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Customizable 50 cl cups – Ecocup ® ECO 50

The Ecocup ® ECO 50 has a capacity of 50 cl and a useful capacity of 45 cl. Particularly well-suited to the beverage trade, it makes it easy to go zero-waste. Slightly smaller than a traditional pint, it is ideal for serving both cold drinks (water, beer, cocktails…) and hot beverages.

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Re uz referenceEco50
DishesGlasses & drinks
Type of dishesCup
Capacity50 cl
Useful capacity45 cl
Weight41 grammes
Height150 mm
Bottom diameter56 mm
Upper diameter80 mm
MaterialsPolypropylene Homopolymer (Bisphenol A free)


Type of drinks servedCold drink
Hot drink
Fruit juice
Milk Shake
WashingDishwasher safe
Temperature resistanceUp to 110°C

Colors / Customization

Types of printing & personalisationNeutral without personalisation
Quadrichromie IML
Screen printing 1 color
Screen printing 2 colors
Customization areaIML : 216 x 150 mm, Screen printing : 190 x 118 mm
Minimum quantity for customization200 pieces

Delivery & packaging

Reuse solutionPurchase
DeliveryAt home, On event, Pickup point
Packaging200 units per box
Made in Europe

All our customizable cups are made and personalized in Europe

The Re-uz expertise

Our dedicated teams support you in your projects. We adapt our solutions to your needs.


Personalized to be reused, our eco-responsible containers are infinitely customizable!

The approach

Our approach: combine practical, ecological and sustainable to make reuse obvious.

Buy or rent Ecocup ® 50 cl reusable cups

Opt for reuse and join the zero waste movement. Ecocup ® reusable cups are a simple way of understanding ecology. Re-uz ® deploys turnkey solutions to make reuse a matter of course. We offer two sustainable alternatives…

Rental of 50 cl returnable cups for one-off events

Buy or rent… The key is to avoid plastic waste. For a one-off or short-lived event, Re-uz ® offers crockery and cup rental solutions. Use these eco-friendly containers. They will then be reused at another event.

How does the ECO 50 cup rental scheme work? We provide reusable cups. These containers are personalized with the Re-uz ® colors. They feature environmentally-friendly messages and encourage users to return their returnable cups.

Re-uz ® will supply you with the volume of cups you need. The Re-uz ® teams will help you set up deposits and bonds.

At the end of your event, Re-uz ® recovers the used cups. We’ll take them to one of our local wash centers and then wash them. We will then store them and redeploy them for another event. This is a turnkey solution for our customers. Re-uz ® manages transport, storage and washing.

The purchase of fully personalized 50 cl cups: you can use and reuse them in a closed circuit.

achat de gobelet de 50 cl

Introduce a reuse and recycling approach within your organization. Customized tumblers with your image will enable you to convey the strong values of re-use. A committed visual, a benevolent message for greater eco-responsibility, your logo, your photos… You have the power to personalize your containers.

Discover the full range of customization possibilities. When you call on Re-uz ®, you’ll get tailor-made solutions to suit your needs.

By choosing Re-uz ® and its Ecocup ® range, you’re opting for Made In France: French cups manufactured in short circuits, committed employees who support you in your approach and a dedicated graphics agency to promote your approach.

We enjoy talking to each and every one of our customers… Let’s work together to find the right message and the most appropriate solutions for your eco-responsible commitment. Specify your request: from manufacturing to customization to delivery, we’ll send you a customized quote.

personnalisation gobelet de 50 cl

How to customize your Ecocup ® 50 cl cup?

Ecocup 50 cl cups are fully customizable. Why ? Because by personalizing containers, you make them less insignificant: you ensure that they are reused again and again.

Enter the quantities of Ecocup ® cups you wish to purchase. Discover the wide range of customization options we offer. Then validate your request… A customized quotation will be sent to you.

A 50 cl reusable plastic glass customized with silk-screen printing

Screen printing is a specific personalization technique. Neutral 50 cl cups (without any personalization) are produced initially. Their surface is then personalized by screen printing.
Silk-screen printing provides an extremely aesthetic finish. Every stroke is luminous and brilliant. The delicate relief of the personalization makes it very pleasant to touch.
This process makes it possible to play on both the sober design of the cup and the aesthetic appeal of the visuals affixed to it.

Your 50 cl Ecocup ® silk-screened in one color

Screen printing works by color layer. It is therefore possible to combine several layers of personalization (by superimposing them).
Monochrome screen printing draws the eye to the shape. Attention is focused on the message and the visual on the cup.

Your 50 cl Ecocup ® silk-screen printed in two colors

Ecocup 50 cl cups can be screen-printed in two colors. Two layers of silkscreen are then applied side by side. Customization then takes place in two stages. The colors used are those of the PANTONE ® range. This means you can choose the exact colors... those of your logo, for example.

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A 50 cl Ecocup ® customized with 360° high-definition four-color printing

In Mould Labelling (or IML) is a personalization technique based on Re-uz ® industrial know-how. Thanks to this process, a visual can be injected into the walls of the cup.
How does IML work? The visual is printed in high definition on a plastic border. This “label” is shaped like an arc. The label is injected directly into the manufacturing mold. From then on, walls and customization are one and the same.

This process enables four-color personalization. This means that all printing colors can be used. The result is like a high-definition photograph. The entire surface of the cup can be customized… A 360°.

The eco-responsible 50 cl Ecocup ® to be reused again and again

The Re-uz approach is simple: to democratize re-use, shake things up and change the way things are done. Single-use cups have all too often been a reflex (if not an ecological aberration). More than an alternative, reusable cups are the obvious choice. They allow us to consume the content rather than the content and the container!
Ecocup ® cups are the key to making the transition to zero waste a simple one.

Durable and stylish: the 50 cl Ecocup ® is the obvious choice for re-use.

The 50 cl Ecocup is a reusable cup. Eco-designed, it is made of Polypropylene. This single-material, extremely resistant material is ideal for heavy-duty use. After hundreds of uses, it can also be fully recycled. From design to end-of-life, Re-uz ® is part of a sustainable approach.

Ecocup ® is also the choice of short circuits. The entire range of containers is made in France. Thanks to our extensive network throughout France, our warehouses and wash centers are located as close as possible to your events.

The 50 cl Ecocup ®: practicality at the service of ecology

The Ecocup ® ECO 50 is resistant to both mechanical and thermal shock. The cups are microwave-safe and can withstand high temperatures (up to 110°C). This proven resistance also means they can be washed again and again. These 50 cl containers can be washed in dishwashers (private, professional or industrial).

Every ECO 50 cup is identical. They are therefore stackable and easy to store. By combining practicality with ecology, Ecocup ® cups have become an obvious choice.

préservation de la planète & écoresponsabilité

The 50 cl zero-waste cup made easy

Particularly popular with the beverage trade (cafés, bars, restaurants…), festivals and concert halls, Ecocup ® 50 cl reusable cups are the perfect compromise between the half and the pint. Suitable for serving all types of cold drinks (sodas, juices or cocktails) and hot beverages (tea, hot chocolate, etc.), they can be easily deployed at any event.

Often imitated but rarely equalled, the Ecocup ® range of eco-cups are designed according to three principles: quality, durability and practicality. Take a step towards reuse and join the zero waste movement!