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Customizable glasses Ecocup ® short drinks ECO Bodega

The Ecocup ® ECO Bodega plastic glass is a clear Rocks, Lowball or Petit Tumbler glass. It has a total capacity of 28 cl and a useful capacity of 25 cl. Particularly suited to short drinks, its wide, low shape is reminiscent of whisky glasses. It is therefore used for cocktails served “on the rocks” as well as for tasting verrines. Slightly flared, this tasting glass is stackable, extremely sturdy and lightweight. The undeniable advantage of this glass is that it can be fully customized and reused again and again.

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Re uz referenceEcoBodega
DishesGlasses & drinks
Type of dishesCocktail glass
Capacity28 cl
Useful capacity25 cl
Weight17 grammes
Height62 mm
Bottom diameter75 mm
Upper diameter80 mm
MaterialsPolypropylene Homopolymer (Bisphenol A free)


Type of drinks servedCold drink
Hot drink
Fruit juice
Hot wine
WashingDishwasher safe
Temperature resistanceUp to 110°C

Colors / Customization

Types of printing & personalisationNeutral without personalisation
Screen printing 1 color
Customization areaScreen printing : 230 x 45 mm
Minimum quantity for customization200 pieces

Delivery & packaging

Reuse solutionPurchase
DeliveryAt home, On event, Pickup point
Packaging200 units per box
Made in Europe

All our customizable cups are made and personalized in Europe

The Re-uz expertise

Our dedicated teams support you in your projects. We adapt our solutions to your needs.


Personalized to be reused, our eco-responsible containers are infinitely customizable!

The approach

Our approach: combine practical, ecological and sustainable to make reuse obvious.

Ecocup ® cocktail glasses and verrines: reusable containers for your zero-waste receptions

Ecocup ® ECO Bodega glasses are, as their name suggests, festive glasses. Wide (with a lower diameter of 75 mm), slightly flared (with an upper diameter of 80 mm) and reduced in height (62 mm), these cocktail glasses offer real tasting comfort. Suitable for drinks as well as meals, appetizers, amuse-bouches, desserts and catered aperitifs, these eco-designed containers have been designed to withstand shocks. They combine strength, lightness (17 grams per lens) and elegance. With their delicately frosted transparency, they reveal their contents (drinks, starters or desserts).
Combining design, personalization and eco-responsibility, Re-uz ® offers simple solutions to make re-use a matter of course.

verre à short drink en plastique et personnalisable

The Ecocup ® Eco Bodega glass / verrine: an unbreakable glass for parties and cocktails

The ECO Bodega glass / verrine is a benchmark that stands out from the crowd and sets new standards. Remarkable and remarkable, this container is shaking up the world of re-use. It differs from other beakers in its medium height. However, it retains the intrinsic characteristics of Re-uz ® reusable containers. This low glass for verrines and cocktails offers a sleek design combined with undeniable eco-responsibility and sustainability criteria.

The ECO Bodega glass verrine from Ecocup ® stands out from the crowd, combining sobriety and originality. This tough glass is highly resistant to mechanical and thermal shock. This extreme resistance is induced by its design in Homopolymer Polypropylene. This BPA-free mono-material makes it 100% recyclable, durable and reusable.

Forget about broken glass at cocktail parties and galas, this glass is extremely robust. It withstands high heat (up to 110°C) and can be microwaved. It can also be placed in the freezer (to keep verrines chilled for longer, for example).

Ecocup ® ECO Bodega ecological glass for cocktails and verrines

This verrine glass can be used both outdoors (ephemeral bars, festivals, parties, discos) and indoors (galas, receptions, concert halls, spas or hotels). Extremely resistant, it is suitable for heavy-duty professional use. This glass for verrines and cocktails can be used hundreds of times without the slightest crack or wear.

Made from Bisphenol A-free food-grade plastic, it can be used to serve both hot and cold drinks. The single-material construction makes it unbreakable. It will prove a beautiful setting for the aperitifs served there. It will enhance the desserts and salads prepared there.

This Ecocup ® glass is thermo-molded and has no grooves. Right from the design stage, it is optimized for easy washing and reuse. Stable, solid and sober, this plastic glass can be reused and reused again and again.

verrine personnalisée en plastique

The Ecocup ® Eco Bodega glass verrine: a sense of celebration and practicality at the service of reuse

Ecocup ® Eco Bodega glasses were originally created for the férias of southern France. They were then used and adopted by bartenders for their versatility. These are highly resistant glasses, ideal for high-output bars.

This small Tumbler (or short tumbler) is also used to serve spirits such as whisky on the rocks. This type of glass generally features wide rims and a thick bottom, so that a pestle can be used without breaking the glass. The plastic design of Ecocup ® ECO Bodega makes it extremely resistant. The flat bottom, although thinner than a conventional glass, can be used to crush ingredients without the risk of cracking.

This cocktail glass is therefore even lighter (just 17 grams). Glasses are stackable. They can be easily stored and deployed for receptions.

Customized glasses for reuse

The Ecocup ® ECO Bodega glass verrine is part of a range dedicated to cocktails. Designed to last, this container can be customized for reuse again and again.
This customizable verrine will become a superb medium for showcasing your personalized message (logo, decoration, message…).

How to personalize your Ecocup ® ECO Bodega glass?

Thermo-molded in a single piece, the Ecocup ® ECO Bodega glass verrine is pre-manufactured (without printing) for subsequent customization.
Define the quantity of containers you need and the customization options available. We provide you with templates that you can make your own.
Load the graphic elements you would like to see on the lenses, then add your request to the quote. The Re-uz ® teams will be happy to send you a customized quote.

A personalized, screen-printed Ecocup ® glass verrine

Ecocup ® ECO Bodega glass verrines can be customized. They are then screen-printed using a specific customization technique orchestrated by our teams.

This customization method combinesaesthetics and precision. The screen-printed design can be very fine, without grain. To the touch, a slight relief is perceptible, making it very pleasant to hold.
The use of silk-screen printing allows us to fully embrace the shape of the glass. You’ll have an expression surface 230 mm long (around the glass) and 45 mm high.

The screen-printed visual features a delicate gloss effect. You can choose the color used from the entire PANTONE ® range.