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Christmas markets

Re-uz : Less is now
Re-uz aux marchés de Noël

Reusable cups for Christmas markets

Choose Re-uz ® reusable cups and eco-responsible containers for your Christmas market.

We offer simplified solutions that make reuse a clear choice at this much anticipated annual event.

Eco-friendly containers for end-of-year festivities

Practical reusable cups for Christmas markets

Christmas is a time for conviviality, festivities and generosity. It’s a time for sharing comforting meals and sipping hearty beverages. Maintain the magic of Christmas by eliminating waste at your stand during the markets: our reusable containers are suitable for all types of drinks and foods. Reusable cups from the Ecocup ® range become essential for serving festive drinks. Lightweight and unbreakable, they prove to be highly practical for standing or on-the-go consumption. Their design material is resistant to intensive use and washing.

Through customisation, Ecocup® cups transform into containers tailored to your Christmas market, celebrating the location and its unique characteristics. Immerse your customers in the Christmas spirit by choosing a design that reflects the identity of your region while highlighting the festive atmosphere of the holiday season.

Gobelets personnalisables au marché de Noël

Re-uz ® stemmed glasses: elegant and durable wine service

Wine is a particularly popular beverage during the holiday season. Christmas markets are often the perfect opportunity to discover new grape varieties or simply warm up with a glass of mulled wine. Re-uz ® offers stemmed glasses specifically designed for this beverage. They come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit every need. With a temperature resistance of up to 110°, wine can be served hot or cold. For added uniqueness, discover the stackable wine glass, perfect for efficient storage.

Moreover, these glasses are customisable with screen printing, allowing for elegant and bespoke branding to promote your brand. With Re-uz ® glasses, wine tasting at Christmas markets becomes safe and sustainable.

Verres à pied pour la dégustation de vin lors des marchés de Noël

Reusable travel mugs for hot drinks at Christmas markets

The travel cups from Re-uz®‘s Hotcup range are ideal for hot beverages to enjoy on-site or to take away. Equipped with a tight-sealing lid, they retain their temperature, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the Christmas market experience. They can indulge in a comforting drink while strolling among the festive stalls.

The travel cups feature a smooth interior that prevents stains from sticking and allows for easy cleaning, especially for coffee. A winter staple, hot chocolate also fits perfectly in these cups with their various sizes. The 30 or 40 cl sizes are perfect for adding delicious whipped cream and all sorts of toppings.

Customisable and available in a range of colors, the cups in the Hotcup range combine practicality and aesthetics. They provide a sustainable alternative to disposable cardboard cups and eliminate plastic waste.

Tasses pour cafés et chocolat chaud à emporter lors des marchés de Noël by Re-uz

Reusable, returnable containers

To create a true virtuous cycle of reuse, it is essential to encourage and facilitate the return of containers to the vendors. Re-uz® offers a deposit system for all its containers. The idea is simple: customers pay a small deposit on their drink and receive it back when they return the cup. This system, which can be applied to all types of containers, encourages their return. Cups, glasses, trays and cups can then be washed and reused. This helps to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

For stallholders, reclaiming containers for reuse ensures a sustainable stock and reduces costs associated with purchasing new ones. A deposit system facilitates logistics and ensures a constant supply of clean containers ready for use… and re-use.

Gobelets consignés au marché de Noël by Re-uz