Customizable 60 cl cups – Ecocup ® ECO 60

The Ecocup ® ECO 60 is a reusable cup with a capacity of 60 cl and a useful capacity of 55 cl. This pint-size plastic glass is suitable for both cold and hot drinks. Eco-designed, this cup is reusable and customizable. Ergonomic, stackable, lightweight, robust, washable… The 60 cl Ecocup ® pint is the type of container that makes reuse a matter of course.

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Re uz referenceEco60
DishesGlasses & drinks
Type of dishesCup
Capacity60 cl
Useful capacity55 cl
Weight42 grammes
Height162 mm
Bottom diameter62 mm
Upper diameter84 mm
MaterialsPolypropylene Homopolymer (Bisphenol A free)


Type of drinks servedCold drink
Hot drink
Fruit juice
Milk Shake
WashingDishwasher safe
Temperature resistanceUp to 110°C

Colors / Customization

Types of printing & personalisationNeutral without personalisation
Quadrichromie IML
Screen printing 1 color
Screen printing 2 colors
Customization areaIML : 226 x 159 mm, Screen printing : 220 x 113 mm
Minimum quantity for customization300 pieces

Delivery & packaging

Reuse solutionPurchase
DeliveryAt home, On event, Pickup point
Packaging300 units per box
pictogramme bon pour l'environnement
Made in Europe

All our customizable cups are made and personalized in Europe

The Re-uz expertise

Our dedicated teams support you in your projects. We adapt our solutions to your needs.


Personalized to be reused, our eco-responsible containers are infinitely customizable!

The approach

Our approach: combine practical, ecological and sustainable to make reuse obvious.

Buy or rent 60 cl Ecocup ® cups

Re-uz aims to encourage and facilitate the re-use of containers. Join the zero-waste movement by opting to use and reuse Ecocup ® cups.

Rent Ecocup ® 60 cl pints and become part of the circular economy

location gobelet plastique réutilisable jaune

Reuse is a virtuous cycle. The Ecocup ® range of containers is available for hire. Adapted to your needs, you’ll have enough cups to accommodate your audience. This solution is perfectly suited to events, and is part of an ecological approach to the use of containers.

All the cups you have rented will be delivered to the place and date of your event. The Ecocup ® pints we offer are neutral in terms of personalization or feature a generic message in favor of reuse.
Re-uz ® can help you set up a deposit system. At your event, use of the glasses is subject to payment of a deposit. The aim is for the user to be able to enjoy the drink, quench their thirst and return the cup to the point of distribution (stand, bar, buffet…).

At the end of your event, we’ll collect your Ecocup ® pints. We’ll wash them in one of our dedicated washing centers and then store them. We’ll be deploying them again for a new event.

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Buy 60 cl Ecocup ® cups to reuse again and again

vente gobelet plastique personnalisé et personnalisable

We can personalize your 60 cl Ecocup ® cups: a customized solution for your plastic pints. Specify your wishes by discovering the different options and types of personalization. Import your graphic elements. Confirm your request so that our teams can send you a customized quote.

Your Ecocup ® 60 cl pints will be manufactured and personalized in our workshops in the Jura region of France. Once they’ve been made, we’ll deliver them to your event venue, to a relay point or directly to your home. We’ll work with you to define the most suitable delivery date.

personnalisation gobelet de 60 cl

How to personalize your Ecocup ® 60 cl pint?

You can customize and order Ecocup ® reusable plastic pints. This purchase will enable you to reuse the cups on an occasional or daily basis at your facility.

Personalizing a container encourages reuse. Personalization will attract attention and mobilize your audience: you’ll be conveying the strong values of reuse.
Ecocup ® ECO 60 cups have the perfect capacity for professional use. These are the cups you’ll find on the biggest European tours or at major sporting events.

Ecocup ® 60 cl cups offer a large surface for expression. These can feature a special graphic design. Our teams of graphic designers can co-construct the visual identity presented on your cup.

The production and customization of plastic pints are the result of genuine Re-uz ® know-how. To tailor our offer to your requirements, please enter quantities, type of personalization and colors. You’ll then discover the customization options we offer. Send us your visual and validate your request. Our teams will have all the information they need to draw up a customized quote.

Silk-screen printing to give your reusable pint shine and relief

Screen printing is a specific method of personalization. This technique is particularly suitable for large 60 cl glasses. The visual you have designed will then be printed on the surface. Each color used is a print layer, like superimposed layers.

Your 60 cl Ecocup ® pint screen-printed in one color

Monochrome draws attention to form and message. screen-printing in a single color draws the eye to strong graphic elements. Screen printing can be carried out on a colored plastic cup. It is manufactured and customized on the surface.

