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Reusable plastic bowl – reusable, unbreakable ecobol

The reusable bowl is part of the Kio by Re-uz ® range. It can also be used (and reused) as a large soup plate. With a capacity of 980 ml, this reusable container can be closed with a hermetic lid. Its practical, ergonomic design is equally suited to takeaway sales and traditional catering. Suitable for all hot and cold foods, it offers a standard capacity to hold all types of dishes. This reusable bowl is the real alternative to disposable containers, whether for ephemeral event catering or takeaways!

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Re uz referenceA4M
DishesServing dishes
Take-away crockery
Type of dishesBowl
Capacity98 cl
Weight150 grammes
Length177 mm
Width177 mm
Height60 mm
Polypropylène (PP)


LidAirtight lid, Without cover (rental)
Associated cover referenceKIO LID A4C, Lid
WashingDishwasher safe
Temperature resistanceUp to 90°C

Colors / Customization

Container colourFrosted clear, Terracotta (rent)
Lid colourGray (community), Green (purchase)
Types of printing & personalisationNeutral without personalisation

Delivery & packaging

Reuse solutionNetwork & community
DeliveryAt home, On event, Pickup point
Packaging50 units per box
Made in Europe

All our customizable cups are made and personalized in Europe

The Re-uz expertise

Our dedicated teams support you in your projects. We adapt our solutions to your needs.


Personalized to be reused, our eco-responsible containers are infinitely customizable!

The approach

Our approach: combine practical, ecological and sustainable to make reuse obvious.

Purchase or rental of Re-uz ® reusable bowls

Re-uz ® strives to make re-use a matter of course. The Kio by Re-uz ® range is eco-designed. This genuine reusable tableware is available in several formats. All containers are adapted to mobility, enabling the deployment of healthy, zero-waste catering.

Kio by Re-uz ® bowls for hire: a commitment to eco-responsibility

Re-uz ® containers are durable and eco-designed. Using the Kio by Re-uz ® eco-dishwasher is an alternative to single-use disposable containers. The bowls in the range can be used and reused again and again.

To mobilize your audience and improve the ecological impact of your events, Re-uz ® offers the rental of reusable tableware: bowls, plates, small bowls and Ecocup ® cups…

“Let’s avoid waste generation”: Kio by Re-uz ® bowls can be easily deployed thanks to turnkey rental systems.

La praticité du réemploi avec Re-uz

The rental service removes many of the constraints associated with organizing events. Re-uz ® integrates the entire logistics process, organizing the delivery of containers to the site. The Re-uz ® teams can help you set up deposit / security systems. At the end of your event, Re-uz ® teams will collect all the rented bowls and transport them to one of our dedicated washing centers. Once washed, the bowls are repackaged and stored. They will then be redeployed at a future event.

lavage simplifié avec Re-uz

By choosing to rent Kio by Re-uz ® bowls, you’re joining the virtuous circle of re-use.

Complete your request, indicating the quantities of bowls you wish to rent. The Re-uz ® teams will be happy to provide you with a customized quote.

Purchase resealable bowls with airtight lids

achat de bol en plastique réemployable avec couvercle

The bowl soup Kio by Re-uz ® is a square-shaped bowl to optimize storage space. This reusable container is ideal for hot and cold meals, making it easy to prepare food in the kitchen and take away. Once closed, thanks to its flexible lid, it retains the heat of the food placed inside. Its ergonomic lid makes it easy to carry out dishes (salads, soups, etc.) safely, without spillage.

Re-uz la démarche écologique du réemploi

The bowl from the KioBox by Re-uz ® range is the eco-responsible alternative to single-use containers. Adapted to the needs of restaurateurs, it combines ergonomics and practicality. Its ergonomic design enhances the dishes served. Prepared dishes can be eaten directly by your customers. It combines practicality of service and ease of use in takeaways: a single container for tasting and transport.

vaisselle réemployable by Re-uz

Restaurateurs and caterers use this container to complement or replace their “classic” tableware. When it comes to take-away sales or outside catering, restaurateurs generally opt for a deposit system. In this way, returns to the counter are encouraged and generalized.

Extremely sturdy and lightweight, Kio by Re-uz ® bowls resist the scratches inherent in the cutlery used. They can therefore be reused without alteration.

A reusable eco-bol

Bowl soup Kio by Re-uz ® is made in our own workshops.
By promoting short distribution channels, Re-uz ® reduces its carbon footprint.
By manufacturing sustainable, reusable containers, Re-uz ® limits its ecological footprint.
The Kio by Re-uz ® range of bowls creates a link between durability and design.

The Kio by Re-uz reusable bowl: when ergonomics and ecology meet

The Kio by Re-uz ® bowl is singular. Its square, flared format makes it both practical and ergonomic.

It has an opening of 17.72 cm x 17.72 cm and a depth of 6 cm. It’s lightweight: just 150 grams. This bowl features sleek curves. The rounded shape of the Kio by Re-uz ® medium bowl is devoid of angularity: a harmony of lines that makes it both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Stacked one on top of the other, or on top of other dishes from the Kio by Re-uz ® range, they are extremely stable, making them easy to move around when serving, and easy to handle.

