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The reusable hot cup espresso from Re-uz ® is a container particularly suited to serving espresso coffees. This little hot cup has a useful capacity of 10 cl: a format that’s perfect for tight coffees.
Made from thick, sturdy food-grade plastic, this coffee cup is surprisingly light (less than 11 grams).
Extremely sturdy, this cup withstands high temperatures. It can be used (and reused) hundreds of times. The ideal cup for Ristretto or Espresso coffees. Ergonomic, washable and stackable, this tasting format democratizes re-use within your organization.

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Re uz referenceHOTCUP 10
DishesGlasses & drinks
Type of dishesCup
Capacity12 cl
Useful capacity10 cl
Weight10.7 grammes
Height70 mm
Bottom diameter40 mm
Upper diameter55 mm
MaterialsPolypropylene Homopolymer (Bisphenol A free)


Type of drinks servedCold drink
Hot drink
Hot chocolate
WashingDishwasher safe
Temperature resistanceUp to 110°C

Colors / Customization

Types of printing & personalisationNeutral without personalisation
Quadrichromie IML
Screen printing 1 color
Customization areaIML : 150 mm x 70 mm, Screen printing : 50 mm x130 mm

Delivery & packaging

Reuse solutionPurchase
DeliveryAt home, On event, Pickup point
Packaging300 units per box
pictogramme bon pour l'environnement
Made in Europe

All our customizable cups are made and personalized in Europe

The Re-uz expertise

Our dedicated teams support you in your projects. We adapt our solutions to your needs.


Personalized to be reused, our eco-responsible containers are infinitely customizable!

The approach

Our approach: combine practical, ecological and sustainable to make reuse obvious.

The purchase of reusable cups for short coffees

By proposing simple alternatives to disposable packaging, Re-uz ® aims to democratize the re-use of containers. The 10 cl cup for tight coffees has been designed to be used (and reused) as intensively as the coffees served in it. Forget disposable cups… this cup is reusable!

Thanks to a deposit system deployed within your structure, opting for reuse is a more environmentally-friendly approach.

tasse réemployable en plastique pour café serré Re-uz

Reusable & eco-responsible 10 cl coffee cups

The Hot Cup 10 cl coffee cup is thelink between sustainability and practicality. It considerably reduces the use of single-use containers by opting for reuse.

The 10 cl hot cups are designed to last… so they can be reused!
They are extremely resistant to the high temperatures of professional grain processing machines. They can also be washed at high temperatures and reused again and again.

These small espresso cups can be used in your establishment to replace conventional tableware, or in parallel for terrace service or take-away.

Made from BPA-free polypropylene, these containers comply with all current food standards.
The thickness of the plastic used prevents any burning sensation in the fingers, for a unique tasting experience.

Small plastic coffee cups, practical, ergonomic & reusable

These espresso cups have no rough edges or grooves, making them extremely easy to wash. 

These small cups are also extremely shock-resistant, combining sturdiness and lightness. 

With a capacity of 12 cl and 10 cl of useful capacity, they are ideal for short or tight coffees. They complete the range of containers for hot drinks.

tasses expresso Re-uz en plastique
petites tasses à café made in France

Small cups made in France for a short circuit with limited impact

Re-uz ® cups are made in France in our workshops in the heart of the Jura mountains.

The 10 cl reusable cups are the fruit of 100% French expertise, combining great plastic know-how with ease of use.

Deeply rooted in Europe, the Re-uz ® teams strive to promote short supply chains, from design to manufacturing, washing and distribution.

10 cl coffee mugs personalized for reuse

By combining the useful with the eco-responsible, the small 10 cl coffee cups are a way of making our consumption more virtuous… Why and how?

tasses de 10 cl Re-uz

Coffee & ecology: the duo that works!

Re-uz ® 10-centiliter espresso cups are reusable and offer a real alternative to disposable containers.

The cups can be used and reused again and again. Re-uz ® approaches eco-design as a way of making everyday uses more eco-responsible: sustainability at the service of reuse.

The cups are thermo-moulded in BPA-free food-grade plastic. A single material is used, making them 100% recyclable.

