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Customizable 12 cl cups – Ecocup ® ECO 12

The Ecocup ® ECO 12 is the smallest cup in the Ecocup ® range. With a useful 10 cl capacity for 12 cl to the brim, it is ideal for tasting and serving hot or cold drinks. This little cup has the ambition to change things: it’s eco-designed, durable, lightweight, stackable and fully customizable.

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Re uz referenceEco12
DishesGlasses & drinks
Type of dishesCup
Capacity12 cl
Useful capacity10 cl
Weight10.7 grammes
Height70 mm
Bottom diameter40 mm
Upper diameter55 mm
MaterialsPolypropylene Homopolymer (Bisphenol A free)


Type of drinks servedCold drink
Hot drink
Hot chocolate
Hot wine
WashingDishwasher safe
Temperature resistanceUp to 110°C

Colors / Customization

Types of printing & personalisationNeutral without personalisation
Quadrichromie IML
Screen printing 1 color
Customization areaIML : 150 x 70 mm, Screen printing : 50 x130 mm
Minimum quantity for customization300 pieces

Delivery & packaging

Reuse solutionPurchase
DeliveryAt home, On event, Pickup point
Packaging300 units per box
Made in Europe

All our customizable cups are made and personalized in Europe

The Re-uz expertise

Our dedicated teams support you in your projects. We adapt our solutions to your needs.


Personalized to be reused, our eco-responsible containers are infinitely customizable!

The approach

Our approach: combine practical, ecological and sustainable to make reuse obvious.

Buy or rent Ecocup ® 12 cl cups

Ecocup ® by Re-uz ® is the brand that has democratized the reusable cup for everyone. More than just an alternative to disposability, the reuse approach is a virtuous circle that makes sense. Together, we can build a cleaner world by reducing waste. Personalized for reuse, rented for reuse, this small format has all the makings of a big one!

12 cl Ecocup rental: the circular economy

location de gobelet de 12 cl

Re-uz ® rents 12 cl Ecocup ® cups. Depending on your audience and the users of your event, we offer a wide range of cups. This turnkey service is a sustainable, tailor-made alternative for a special occasion.

Complete your request by filling in the details (rental, number of cups required, date of your event, etc.). Re-uz will then send you a customized quote. You’ll benefit from dedicated support: delivery of the cups to the desired location and deposit/guarantee system to be deployed at your event.

The setpoint principle is easy to orchestrate. The user will then use his Ecocup in return for a deposit. As the organizer, you’ll give it back when you return the returnable cup. At the end of your event, we will count and collect the cups. We’ll wash them at one of our local washing centers and then store them. We’ll be deploying them again at another event.

You are therefore an integral part of the virtuous circle of re-use. This system combines flexibility and eco-responsibility.

The purchase of 12 cl Ecocup ® tumblers customized with your colors

achat gobelets 12 cl

The Ecocup ® ECO 12 is not a promotional item! Above all, it’s a container that stands out for its eco-responsibility and practicality. Customize cups for reuse… The made-to-measure customization feature democratizes use and reuse.

Purchasing reusable cups puts reuse at the heart of your organization.
Lightweight and ergonomic, Ecocup ® 12 cl cups are easy to stack and store. You’ll be able to deploy them easily, on a one-off or recurring basis, throughout your organization.

By customizing Ecocup ® cups, you can communicate on a medium that combines everyday use and eco-responsibility… By doing so, you make each container unique and convey the strong values of reuse.

Discover all the illustrated processes used by Re-uz ®. Specify your request and our teams will be able to send you a customized quote tailored to your needs and expectations.

How to personalize your Ecocup ® 12 cl cup? Tailor-made customization on offer

“Personalized for use and reuse!” Re-uz ® offers innovative and exclusive personalization features. Let the values of reuse shine through by associating your brand with them (a specific design, an awareness-raising message, a logo, a slogan… or a decor you like).

