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Much more than just containers for coffee breaks, Re-uz ® cups and tumblers embody a responsible approach by offering a sustainable consumption experience. Eco-designed, reusable but also 100% recyclable, these cups are the real alternative to single use.
Savor each sip without bitterness, and you too can join the zero waste movement…

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Coffee cups, mugs & tumblers: reusable containers for sustainable waste reduction

Re-uz ® offers a wide range ofeco-containers for hot drinks. Robust, lightweight, washable and reusable, they can be used and reused hundreds of times. These plastic coffee cups can therefore be reused intensively and repeatedly. Eco-designed, their longevity is proven. Their re-use counterbalances single use and minimizes the amount of waste generated. Opting for reuse means choosing a sustainable practice that helps preserve natural resources.

Re-uz ® combines ecological solutions with practicality: ergonomic coffee cups, mugs, tumblers and carafes adapted to the needs of restaurateurs, event organizers, caterers, companies and individuals.

More than just an alternative to disposable cups, these French-made containers offer a meaningful, responsible drinking experience.

tasses et mugs pour café made in France

A zero-waste coffee break: enjoy eco-responsibility

Imagine a coffee break where every sip is synonymous with pleasure for your taste buds and respect for the planet. Welcome to the world of Re-uz ®, where the use of eco-designed containers transforms every break into a truly eco-responsible experience.

Consume contents only… No longer content and container! If you see reuse as a matter of course, you’re joining the zero waste movement!

Re-uz ® cups, mugs and carafes are made in our own workshops in France, as part of our commitment to responsible consumption.

Sturdy, stackable and lightweight, our coffee cups, mugs, carafes and tumblers are pleasant to the touch … They offer real tasting pleasure thanks to their ergonomic grip and hold.

A commitment to sustainability & waste reduction

In the world of coffee,eco-responsibility has become an essential criterion.

The adoption of eco-responsible containers for coffee service thus becomes a coherent and essential choice, in line with environmental principles.

Alongside a fair-trade coffee-growing chain, Re-uz ® deploys an eco-responsible chain. Indeed, the eco-responsibility of coffee is not limited to its distant origins. It also extends to every stage of preparation and consumption. The choice of eco-responsible containers for coffee service is a natural extension of this commitment. From reusable cups to their recyclability, every element contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of the daily coffee break.

service écoresponsable du café
tasses et mugs pour café réemployables

From grain to cup: shake things up and make reuse a matter of course

Espresso arabica, delicate filtered coffee, refined cappuccino, velvety latte macchiato, ristretto on the go, refreshing iced coffee, creamy mocha, black coffee, coffee with a cloud of milk, hazelnut coffee or energizing tonic coffee… Each sip can offer a wealth of unique flavours and aromas.

Re-uz ® offers containers to match the contents!

Takeaway coffee cups are essentially nomadic. Thanks to their unique lids for 3 sizes (20 cl, 30 cl and 40 cl), they can be taken anywhere.

Ecocup ® carafes feature ergonomic handles for serving hot drinks. Extremely sturdy, the rigidity of the handle greatly facilitates service.

Ecocup ® cups can hold all types of beverage. They are available in various sizes. Commonly, 12 cl, 18 cl, 28 cl and 30 cl sizes are preferred for serving coffee.

Coffee machine cups are revolutionizing the way coffee is served. They fit perfectly into coffee vending machines. They are washable and reusable, considerably minimizing the amount of waste generated in the workplace.

Tailor-made for practicality and eco-responsibility

Re-uz ® reusable containers are designed to meet the specific needs of their users.

Combining style, durability and respect for the environment, they can also be customized.

Each coffee container can be customized 360°. This process can be used to highlight a brand or logo and convey powerful messages.

Customization opens up a wide range of creative possibilities. These processes can be found on each product sheet.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, personalization encourages reuse: a powerful way of conveying the strong values of reuse.

contenants pour café réemployables et plastique

A commitment to a more sustainable future for your organization

Re-uz ® coffee cups, eco-responsible mugs and service carafes are the link between the pleasure of coffee and environmental awareness. Eco-designed and made from sustainable materials, these containers set a new ecological standard. Every sip is a step towards more responsible consumption. In the world of coffee, where every sip is a promise of comfort, the choice of containers becomes a true statement of values.

contenants réemployables Re-uz pour café
gobelets café réemployable pour distributeurs automatiques

The end of disposable coffee cups in the workplace: an eco-responsible commitment

Reusable coffee cups offer a significant alternative to disposable corporate cups, often criticized for their massive contribution to plastic waste. In the workplace, where coffee consumption can be high, the adoption of reusable cups demonstrates a concrete commitment to waste reduction.

The integration of reusable coffee cups goes beyond the environmental aspect. It also contributes to employee well-being. Quality cups that are pleasant to the touch and aesthetically pleasing enhance the coffee-break experience. It’s a subtle but significant way of showing that the company cares about its employees’ comfort.

Introducing reusable cups is not limited to the coffee break. This may inspireother re-use initiatives within the company. Employees are encouraged to adopt more sustainable behaviors, such as the deposit system, which can result in an overall reduction in the company’s consumption of single-use plastic.

Coffee to take away or enjoy on site in 100% reusable cups and mugs

Seeing a customer holding a takeaway coffee in a reusable cup is a real eye-opener… And yet, many passers-by enjoy their cappuccino in a Bille Cup in Belgium and the Netherlands. The system is now being rolled out in France alongside Re-uz ® within a growing network of retailers.

How can we make takeaway & delivery more eco-friendly? Retailers, cafés, hot-spots, bakeries, patisseries and restaurants offering takeaway or eat-in food can easily adopt returnable coffee cups.

Adopting Re-uz ® reusable, washable and 100% recyclable cups (after several hundred uses) is a declaration ofcommitment to sustainable living. This approach mobilizes staff, service and customers alike. Companies and their customers become true ambassadors for re-use.

mugs réemployables en plastique made in France
événementiel et service du café Re-uz

Stands & events: coffee & hot beverage service

Reusable containers can be used for all kinds of events. Whether at a conference, a festival or a trade show, Re-uz ® cups and carafes can be adapted to any setting.

The adoption of reusable cups and mugs is in line with the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy. Event organizers play a key role in raising public awareness by offering visitors a conscious alternative.

Reusable containers from the Ecocup ® range also encourage participants to adopt more eco-responsible behavior in their daily lives, extending the positive impact well beyond the event.