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Re-uz : Less is now
Newcy: 1st CSR solution
of reusable cups
for companies

Newcy ® by Re-uz ®: the simple & effective solution to make re-use a matter of course in the workplace

Newcy ® is a simple, turnkey, easy-to-use solution for integrating reuse into the workplace. The Newcy ® solution replaces disposable cups with reusable ones in vending machines, water fountains and cafeterias.

Every year, 4.7 billion cups are thrown away after use. Several tons of plastic waste are generated… And too few are recycled! The Newcy solution breaks new ground: replacing single-use containers with reusable cups.

The process is simple: each user places his or her cup in a dedicated collector. The Newcy ® by Re-uz ® teams collect them, wash them and put them back in the dispensers.

Integrate the virtuous cycle of re-use into your structure: Less is now!

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A unique Re-uz ® reusable cup at your facility

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Newcy ® by Re-uz ® cups aresuitable for all beverage dispensers. Stackable, they fit in perfectly.
The cups are eco-designed and durable. They have a lifespan of 12 years and can therefore be reused several hundred times.
Single-material, Bisphenol-A-free, the containers are also 100% recyclable. After many, many uses, Re-uz ® will take out the used cups and integrate them into dedicated recycling channels.
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tonnes of CO2 avoided

integrated collection and washing systems managed by Newcy ®.


To limit the carbon footprint of transport, storage, collection and eco-responsible washing operate in short circuits.

The HACCP method governs every stage in the management of the system. Unit controls and bacteriological tests punctuate the flows and lock in the integration processes.

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liters of wasted water avoided

Support and change management by Newcy ® for your company

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For each collaboration initiated, an on-site kick-off is organized to raise employee awareness and underpin the virtuous principles of reuse.

Impact reports are generated by Newcy ® to confirm the CSR approach taken and congratulate ourselves on the progress made.

Gamification operations can also be set up to mobilize employees and accelerate re-use within your organization.

réemploi gobelet

of cups not thrown away

* Results of the Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) initiated by Newcy ® back in 2016.

Newcy ®: an impact solution for businesses


Proven environmental performance

As early as 2016, Newcy ® carried out a Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to validate the ecological relevance of the solution. Ademe co-financed 70% of the study, and O2M Conseil (an independent firm specializing in LCAs) supported Newcy ®. Concrete results have backed up the Newcy ® reuse approach for businesses.

impact social

A local and sustainable social impact

Newcy ® by Re-uz ® has chosen to work with adapted/insertion companies to wash and collect the cups, thus creating local jobs in each region where the system is installed.

distributeur automatique

Reusable cups that fit in every machine!

Eco-design and practicality underpin the concept of corporate re-use initiated by Newcy ®.
No changes are required on the company site: the cups will be inserted directly into the consumption points (vending machines, water fountains and cafeterias).


CSR awareness-raising for your employees

Newcy ® raises employee awareness of current social issues. Each employee can thus play a decisive role, both collectively andindividually. Newcy ® strives to mobilize and capitalize on everyone’s ability to act.


An invitation to go 0 waste

Newcy ® is a real lever for mastering the 4 rules of zero waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost.


Ergonomic collectors for depositing cups

Make reuse a matter of course with a few simple gestures! Used cups will be deposited in dedicated collectors. They simply replace waste garbage cans: simple and effective!


A dedicated team for your company

Newcy ® is a passionate team at your company’s service, ready to listen to your needs. Our entire team is determined to help you replace disposable cups with reusable ones in the long term!