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Reuse in clubs

Reusable cups for sports clubs and organisations

Reusable cups for sports clubs: a sustainable and practical solution.

Through its range of washable and reusable containers, Re-uz ® democratizes reuse within your sports clubs and associations.
Explore our range of beverage and snack containers and join the zero-waste movement!

Reusable cups for environmentally-conscious sports clubs

Embrace the reusable cups from the Ecocup ® range within the refreshment area of your sports club. Available in various sizes, they offer diverse sizing options and adapt to both hot and cold beverages

Their strength lies firstly in their unparalleled durability. Lightweight and easy to handle, they can be used (and reused!) at any age, as they pose no risk of breakage. Made from durable and robust materials, they withstand daily wear and tear as well as numerous washes.

This makes them particularly suitable for serving drinks near club facilities like stadiums, fields or sports halls. They offer a pleasant grip and facilitate consumption, whether seated or standing, indoors or outdoors.

Gobelet Ecocup ® by Re-uz ® dans un gymnase : gobelet pour club de sport & associations
Gobelet Ecocup

Customising cups for reuse

The Ecocup ® cups are customisable: choose from our customisation methods and create a cup design that reflects your club. Customisation gives you a set of distinctive cups, specific to your sports association: a means to keep and reuse them for an extended period.

Opting for personalisation also strengthens the sense of belonging to your sports club‘s community. Drinking from a cup bearing the colours of one’s club or sports association inevitably creates a shared commitment and identity.

Reusable trays and dishes as a tableware solution for refreshment stands

To complement the range of reusable cups, Re-uz ® offers a selection of reusable food containers that are perfect for use in refreshment areas. Unbreakable trays and dishes also offer durability and lightness, making them particularly suitable for consumption in sports clubs.

After a match or training session, the clubhouse rapidly becomes a meeting point for club members and spectators. For your savoury and sweet snacks, choose these ultra-convenient containers that remove all movement constraints. The range also includes several resealable options for easy food storage and transportation.

This reliable alternative to single-use trays is the solution for an easier transition to reuse. Conviviality is created around containers that respect both the user and nature.

Barquette réemployable Kiobox ® by Re-uz ®
Tasse réemployable pour boissons chaudes by Re-uz

Reusable cups for hot drinks in sports clubs

Explore a selection of reusable cups specially designed for serving hot beverages . Featuring thick sides and available with or without lids, these washable and reusable cups perfectly meet the needs of sports clubs and provide a practical and eco-friendly solution for any sporting event.

This comprehensive range includes a variety of reusable containers for hot drinks, from travel mugs to cups for vending machines.

For morning service or for afternoons of sporting activities, these cups easily integrate into the refreshment areas of clubs. Their lightweight design allows for easy handling, ensuring quick and secure service.

Reliable and durable reusable containers for sports clubs.

The containers in the Re-uz ® range are designed to meet current sustainability and practicality requirements. Washable and reusable, they offer a cost-effective alternative to disposable cups and allow players and spectators to enjoy refreshments and snacks with ease.

High-quality cups, mugs and trays made to last. The ambition of Re-uz ®: to offer you accessible reuse solutions to take the step towards zero waste more simply.



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