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Hot chocolate

Simple or indulgent, the hot chocolate brings comfort and encourages conviviality. Our reusable cups and mugs with various capacities and designs offer endless possibilities for serving this delicious beverage.

The Re-uz® containers withstand temperatures and time, making them suitable for daily or even professional use. Through long-term reuse, they contribute to a zero waste approach.

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Cups and mugs, small or large size, suitable for all recipes.

Re-uz ® offers a complete range of cups and mugs designed to last. Made of polypropylene, they are completely safe for serving hot beverages. They replace single-use containers and promote a more circular approach.

Tasse à couvercle réemployable by Re-uz

Durable mugs to enjoy the sweetness of hot chocolate

At breakfast as well as during snack time, hot chocolate is the quintessential warm beverage. It’s appreciated in winter for warming the senses, but remains a must-have all year round, offering sweetness and indulgence to every table.

Temperature-resistant, our reusable plastic containers are ideal for serving such beverages. The Re-uz ® range includes a variety of formats and sizes to suit different hot chocolate recipes.

Re-uz ® reusable cups are also very easy to clean. Their smooth interior ensures impeccable results straight from the dishwasher or after hand-washing. No risk of staining, even with the richest versions like old-fashioned hot chocolate.

Petites tasses en plastique réemployables pour chocolat chaud et boissons chaudes by Re-uz

Sleek mugs for a small dose of chocolate.

These contemporary , lightweight cups from the Pure range are the perfect containers for serving hot chocolate. Available in mini or medium sizes, they are ideal for a sweet break.

Tasse réemployable avec couvercle pour chocolat chaud et boissons chaudes by Re-uz

The resealable cup for on-the-go consumption

Equipped with an airtight lid, the 30 cl Hotcup allows for on-the-go enjoyment. A safe way to enjoy a hot chocolate to go.

Gobelet réemployable pour distributeur automatique de boissons chaudes by Re-uz

The reusable cup for vending machines

The Eco Cafécup from the Ecocup ® range is a container designed for hot beverage dispensers. Suitable for all vending machines, it easily replaces single-use cardboard cups.

Tasse grand format pour chocolats chauds gourmands by Re-uz

A large-sized container for indulgent chocolates.

The 40 cl Hotcup is a reusable mug with a generous capacity, allowing time to savor hot chocolate. The lid keeps temperatures constant and provides ample volume for whipped cream and other delicious toppings.

Customisable containers for professional use

Offer your customers a gourmet hot chocolate tasting experience that respects the environment. All our reusable cups and mugs are carefully crafted from sustainable materials. Eco-designed, Re-uz ® containers are produced to be reused for a long time. Their durability also makes them ideal for intensive outdoor use, such as terrace or rooftop services. It’s a way to offer your consumers a genuine moment of pleasure in all circumstances.

The variety in the range of cups and mugs offers restaurateurs and owners of cafés and tea rooms numerous serving possibilities. Gourmet and Viennese chocolates will certainely find their place in one of the Re-uz ® containers.

Also explore the customisation options for cups and offer unique containers, tailored to your brand.

Mug à emporter pour chocolat chaud by Re-uz ®
Petits gobelets réemployables pour chocolat chaud et boissons chaudes by Re-uz

The eco-responsible, practical solution for rush hours.

Re-uz ® cups and mugs are particularly practical at events such as trade shows, fairs, markets and flea markets. In fact, Re-uz ® containers are an annual favourite at Christmas markets. Unbreakable and suitable for serving hot and cold drinks, they pose no safety risk at these gatherings.

Opting for reusable cups combines practicality and eco-responsibility. Guests can now enjoy a light, convivial get-together, without the need for single-use cups.

Re-uz ® can also supports you in managing these containers by offering logistics and washing services. A transition to zero waste without any hassle!