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Screen-printing personalization

Silk-screen printing: top-of-the-range personalization of reusable containers

Silk-screen printing is a high-precision printing method thatadapts to the curves and shape of any container.

Silk-screen printing can be carried out directly and extremely precisely on a wide variety of surfaces, creating sophisticated, long-lasting designs. This personalization method works by superimposing layers of color.

The screen-printed graphic elements have a slight glazed sheen and a subtle softness to the touch. This printing technique is characterized by the artistic freedom it offers


Outstanding durability & resilience

pictogramme bleu ecolo

Screen printing offers exceptional resistance to wear, rubbing, scratching and repeated washing. The inks used to personalize the container’s surface are specially formulated to adhere strongly to the walls, guaranteeing long-lasting personalization.

The quality of screen printing on reusable containers goes beyond aesthetics to encompass ecological sustainability. Stemware, carafes, cups, tumblers… will be subjected to frequent handling, intensive re-use and repeated washing. Screen-printed containers stand out for their long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

verres à cocktails Re-uz sérigraphiés

Screen-printed decoration on durable containers

pictogramme bleu pouce

Screen printing offers high-quality finishes. Every motif, logo or text is reproduced with exceptional clarity via crisp, precise printing.

Screen printing offers a rich, vibrant color palette, enabling faithful reproduction of Pantone shades.

Resolutely sustainable, this personalization method also contributes to the promotion of eco-responsibility. The reusable cups will carry colorful, captivating messages to encourage reuse and thus greater respect for the environment.

gobelet Re-uz réemployable sérigraphié

a screen-printed container designed for reuse

pictogramme récupération rapide des ecocups

Screen printing adapts perfectly to the curves of containers and the colors of materials. This versatility makes it possible, for example, to decorate a black substrate with white calligraphy.

The high resistance of the inks used prevents scratching. Containers can be stacked without altering the applied design.

Silk-screening allows brands to choose the material and substrate color that best matches their vision. The integrated Re-uz agency will support you in the development of the affixed designs. The clarity of the prints combined with the durability of the containers will create a visual and functional harmony in favor of reuse.

gobelet Re-uz noir sérigraphié en blanc

What are the advantages of screen printing for customizing a reusable cup?

pictogramme personnalisation des ecocups

The precision and clarity of screen-printed motifs

Screen printing enables precise reproduction of details, offering exceptional clarity for logos, patterns and text. The formats used to design the personalization template are vector-based. Brands can thus guarantee that their identity is clearly and professionally conveyed on every reusable cup.

résistance des gobelets Re-uz

rugged strength and durability

The inks used in screen printing are resistant to scratches and wear, ensuring long-term design durability. This is an important criterion: the containers are destined to be reused several hundred times. Silk-screen printing withstands wide temperature variations. The containers can be placed in the microwave or freezer and washed at high temperatures without altering the design.

recyclabilité des contenants Re-uz

An undeniable ecological feature & proven recyclability

By choosing screen printing to personalize reusable containers, companies can help promote eco-responsibility. By encouraging the use (and reuse) of reusable cups instead of disposable ones, they contribute to a significant reduction in waste. A single-material, screen-printed Re-uz ® container can be fully recycled.

pictogramme récupérer les consignes ecocup

Exceptional handling & an unchanging decor

Silk-screen printing offers a light relief to the touch and exceptional brilliance. The techniques used stabilize the screen-printed decor. It’s impossible to manually peel off or inadvertently damage the personalization.

moule de fabrication Re-uz

Adaptability to different materials

Whether the tumbler, cup, mug, stemmed glass or carafe is made from colored, transparent, matte or glossy plastic, silk-screen printing adapts easily to the various colors of the materials. It gives brands the flexibility to choose the base color that best suits their needs and duplicate their communication on different containers.

agence créative Re-uz

A Re-uz ® creative agency that masters screen printing techniques

When launching a screen-printing personalization project, Re-uz ®’s graphics teams will work with you to define your communication strategy, design and model the graphic aspect of your communication , taking into account all technical aspects. This dedicated team knows all the ins and outs of a successful customized container.