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Reuse systems and solutions for events

Re-uz ® strives to make reuse a matter of course. Ecocup®, Re-uz ®’s historic brand, has been a benchmark for zero waste for over a decade.

By applying new reuse systems, Re-uz ® deploys solutions tailored to the needs of each event organizer: catering, beverage service, left-luggage…
Re-uz ® solutions guarantee clean reception areas while limiting the volume of waste. Join the zero waste movement: Less is now!

Renting reusable containers for your event

Reusable container rental solutions are turnkey. These devices make it easy to include reuse in your event.

Catering and beverage containers at your event site

Re-uz ® has a fleet of containers available for rental. Reusable cups and dishes can be deployed at your event. Depending on your needs and expectations (audience, expected audience, etc.), the Re-uz ® teams estimate the quantities you will need. Discover the different container formats available for your event.

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Customized support from our teams at the heart of your event

The Re-uz ® teams can help you set up deposit and security systems. The collection systems in place will enable you to recover all the containers used during your event. At the end of your event, Re-uz ® teams will collect all reusable crockery and send it to one of our Re-uz ® washing centers. The containers will be washed, reconditioned and redeployed for another event.


Optimal, tailor-made washing services

Washing used containers is a key link in the reuse chain. At the end of an event, the recovered containers are washed. Washing can be carried out on site (a mobile wash facility can be deployed) or at one of Re-uz ®'s local wash centers.
Outsourced washing with Re-uz is environmentally friendly, guaranteeing bothwashing efficiency andoptimal use of resources (water and energy). 3 factors guarantee the eco-friendly wash orchestrated by our teams: professional equipment, local coverage and process control.
Re-uz ® is equipped with professional machines specially designed for washing and drying large quantities of reusable crockery.

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Dedicated administrative and logistical support for your event

Re-uz ® can deliver rented containers to one or more locations. Ecocup ® cups and reusable dishes are shipped from one of our local logistics platforms.
Routing and administrative follow-up are handled by dedicated teams.


Measuring your reduced ecological impact

Re-uz ® is supported by an independent institute (RDC environnement). Together, Re-uz ® and the firm have developed a tool to calculate the ecological impact of reusable versus disposable solutions. The figures given take into account all the impacts of manufacturing, transport, washing and end-of-life management of recycled containers.
On request, we can provide a detailed report for your event (quantities of waste avoided, CO² impact compared with a disposable solution). Take the re-use plunge.

Purchasing reusable containers for your events

Purchasing reusable containers means you can use and reuse them again and again at your events. Reusable dishes and cups belong to you.

Dedicated containers for zero-waste events

Re-uz ® offers a wide range of eco-designed containers. Purchasing reusable containers means you can easily deploy them atrecurring events. You'll have your own dedicated crockery. Discover the whole range: original containers (cocktail glasses, for example) and more atypical tableware formats... Take the plunge into reuse.

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Customized, eco-friendly containers

Purchasing reusable containers allows you to personalize them. Each container then becomes an undeniable vector of communication: you associate your image with that of reuse. Discover the different personalization methods that Re-uz ® can use to enhance your image and that of your event.


Collection of containers dedicated to your event

Re-uz ®proposes reusable and ergonomic containers. The range's containers are stackable and lightweight. They can therefore be easily stored. They are robust, resistant to mechanical impact and can be collected simply and efficiently.
The Re-uz® teams can help you set up a collection system (instructions and deposits).

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Outsourced container washing

When you buy your own containers, you own them. However, washing can be outsourced to your teams. We can then wash your containers on site (using mobile laundries) or arrange for them to be transported to one of our local washing centers. Once washed, the containers are repackaged and returned.


Transporting your containers to your event site

The events industry is one where meeting deadlines is of the utmost importance. Re-uz ® manufactures, customizes and ships your containers with complete transparency. This way, you'll have complete visibility over the arrival of your containers. Our dedicated teams will support you in deploying them at the right time and place.

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Your event's ecological impact significantly improved

Why reuse? A reusable cup used more than 5 times already minimizes your impact (compared with single-use containers).
Re-uz ® and the independent institute RDC environnement are working to measure the impact and benefits of using reusable containers. Thanks to a dedicated tool, Re-uz ® is able to quantify the impact of each stage: manufacturing, transport, washing and end-of-life management of recycled containers.
On request, we can provide a detailed report for your event (quantities of waste avoided, CO² impact compared with a disposable solution). Take the re-use plunge.