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Digital personalization

Digital personalization or digital printing

Digital personalization is also known as digital printing or ” digit”. The term “digital” is most often used. It’s simply an appropriation of the original Anglo-Saxon word.

This customization method offers unprecedented flexibility. The container is first manufactured and then customized. Digital printing machines can be compared to huge printers that can personalize curved surfaces such as those on cups.

This personalization model enables brands to express their identity in an innovative way, while contributing to environmental sustainability. Indeed, the container used as a medium of expression is intrinsically useful, durable and reusable.

bandeau digit'

Fast customization for small production runs

rapidité de personnalisation digitale
Digital printing technology enables customization in small runs. This feature is particularly advantageous for small volumes of containers to be personalized. Digital printing is remarkably fast. Unlike IML personalization (in which containers are manufactured and personalized at the same time), digital printing is dissociated from container manufacture. It is carried out downstream after blank cups have been produced. In the Re-uz ® workshops, a continuous flow of blank containers is produced and stored. Customization is then carried out according to customer requirements. The digital personalization system therefore reduces lead times. It enables customized products to be made available more quickly.
gobelet transparent Ecocup impression numérique digitale

Industrial know-how for ecological sustainability

pictogramme bleu ecolo

In addition to its creative flexibility, digital printing is aligned with growing environmental concerns. In addition to the fact that Re-uz ® containers are reusable and 100% recyclable, the inks used are also environmentally friendly.

The personalization of reusable cups is seen as a gas pedal of reuse. This scheme encourages the adoption of eco-responsible practices and contributes to the reduction of plastic waste.

The digital prints on Ecocup ® by Re-uz ® cups are resistant to abrasion and repeated washing. Containers can be stacked without altering the personalization. This ensures that the design remains bright and durable, even after frequent use and multiple wash cycles.

gobelet blanc Re-uz personnalisation numérique digitale

Unparalleled creative freedom and enhanced visibility

pictogramme bleu pouce

One of the major advantages of the digital printing inherent in personalization is the creative freedom it offers.

Designers can play with an infinite palette of colors, subtle gradations and intricate details. Ecocup ® also offers an online cup customization system (in real time and 360°), enabling customers to design their own personalized containers and order them directly.

Re-uz ® manufactures and customizes cups in its own workshops in France . Re-uz ® continually invests in dedicated tooling combining speed, flexibility and sharpness to achieve remarkable clarity and superior visual quality.

Re-uz ® has its own in-house graphics agency: a dedicated team of graphic designers who work with each customer to achieve a high level of personalization precisely tailored to the brand’s image.

gobelet transparent réemployable personnalisé en quadichromie digitale

How does Re-uz ® digital four-colour printing work?


Upstream cup production

gobelets vierges Re-uz

Prior to digital personalization, the cups and containers are manufactured. The latter are “blank” with no decoration applied. They are then stored for deployment at the time of customization.


Creating the decor & graphic design

création du design & décor du gobelet

The decor is created on its own or in collaboration with the Re-uz ® graphics agency. The finished elements will take into account the resolution and shape of the container(anamorphosis).


Setting up digital printing

configuration impression numérique Re-uz

To achieve the desired colorimetric rendering, the graphic design team adds a layer of white to the decor created. The latter will enhance the colors. The tooling is then set up for customization in our workshops.


Four-colour printing

impression en quadrichromie

Blank cups are integrated into the personalization tooling. The print heads then print the decor on the container surface at 360°.


Releasing the finished cup

gobelet personnalisés impression numérique digitale Re-uz

The personalized cups are then protected with a plastic bag and placed in a cardboard box. They are then dispatched immediately.

how are made-in-France cups customized in the Re-uz ® workshops?

fabrication des gobelets vierges Re-uz

The cups are pre-molded in polypropylene without personalization.

chargement dans la machine de personnalisation digit Re-uz

Containers transit to digital personalization tooling

personnalisation numérique des gobelets Re-uz

Printheads customize container walls in four-color process

récupération des gobelets personnalisés Re-uz

The cups are then inspected and packed for shipment.

What are the advantages of using digital printing to personalize a reusable cup?

pictogramme personnalisation des ecocups

Unique & sustainable personalization conveying the values of re-use

Digital printing makes it possible to personalize containers with unique elements (names, company logos, personalized motifs & decorations). It associates the intrinsic characteristics of the reusable container with the values communicated graphically on the support. It encourages reuse and therefore waste reduction.


Increased visibility & brand promotion

Digital personalization offers the opportunity to reinforce brand visibility during everyday cup use. This device allows the container to be decorated at 360°: a useful, high-impact communication medium.

résistance des gobelets Re-uz

Hundreds of times over

Personalization & containers withstand wide temperature variations. Containers can be microwaved at temperatures up to 110°C. They can therefore be washed at high temperatures.

recyclabilité des contenants Re-uz

Promoting re-use & proven recyclability

Personalized cups are made from a single material (polypropylene). Eco-designed, they are shaped for re-use. After numerous reuses, they can be recycled.

pictogramme récupérer les consignes ecocup

Enhanced user experience

High-quality printing/customization means containers can be stacked without repetitive contact and/or friction damaging the decor. Users will appreciate the unique look of the container and will reuse them like never before.

moule de fabrication Re-uz

Identical molds for customized production

Re-uz ® offers a wide range of containers. The Ecocup ® range is based on moulds that have been around for many years.
Each new custom-made container is similar in capacity, size and weight to those previously manufactured… Only the customization changes! As a result, they remain just as stackable and ergonomic as their predecessors.

agence créative Re-uz

A dedicated creative agency and committed partners

Personalization allows messages and designs to be adapted to the target audience. The Re-uz ® graphic design teams can help you define your communication strategy, and design and model the graphic look and feel of your communication.

Digital personalization combines promotion with environmental sustainability… Join the zero waste movement!