Your 60 cl Ecocup ® plastic glass screen-printed in two colors

Two-color screen printing is carried out using two printing layers. The support glass can be colored from the outset: the silkscreen is applied to its surface. Colored transparent or colored matte pints can also be customized using this process.

Your 60 cl Ecocup ® with color and screen printing

Play with contrasts, play with shapes... Screen printing lets your imagination run wild. Thanks to a wide range of colored plastics (matte yellow, transparent opalescent yellow, matte orange, matte pink, matte red, transparent opalescent red, blue, turquoise blue, transparent opalescent blue, matte green, transparent opalescent green, violet, matte white, matte black or translucent), your screen-printed reusable cups become unique containers for use and reuse.

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A 60 cl cup, fully customized in four-color process printing

Four-color process personalization lets you combine four printing colors. It’s the juxtaposition of the 3 primary colors and black.
Re-uz has the techniques and know-how to personalize the entire surface of the cups. Our customers are very enthusiastic about this process, which encourages them to reuse their containers. The customizable surface allows you to convey the values of reuse while communicating in the right way. Logos, photos, colors, messages, shadows and contrasts… You have complete control over graphic design.

Your personalized 60 cl Ecocup ® pint with digital printing

Personalization via digital printing is carried out on the surface of the container. The Ecocup ® is initially produced in white or transparent plastic. It is then "printed" like a sheet of paper... cylindrical.
The tooling used to personalize the cup is specific: the print heads print visuals and colors at 360° over the entire surface of the cup. This technological know-how makes it possible to combine high technology with re-use. Customization is enhanced by a beautiful rendering of colors.

In Mould Labelling (IML) to manufacture and personalize 60 cl Ecocup ® pints at the same time

The IML ( In Mould Labelling ) process means that Ecocup ® cups are manufactured and personalized at the same time (unlike digital printing, which separates manufacturing and personalization). The personalized visual is injected into the walls of the reusable cups.
Beforehand, the chosen visual is printed in high definition on a flexible plastic film. The latter is designed to fit the shape of the cup to the millimetre. Once cut and shaped, it is fed into the manufacturing machines.
When manufacturing plastic pints, the visual is injected directly into the wall of the cup. This process produces exceptional photographic results.

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An eco-friendly 60 cl reusable pint for all occasions

Ecocup ® 60 cl pint cups are part of a sustainable approach: their use and reuse limit the consumption of single-use containers. Ecocup ® cups can be reused several hundred times.
Ecocup ® plastic pints are made in France: the entire range of Re-uz ® containers is manufactured in the Jura region. Being based in France means we can limit our transport and carbon footprint.
Eco-designed, Ecocup ® pints are extremely resistant , even unbreakable.

pictogramme feuille nature écologique

The 60 cl Ecocup ®: an attractive design for extreme durability

Customizable for reuse, the Ecocup ® pint is made to last. This large 60 cl format combines ease of use and durability. Its proven longevity ensures that your message will stand out over time.

Sturdy yet lightweight, Ecocup ® cups are reusable without altering their use.

The Ecocup ® 60 cl tumbler: the practicality of a large glass in the service of ecology

The 60 cl format is ideal for serving beer or soft drinks on the rocks. It can also be used for hot drinks.
The cup’s secure grip is maintained time after time. Its shape is not affected by the heat or volume (or weight) of the beverages poured into it.

Single-use cups don’t offer the same sturdiness. They do not induce the same drinking pleasure. Re-uz ® goes against the grain by combining comfort and ecology.

The best waste is the waste we don’t produce… That’s the real philosophy behind reuse! Join the zero waste movement.

ecocup 60 cl personnalisation Rolling stones
pinte réemployable tournée de Coldplay

The 60 cl reusable pint: zero waste made easy

With a 60 cl capacity at the brim and a 55 cl capacity when used, the Ecocup ® pint cup provides a perfect foam collar. Draught beer service made easy. It is proposed to place a scale on the glass. This graduation is presented in the customization templates.

Ecocup ® pints are optimized for easy storage. The cups are stackable and designed for optimal storage.

Music festivals and major sporting events alike have embraced this format for its practicality and ergonomics. The major advantage: ease of use when serving. Much lighter than glass, each cup weighs just 42 grams. Deployment of the cups is made easier when carried out at your event site.

Ecocup ® pints can be washed in domestic, semi-professional, professional or industrial dishwashers. These glasses can be reused many times.

Shock-resistant, Ecocup ® pint cups can also withstand high temperatures of up to 110°C. Made from a Bisphenol-A-free food-grade plastic alloy (Polypropylene Homopolymer), the containers are microwaveable.

Ecocup ® by Re-uz ® cups are made from a unique material. From manufacturing to shipping, eco-responsibility is an integral part of the Re-uz approach. After numerous uses, washes and reuses, the cups can be easily recycled.