Purchasing Ecocup ® cups allows you to communicate in an eco-responsible, reusable and, above all, useful way. The 12 cl Ecocup ® format has been designed for everyday use.

Re-uz supports you with tailor-made personalization solutions: innovative marking methods to promote re-use. By specifying your requirements, you will discover the different systems on offer. From the color of the Ecocup ® plastic cup to the printing methods and the provision of your graphic elements … You can modulate all the elements.

Validez votre demande en quelques clics. Re-uz ® will be able to provide you with a free, personalized quote and dedicated support.

Your Ecocup ® 12 cl cup personalized 360° in full color

Four-color process personalization lets you use the entire surface of the cup: a 360° container customized to your colors. Four-color process personalization means that all the colors are used in the same way as a photograph.
To achieve this exceptional rendering, Re-uz ® uses IML (In Mould Labelling). The IML process combines manufacturing and customization at the same time. The visual is pre-printed on a thin plastic "label" (in high definition) and injected inside the plastic wall. Personalization is not on the surface, but inside the walls themselves. Ce procédé est issu d’un véritable savoir-faire et d’un outillage industriel de pointe.

A small 12 cl silk-screen printed cup

La sérigraphie est l’un des dispositifs de personnalisation que nous proposons. The cups are first manufactured and then personalized.
How does screen printing work? We transfer your images onto stencils. We then use them to mark the cups.
Color transfer is performed layer by layer. Each layer is equal to a stencil. Each stencil is equal to one color. This personalization mode offers a glazed sheen and a slight relief to the touch. Very fine designs can be screen-printed.
The principle of silkscreen monochrome is to draw the eye to the shapes. Perfect for small containers. The gloss obtained by this process contrasts sharply with the frosted, slightly rough appearance of the cup. The customizable surface area is 50 mm by 130 mm: a large surface area for a small container with all the features of a large one.

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The 12 cl Ecocup ®: a small, 100% eco-responsible cup that can be used again and again.

Opting for reuse and using Ecocup ® 12 cl cups on a daily basis means choosing a sustainable approach. Made in France in our workshops, the 12 cl cups are extremely resistant, even unbreakable. This high design quality means they can be reused hundreds of times.

petit gobelet à café réutilisable

Durable and stylish, Ecocup ® 12 cl cups take eco-responsibility to a whole new level.

“Customize to reuse”: Ecocup ® 12 cl cups are designed to last. This container format is highly appreciated for its ease of use and washing. The absence of any grooves guarantees the cleanliness of each glass after washing.

100% Made In France, the high quality of manufacture combined with the high definition of personalization mean that Ecocup ® cups can be reused without alteration of use. Each container can be reused several hundred times.

A practical, eco-friendly 12-centilitre cup

The 12 cl format is the one we all use for tight coffees or tasting. The Ecocup ® 12 cl cup is more than just an alternative to disposable cups: it’s the obvious choice. Reuse helps limit plastic waste. At Re-uz ®, we believe that reusable cups can change the face of the world through fairer consumption.

préservation de la planète & écoresponsabilité

A small 12 cl Ecocup ® that can be reused without constraint

The Ecocup ® 12 cl reusable cup is suitable for all types of hot or cold drinks. It offers real tasting comfort with an ergonomic grip. Thanks to its sturdiness, it offers undeniable grip and won’t “twist”.
All cups in the Ecocup ® range are stackable. The 12 cl cup is no exception to the rule! They are easy to store. Their small size is a real advantage: lightweight (12 grams) and extremely durable. This small plastic glass is resolutely practical.

Ecocup ® 12 cl cups are dishwasher-safe (private, semi-industrial or industrial). They can also be washed by hand.

Made from BPA (bisphenol A)-free Homopolymer Polypropylene, Ecocup ® ECO 12 cups comply with all current food standards. They can also be placed in the microwave to reheat their contents. They resist high temperatures up to 110°C without alteration.

Who said re-use was complicated? Take a step towards reuse and join the zero waste movement.