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Quadrichromie Digit

The personalization of a reusable container, whatever it may be, makes it possible to promote reuse. Re-uz ® deploys digital printing devices adapted to small series. Personalized digitally printed cups offer an ecological alternative to traditional single-use containers while allowing aesthetic personalization and promoting reuse.

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Customized cups in digital four-color process

Personalizing any reusable container encourages reuse. Re-uz ® deploys printing and personalization systems adapted to its customers’ needs: digital printing, screen printing or in-mould labelling (IML)… Combined with deposit systems, these processes accelerate reuse.
The Re-uz ® approach is to operate in a short circuit, integrating manufacturing and customization. Customization is fully managed in the Re-uz ® workshops.
Personalized cups in digital printing offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional single-use containers, while allowing aesthetic personalization and promoting reuse.

gobelet personnalisé en impression digitale

Why choose personalized reusable cups?

Single-use cups, generally made of plastic, paper or polystyrene, represent a major challenge for the environment. Their unbridled production, one-off use and disposal have a significant environmental impact.

Eco-designed, Re-uz ® personalized reusable cups are made from sustainable, recyclable materials. Re-uz ® designs all its containers with reuse in mind, taking into account the container’s end-of-life after its many uses.

Digital personalization of the cups is carried out as an overlay: the sides of the container are printed with a design (text, images, logo, etc.). Containers are prefabricated and then customized. They retain all their intrinsic eco-design features. They are made unique by their personalization.

From design to digital customization

Digital four-color printing stands out for its fluidity and ease of use. The creative approach is carried out digitally, via the Re-uz ® integrated agency or theEcocup ® online personalization tool.

Digital four-color process printing combines the four primary colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). Combining them creates a rich, diversified palette of subtle nuances .

Meticulous, controlled color layering produces clear images with vivid colors.

de la conception à la réalisation
d'un gobelet vierge à un gobelet 100% personnalisé

From a blank container to a fully customized cup

The blank cups, untouched by personalization, are manufactured beforehand by Re-uz ®. They are then arranged in special tooling.

A quality control check is carried out for each order. A dedicated graphics team takes care of color rendering and adds a layer of support, underneath the visual, to enhance the colors.

The tooling is configured and the digital visual is loaded into the printer. Moving print heads then print the decoration on the curved surface of the container. The succession of layers ensures that the granularity is as fine as expected.

Shipping Re-uz ® cups

Once customized, the cups undergo quality control, are counted, bagged and packed in the shipping carton.

Plastic bags protect the cups. This protocol meets the protection standards for shipping food containers.

contrôle qualité & expédition des contenants personnalisés
avantages impression digitale

What are the advantages of four-color digital personalization?

Thanks to this printing method, designs, logos or any other graphic elements are transferred onto the cup with great precision.

The range of colors reproduced by digital four-color printing is vast, offering vibrant, saturated hues.

Digital four-color printing captures every detail and nuance with the utmost precision. This technique is ideal for complex designs.

Prints are crisp and designed to last. Resistant to wear, water and scratches, these printing methods guarantee longevity and durability.

Digital printing is highly responsive: containers are already manufactured and can be personalized quickly. It can also be used to customize small production runs.