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Renting reusable tableware responds to current ecological challenges. Minimize waste, save resources, reduce the carbon footprint… Re-uz® designs and deploys a wide range of reusable food containers available for rental. Re-uz ® offers to rent dishes and containers: a virtuous model which is part of an ecological reuse approach. Discover our range of tableware available for rental:

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Dedicated rental containers

Eco-design is a fundamental element of Re-uz ® containers. This design philosophy aims to design, create and manufacture food containers that take into account their impact on the environment at every stage of their life cycle.

Resistance & durability

Re-uz ® containers, whether purchased or rented, are designed for re-use. Durability and strength are key features.

The materials used to manufacture these containers are carefully selected. Re-uz ® prefers sturdy, durable monomaterials such as polypropylene. The aim is to ensure that containers withstand repeated use and frequent cleaning, thus extending their life and reducing the need for regular replacement.

gobelet Re-uz plage
lavage gobelet Re-uz

Easy to clean

For Re-uz ®, it is essential that the containers can be easily washed between uses. The eco-design of these Re-uz ® containers takes this requirement into account: shapes and surfaces that do not trap food residues and arecompatible with effective cleaning methods.

Re-uz ® offers contemporary containers with smooth designs and no hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. This facilitates the washing process while ensuring food safety.

Versatility & adaptability of containers

Reusable tableware has been designed for a wide variety of foods. Glasses and tumblers can contain a wide range of beverages… Hot and cold.

Modular concepts support the Re-uz ® offer: a single lid adapted to different containers or a single cap adapted to several reusable cup formats.

vaisselle réemployable Kio by Re-uz
vaisselle réemployable Kio by Re-uz

Lightweight, sturdy containers

The Re-uz ® approach is to minimize the use of materials and maintain the required functionality and durability.

This implies the search for lightweight but solid solutions. It also calls for the design of modular parts(one lid for several containers). In this way, Re-uz ® reduces the environmental footprint of manufacturing while maintaining optimum performance.

Tableware and glassware rental: the eco-responsible solution

The rental of reusable crockery is emerging as a relevant solution to today’s ecological challenges. Minimizing waste, saving resources, reducing our carbon footprint… Re-uz ® designs and deploys a wide range of reusable food containers available for rental. Re-uz ® rents out crockery and containers: a virtuous model that is part of an ecological approach to re-use.

rental of food containers to reduce waste

In the case of one-off or ephemeral events, disposable containers were used by default: single-use plastic cups, disposable paper plates and so on. After use, they generate a massive amount of waste, which is often not recycled. This latent environmental pollution can easily be avoided with tried-and-tested rental systems. The containers are then recovered, washed and reused several times. Re-uz ® orchestrates the entire re-use process, from distribution to washing, storage and recycling.

l'idée de réduire les déchets
écoconception & cycle de vie

Rent to save resources

Every manufactured container requires natural resources. Opting to rent reusable crockery helps preserve them. From the outset, Re-uz ® containers have been designed to be reusable. Re-uz ® integrates eco-design and reuse within a virtuous cycle: consuming less to reuse more.

Rent & reuse to reduce carbon footprint

Renting food containers and reusable tableware reduces the carbon footprint associated with their production. A container is manufactured, used, reused, redistributed, reused… All the know-how that Re-uz ® has passed on over the years.

Renting also reduces the carbon footprint of disposing of disposable products and containers. Less waste also means fewer greenhouse gas emissions linked to its management.

usages & écoresponsabilité

Raising awareness and changing habits

Above all, renting means adopting more environmentally-friendly behavior. Do I have a specific need? Do I need new when reconditioning is possible? Renting illustrates a growing awareness of the impact of our consumption choices. Together, we can adopt more sustainable practices while enjoying the moment.