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Reusable champagne glasses and flutes

Re-uz ® champagne coupes, also known as champagne flutes, are reusable plastic glasses specially designed for serving champagne or other strong>sparkling wines. Elegant and eco-designed, these flutes are often used for receptions, galas, seminars or fairs…

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Reusable plastic champagne glasses combine design and ecology

Champagne glasses and flutes add an undeniable touch of elegance. Unlike crystal or glass glasses, Re-uz ® champagne flutes cannot break. Particularly suited to large receptions, galas and parties, reusable plastic tableware is a practical, economical and environmentally-friendly alternative for any event organizer.

Flutes that combineelegance andeco-responsibility

Plastic champagne flutes are part of the Re-uz ® range of plastic stemmed glasses. They are lightweight and easy to handle. Unbreakable, they are renowned for their practicality. Indestructible, they can be used over and over again.

Re-uz ® champagne glasses are dishwasher-safe: a real, sustainable alternative to glass and, above all, disposable plastic glasses.

These champagne flutes are made in a single piece for extreme strength. Their re-use reduces waste and the environmental impact of events.

Made from a single material, the entire range is 100% recyclable.

Refined service in durable plastic cups

Re-uz ® champagne flutes combine tasting experience and decorative effect. These flutes are designed to bring out the wine’s bubbles and aromas thanks to their distinctive shape. They are easy and comfortable to handle. Their great stability makes them easy to handle and serve without spilling the contents of the flute. They are also as refined as the plastic wine glasses in the Re-uz ® range.

flûtes et coupes à champagne réutilisables

Guaranteeing an optimal tasting experience in plastic glasses

All customers are sensitive to the presentation of their beverages and appreciate aesthetic details such as shape, color and texture. Glasses and goblets are an integral part of beverage presentation and can contribute to the overall taste experience for customers. The Re-uz ® range of tableware offers many different formats: Ecocup ® personalized cups, cocktail glasses, dishes for caterers & receptions… All these containers are designed tobe reused again and again, thus limiting waste.

Reusable champagne flutes for safe entertaining

Re-uz ® champagne flutes are designed toenhance the safety and comfort of users at large-scale receptions. These eco-designed lenses are easy and comfortable to hold. Tough and durable, they reduce the risk of breakage and unexpected injury. Serving drinks is also made extremely easy thanks to the extreme sturdiness of the cups.

Champagne glasses customized for reuse

Re-uz ® offers personalized champagne flutes and glasses. This personalization simply consists in adding the name or logo of your establishment (restaurant or hotel, for example) or other graphic elements specific to you. This process encourages the reuse of glassware, helping to reduce waste.

Personalization also increases customer attachment and loyalty. Thepurchase of personalized tableware and glasses adds value to high-profile events, often immortalized by photographers… Sharing photos on social networks can help promote the establishment and attract new customers.

coupes à champagnes personnalisées Re-uz