The bottom of the bowl is square and flat. Its flat 9 cm x 9 cm surface gives it great stability. This container is raised by 4 small feet of 2 mm. 6 centimeters separate them.

The lid associated with the Kio by Re-uz ® medium bowl features small holes also spaced 6 cm apart. In this way, even when lids are closed, containers can be stacked: the feet of the upper container fit into the lugs of the lower lid.

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Containers can be placed in the microwave to reheat contents. They can also be kept in hot ovens up to 80°C.

Resolutely versatile, the bowls can also be frozen. They can be stacked in cold storage or in the freezer.

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A practical bowl for kitchen preparations

Kio by Re-uz ® medium bowls are stackable. This means they can be easily stored and arranged in the kitchen or on the shelves.

Kio by Re-uz ® bowls are thermo-molded in a resistant food-grade thermoplastic polymer (ABS). The thickness of its walls makes it extremely rigid and shock-resistant.

The reusable medium bowl: the perfect setting for your dishes

This reusable bowl is considered the most versatile container in the Kio by Re-uz ® range. The standard size is suitable for all types of dishes.

It can be used as a bowl for soups and liquid preparations. It can be used as a soup plate for meals in sauce with pasta, rice, vegetables or large salads. It’s ideal for serving Poké bowls.

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A reusable plastic bowl to forget single use

Kio by Re-uz reusable tableware can easily replace single-use containers: fine plastic bowls, cardboard plates, etc.

Every restaurant owner, caterer, association, trade fair organizer or festival organizer concerned about their ecological impact can make reuse a matter of course.

This virtuous approach is not costly but beneficial. Opting for reusable containers eliminates the hidden costs associated with consumables, the repetitive purchase of disposable containers, waste collection, etc.

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The Kio Box community: returnable containers within a network committed to reuse

Kio Box by Re-uz ® is a community of committed restaurateurs in which deposits are widespread.
How does this network work?

The Kio Box community: because together, re-use is virtuous

The Kio Box community is a grouping of several take-away food retailers. Within this community, every member is determined to take concrete action to limit waste.

Within the Kio Box network, container deposits are widespread. It’s a simple and meaningful system. It is illustrated as follows…

Take away and "take away back": the return of returnable crockery

Robust, unbreakable and resealable, Kio Box by Re-uz ® containers are eco-designed. All containers in the range are designed for intensive use. Their intrinsic characteristics make this possible, and constitute their real added value… Their widespread reuse within the Kio Box community will limit the use of single-use containers and build customer loyalty.

Kio bowls are resealable with a lid and, as a result, mobile. They are designed to be taken away or delivered to your customers. When purchasing a menu, your customer pays the price of the dish and deposits a deposit for the use of the container. You will then have his deposit to guarantee the return of the container.
Your customer can then return to your establishment and drop off their empty, pre-washed container. You will then return the deposit he entrusted to you. This system has been around for decades. Ecocup ® also orchestrates events.

le petit bol réemployable Kio au sein de la gamme

Generalized consignment of dishes within a network: the Kio Box community principle

Your customer can enjoy the dish served or delivered in the Kio bowl. Instead of returning the container directly to you, they may decide to drop off their empty, pre-washed dish at another partner establishment (on the same street, a few blocks away or close to their place of work). The partner will then return the deposit and collect the returnable container. You will keep the deposit he originally entrusted to you.

This means you’ll have one less bowl in your stock … but the deposit you don’t return will be kept by you. The bowl will have traveled from point A to point B within the network. No container will have been thrown away… It will be reused.

Kio Box containers in transit within the community

The Kio Box community operates as a closed circuit. Only members of the network can benefit from shared container reuse. This scheme combines mobility and eco-responsibility… within a growing network.

vaisselle nomade & réemployable by Re-uz
ensemble de la gamme Kio Box by Re-uz au sein du réseau pour le réemploi

How can I join the Kio Box community?

To join the Kio Box community, complete your application on the site. Add your request to your online quote. The Re-uz ® teams dedicated to catering systems will have all the information they need to support you in your approach.
Membership of the Kio Box community is by subscription. This will enable you to be recognized in the partner network. When you join the team, you’ll benefit from communication tools to promote the system to your customers and future customers. Then you can place your first order for reusable containers. You can opt for a Kio Box stater pack. Our teams will then transport the containers to your facility.

After an initial phase of using your new containers, if you notice that your stock is decreasing, this means that you have a certain volume of deposits. You can use the deposits not collected by your customers to order new bowls.
If you have too many bowls (due to a large number of returns from other community partners), Re-uz ® will take them back at the price of the deposit. In this way, the operation is neutral for each partner.

How to identify a container from the Kio Box by Re-uz ® community?

A Kio Box container can be identified by the color of its lid. Only community members have access to this color. This clearly establishes thatthe bowl belongs to the Kio Box network.
Join the zero waste movement and the Kio Box by Re-uz ® community!