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Reusable dishes & zero waste reusable tableware

Reusable dishware is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable dishes. Re-uz ® manufactures its entire range from sustainable materials in order to be able to reuse all the containers several times. Reusable dinnerware offers many benefits, including reducing waste, conserving natural resources and reducing costs. Resolutely nomadic, each dish has a lid for easy transport. This eco-designed tableware is available for purchase or rental.

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Reusable tableware: zero waste reusable dishes

Reducing waste is one of the main advantages of reusable dishes. Disposable dishes such as paper or cardboard plates are often used just once before being thrown away. This (one-off) use creates a considerable amount of waste. Used to hold food, they are rarely biodegradable. Sometimes labelled “compostable”… They can be, but in an industrial way: most of the time, they are found at the heart of non-recycled household waste. Like the latter, reusable dishes can be used over and over again. They unconditionally reduce the amount of waste generated.

Reducing waste through reuse

Using (and reusing) reusable dishes helps preserve natural resources. Unlike single-use, which involves the recurrent (or even excessive) use of raw materials such as wood, paper and oil, reusable tableware means that it can be produced once and reused many times. The use of reusable dishes reduces the demand on (limited) resources and helps preserve the environment.

Limited costs thanks to recurring use

Reusable crockery reduces usage costs in the medium and long term. Although disposable dishes may seem inexpensive to buy, frequent use can lead to considerable costs. By purchasing or renting reusable dishes, you can significantly reduce costs and conserve resources.

vaisselle réutilisable de la gamme Re-uz

Practicality and eco-design: reusable dishes that benefit everyone

Designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, the Re-uz ® range of reusable dishes is built to last. Responding to criteria of eco-responsibility and practicality, the modularity of the dishes are the foundation of the democratization of this zero-waste tableware.

Containers that can be hermetically sealed with lids

The reusable dishes in the Re-uz ® range of reusable tableware are eco-designed and meet the hygiene standards inherent in food containers.

Disposable dishes are a common sight at public events. Used for outdoor events, parties or buffets, they are often left exposed to insects and the elements. The Re-uz ® range features lids for hermetically sealing each dish. Once in use, the dishes are easy to clean and therefore more hygienic and safer to use.

Dishware that can be washed and reused at will

The entire range of Re-uz ® dishes is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Lighter than glass, stronger than bamboo, microwaveable than metal, Re-uz ® tableware combines a number of major advantages.

Nomadic by nature, dishes and containers are easy to transport. The ergonomic lids are modular. Dishes can be stacked on top of each other. Each lid is fitted with lugs for extreme stability when moving and transporting.