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Reusable & eco-responsible stemmed glasses

Re-uz ® reusable stemmed glasses brilliantly combine elegance and reuse. Ecological and aesthetic, they are a real alternative to single-use disposable cups.

Thanks to their slender shapes, stemmed glasses shine on the tables of the most beautiful receptions. Celebrations, gala evenings, corporate events, trade shows… they stand out for their durability, their practicality and contribute to the elegance of the decor. Totally transparent, unbreakable, reusable and customizable, take the step of reuse!

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A wide range of reusable plastic wine tasting glasses

How can we combine the pleasure of tasting with mobility, festivities andeco-responsibility? To design its range of stemware, Re-uz ® opted for a plastic concept. Combining transparency and sturdiness, the wine glasses and champagne glasses are made from a single plastic material. What’s more, this mono-material makes them 100% recyclable (after many uses, of course).

Advantages of Re-uz ® plastic stemware

The advantages of reusable plastic stemware are numerous. These glasses are an integral part of the Re-uz ® range of plastic tableware. They are lightweight and easy to transport. These characteristics are intrinsically linked to their eco-designed plastic, which combines strength and lightness. This makes them ideal for outdoor events where transporting glassware can be tricky.

Re-uz ® stemware is unbreakable. They are resistant to both mechanical and thermal shock. Their proven sturdiness makes them extremely practical for events where there’s a lot of movement: concerts, festivals, shows…

verres à pied en plastique solides et réemployables
les verres à pieds réutilisables et lavables pour les boissons fraiches

Eco-designed, reusable stemware

Re-uz ® stemware is reusable. They are extremely resistant to intensive use. They cannot chip or break. Both wine glasses and champagne flutes canbe washed and reused. Unlike glass or crystal glasses, they are dishwasher-safe. They can withstand numerous washings (private, semi-professional, professional or industrial dishwashers) without wear and tear. The purchase of dedicated stemware allows Re-uz ® to personalize them. The personalization featured on the lenses also withstands repeated washing without deterioration.

Genuine stemware for eco-friendly tasting

Re-uz ® wine glasses and flutes are made in France. The high quality of their manufacture makes them a real pleasure to taste. The entire range is manufactured from food-grade materials in our workshops in the Jura mountains.

Thermo-molded in one piece, they reproduce the same shape, size and mouthfeel as “classic” glasses, for an optimal tasting experience.

verres à pied en plastique solides et réemployables

Reusable wine glasses that can be deployed at events or at your facility

The use of reusable plastic stemware is becoming increasingly common at private and professional events. Re-uz ® offers crockery rental services or the possibility ofbuying glasses for recurrent use. These two options are both interesting alternatives in terms of management and eco-responsibility.

Rental of reusable plastic wine glasses

Wine glass rental is a practical solution for event organizers: trade fairs, company parties, ephemeral catering, galas… Or any other professional event. By renting wine glasses, you can choose from different models to suit your structure and the beverages you are planning to serve.

Renting a wine glass is decidedly practical. Re-uz ® delivers the glasses pre-washed and therefore ready to use. At the end of an event, Re-uz ® collects the glasses and washes them in one of its local wash centers, saving organizers the hassle of washing up and cleaning up.

Re-uz ® can help you rent the right number of glasses for your event. Re-uz ® will work with you to estimate the volume required, as well as an additional margin to avoid shortages in the event of breakage or loss. It’s also important to take into account the number of different wines that will be served at the event, as well as the duration of the event.

verres à pied personnalisables en plastique
verres à pied réutilisables en plastique Re-uz

Different sizes of stemware available to encourage re-use

Re-uz ® offers a wide range of wine glasses, champagne flutes and cups and Ecocup ® tumblers for hire. Each format is adapted to a specific type of beverage.

Red wine glasses generally have a larger chalice than white wine glasses. This allows the wine to breathe and release its aromas. Red wine glasses are also wider than white wine glasses to allow the wine to release its flavors.

Champagne glasses, known as coupes or flutes, have an elongated, narrow shape that retains the bubbles and preserves the drink’s taste and aroma.

Buying and customizing your own wine glasses

Re-uz ® offers the purchase of dedicated and personalized lenses. This system makes reusable glasses available on a recurring basis at your facility.

Re-uz ® offers screen-printed lens personalization. This technique can be used to create detailed designs on wine glasses, with great precision and clarity. Screen printing can also be used to print designs on curved surfaces, making it an ideal personalization technique for wine glasses.

Screen-printed personalization lets you create designs that reflect the theme or style of the event, helping to create a festive atmosphere and convey the strong values of reuse: personalize to reuse.

verres à pied personnalisables en plastique