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Beer Up tireuse – Remplissage
Beer Up tireuse – Tirage

Professional beer dispensers Beer Up System

Beer-Up System is an innovative, practical, economical and ecological solution for serving draft beers. The Beer Up ® system is an innovative device allowing the filling of glasses and pints from the bottom. This original concept of beer drafting is particularly suitable for drinking professionals (bars, hotels, restaurants). It will allow you to “turn up the pressure” in the literal sense of the term!

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Beer Up ® technology combines 2 elements: an innovative filling system AND Beer Up ® pints / glasses dedicated to the technology .Beer Up®cups are made of thermo-molded plastic. Sturdy and unbreakable, they can be used over and over again.

Each cup in the range is part of an eco-design eco-design approach. The ingenious draw-off system reduces barrel losses during filling (compared with conventional spout service). The Beer Up System is a truly ecological solution that combines reuse and savings. It is aimed at professionals who want to improve their impact, and who also want to optimize their performance and the quality of their service.

BEER UP System ®: a patented solution for professionals

Beer-Up System ® is an innovative and efficient solution for serving draught beers. The glasses are filled from below using a patented system that precisely reproduces the traditional drawing process. Placed on the draw plate, the glass clips onto a nozzle. The beer rises via a circular jet generating just the right amount of foam. When unclipped, the valve at the bottom of the glass makes the whole unit hermetically sealed. This approach guarantees a perfect foam collar and unsurpassed beer quality. The beer’s rich flavor is preserved, and the quantity served is always the same.
tirage professionnel Beer Up System
verres Beer Up sur une table en extérieur

Pressure printing anywhere AND everywhere

Beer-Up System ® fountains can be installed on the premises, as a complement to a conventional tap, in place of the usual tap, or as a temporary, mobile or self-service solution.

A wide range of fountains and beer pumps is available.

In addition to its outstanding practicality, this innovative concept offers unrivalledservice comfort and speed. With an impressive capacity of 25 beers served per minute for two taps, performance far exceeds that of a conventional filler. Even without any particular expertise, you can easily serve beer at all kinds of events.

An economical, WASTE-FREE drafting system

As well as being extremely practical, Beer Up System ® filler machines are economical and considerably reduce keg losses

The system features an automatic shutdown. Service is based on the pre-selected volume of beer (25 cL or 50 cL). From then on, no overflow is possible… Leaving plenty of room for foam. 

Efficiency and consistency are the hallmarks of the Beer Up System ® tapping machines. The efficiency of this solution far surpasses traditional beer tapping methods.

service des bières pression par le bas

Beer taps for bars, restaurants, hotels & events

Beer Up System ® professional beer fountains are designed to meet the needs of demanding professionals. They combine modernity and performance. Thanks to their advanced technology, they guarantee fast, precise service , while preserving beer quality and freshness. Whether you’re organizing an event or a festival, running a stadium or a guinguette, managing a bar, hotel or restaurant … Offer your customers a unique experience.

BEER UP System ®: A tailor-made pressure-drawing SOLUTION

Beer-Up System ® beer pumps can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They offer high throughput while maintaining impeccable quality of service.

Equipping a van or food truck for nomadic pressure service

Beer Up System ® dispensing units can be installed inside a truck for takeaway beverage service. The service can be easily managed by one or two people. At the end of the service, cups can be collected via the deposit system.
pompes à bière installée dans un camion
mange debout Beer Up

A beer-pump stand-up feeder for trade fairs and caterers

Extremely user-friendly, the Beer Up System ® stand-up feeder allows you to serve draught beers on your own. Customers activate the device themselves. His glass fills up before his eyes! Fun and easy to use, this stand-alone raffle system is particularly suited to catering services, trade shows and associations.

Beer taps & pumps for bars & cafés

Beer Up System ® pull-out plates can be installed directly on the countertop. You’ll be face-to-face with your customer. Pull-out modules can also be installed behind the counter. Double-draw systems enable your teams to serve quickly by activating two draws in parallel. Filling stops once the set volume has been reached: bartenders can go about their business while filling. Re-uz ® will be your partner for installation, training and maintenance.
plateau de tirage Beer Up System installé dans un café
tirage Beer Up System pour l'événementiel

Mobile beer pumps for events

Nomadic beer fountains feature wheels for easy movement. They can be placed behind a serving table. The cart holds drums and canisters for ease of movement.

Various Beer up System ® solutions are available. All of them enable us to offer top-quality draught beers. Beer Up System ® solutions enable you to offer your customers a unique and unforgettable tasting experience that will leave a lasting impression.