

Re-uz ® has designed a range of reusable cups and containers perfect for festivals and other outdoor music events.

Our reusable plastic containers are particularly robust, making them ideal for events.


Reusable and unbreakable cups : making reuse an obvious choice at festivals

Make your festival a zero-waste event by going for Re-uz ® reusable containers. Our range of Ecocup ® cups will help you make the transition to an eco-responsible, waste-free event.

Made from a highly resistant food-grade plastic, our containers offer unrivalled durability for many years of reuse. Single-material, they are fully recyclable at end-of-life. They are resistant to impacts, drops and both high and low temperatures. Our reusable cups are lightweight and do not present a risk of breakage. They are therefore harmless to festival-goers, who can simply enjoy the moment. Our reusable cups are true festival allies whatever the season. Users can consume snacks and hot or iced beverages while strolling freely.

Each Re-uz ® container has been carefully designed to encourage re-use at your festivals and help limit the ecological footprint of your events.


Our containers are durable and environmentally friendly


Ultra-resistant, suitable for intensive outdoor use


Lightweight and practical, they accompany users wherever they go

Ecocup ® cups at festivals: customize them for better reuse

Reinforce your festival ‘s identity by choosing to personalize yourEcocup ® cups. With reusable cups in your festival’s colors, you can deploy them every year for new editions of your event. It’s a simple approach that not only keeps the festival site clean, but also reduces costs. In this way, you associate your identity with re-use and a positive festival experience.

IML, screen printing or digital personalization, Re-uz ® creates a unique reusable cup for you using high-quality printing methods. It’s an effective way of conveying strong values with clear illustrations on a key object at your event.


Renting reusable containers : a sustainable choice for one-off events

The rental of reusable containers is a particularly interesting solution for music festivals, as these are one-off events of limited duration. Re-uz ® provides reusable cups and containers for hire. This option allows you to use them for the duration of your event, over one or more days, before returning them. You can therefore choose to entrust us with storage, washing and all logistics.

Renting is a way of limiting the manufacture of new containers by opting instead for reuse. It’s an economical, efficient and sustainable solution. Our teams will work with your organizers and remove all the constraints associated with container management.

Beer up system: the ideal beer serving solution for festivals

At festivals, managing large flows is one of the main challenges for bars and refreshment stands. This is all the more true for beverages that are in high demand at these events, such as beer.

Beer Up System ®, a bottom-draw technology, helps professionals do away with this constraint. Beer Up ® range cups are filled from a valve at the bottom. This innovative technique ensures unrivalled speed of service. Above all, this automation of the system ensures high precision: a calculated volume and a perfect foam collar, with no overflow.

Easy installation and use make Beer Up ® a must-have festival system. It offers a faster, more cost-effective service, frees up your servers and brings them closer to festival-goers.

gobelet et tireuse Beer up

Simplified container management for re-use

deconsigneuse automatique Re-uz ® Festival

Extending container life through deposits

All Re-uz ® containers are intended for return. Their strength makes them durable, so it’s important to ensure that they can be reused.

We make it easy to set up a deposit system for your festivals, offering a variety of solutions. Whether you’re looking for an automatic deposit system with outdoor machines or direct return to the bar, choose the best option for your event.

For festival-goers, the deposit is a simplified and engaging way of returning containers. They enjoy the freedom to consume drinks and snacks while keeping the place clean. Festivals are intense events that can take place over several days. Our aim is to offer you turnkey services that are fun and accessible to all, making re-use a must.

lavage ecologique de gobelets by Re-uz

Reusable, easy-care containers

Re-uz ® reusable containers are designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring easy maintenance and impeccable cleanliness. They are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

For large-scale festivals, you can optimize the management of reusable containers by outsourcing the washing to us. Our teams are on hand to help you simplify logistics and the whole process. Re-uz ® has wash centers all over Europe, promoting short circuits.

What’s more, our washing methods are part of an eco-responsible approach, since we pay particular attention to saving resources, while guaranteeing compliance with health and safety standards.