These small Re-uz ® cups are similar to small 10 cl cups. These practical cups are stackable. Behind the counter, close to a professional coffee machine with percolator, they take up very little space.

These little mugs can also be personalized to encourage reuse. They will help convey strong values and an assertive commitment to mobilizing users!

How to personalize your 10 cl coffee mug?

The small coffee cup is prefabricated without personalization in our workshops. It can then be customized.

Set the number of cups you wish to purchase. Choose one of the customizations available.

Use the templates provided. Use the formats to display your communication elements (logo, messages, etc.). Then load them into our interface and add your request to the quote.

The Re-uz ® teams will be happy to provide you with a customized quotation.

Billie Cup Bring me back
Hotcup noire sérigraphie

A personalized, screen-printed coffee cup

Re-uz ® lets you personalize your mugs with your own graphic elements. These are then silk-screened using a special customization technique that follows the rounded walls of the container.

This method of personalization delivers outstanding precision and finesse of line. Customization remains the same, wash after wash.

Templates are available to help you determine the container format. Markers are positioned there.

The Billie Cup community: returnable cups in a network committed to reuse

Billie Cup by Re-uz ® is a deposit-return community. How does this network work?

tasses réemployables en plastique de 10 cl re-uz

The Billie Cup community: because together, reuse is virtuous

The Billie Cup community is a group of several sales outlets (cafés, pubs, etc.). Each member is determined to take concrete action to limit waste.

Within the Billie Cup network, the deposit is generalized. It’s a simple and meaningful system. It is illustrated as follows…

Recovery of your returnable coffee cups

Robust and unbreakable, Re-uz ® cups are eco-designed. Intrinsically, the proposed containers are sustainable… Their widespread reuse within the community will be the real added value within the overall Bille Cup scheme.

The small Re-uz ® cups are nomadic and designed to be taken along. When you buy an espresso, your customer pays the price of the drink and deposits a deposit for the use of the container. Your customer will be able to leave your establishment… You will then have their deposit as a guarantee of the container’s return.
Your customer can then return to your establishment and drop off their empty cup. You will then return the deposit he entrusted to you. This system has been around for decades. Ecocup ® also orchestrates events.

Consignment across a network: the Bille Cup community principle

Your customer may order a tight coffee in your establishment and want to enjoy the outdoors. He then takes his drink with him. Instead of returning the cup to you, he may decide to drop off his empty cup at another partner establishment (on the same street, a few blocks away or close to his place of work). The partner will then return the deposit and get back the returnable cup. You will keep the deposit he originally entrusted to you.

This means you’ll have one less cup in your stock … but you’ll keep the deposit you haven’t returned. The cup will have traveled from point A to point B within the network. Not a single cup will have been thrown away.

Billie Cup in transit within the community

The Billie Cup community is growing by the day: France, Netherlands, Belgium… Retailers are joining the community. It combines mobility and eco-responsibility within an ever-expanding network.

How can I join the Billie Cup community?

To join the Bille Cup community, complete your request on the website and add it to your online quote. The Re-uz ® teams dedicated to the community will have all the information they need to help you get started.

Membership of the Billie Cup community is by subscription. This will enable you to be recognized in the partner network. During your integration, you’ll be given the tools you need to communicate with your customers. In a second step, you can initiate the first order of reusable cups. You can opt for a starter kit. Billie Cup containers will be delivered by our teams to your facility.

After an initial phase of using your new containers, if you notice that your stock of Billie Cups is decreasing, this means that you have a certain volume of deposits. You can use the deposits not collected by your customers to order new cups.

If you have too many cups (which could be caused by a large number of returns from other community partners), Re-uz ® will take them back at the price of the deposit. In this way, the operation is neutral for each partner.

How to identify a Billie Cup?

A Billie Cup can be identified by the logo screen-printed directly on the container. The words “Bring me Back” also prompt the user to return the mug. This clearly establishes that the cup belongs to the Billie Cup network. Join the zero waste movement and the Billie Cup community!
gobelet café de 10 cl Billie Cup by Re-uz