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Customizable hot and cold drink cups

The cups for hot and cold drinks from the Re-uz ® range are the most suitable containers for consumers who care about the environment: consume only the content and no longer the content and the container. These durable and reusable cups are indeed designed to replace single-use cups. Their extreme resistance, the possibility of closing them via an ergonomic lid for some, the possibility of fully customizing them… Make them useful, atypical and practical strong>. Both indoors and outdoors, Re-uz ® cups are fully in line with a more eco-responsible mode of consumption.

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Sustainable cups for more eco-responsible consumption

The most obvious advantage of reusable cups is their durability. Unlike disposable cups, which are used once and then thrown away, reusable cups can be used again and again… This is called reuse. The tumblers shown here are part of the extensive Re-uz ® range of reusable tableware. Through its eco-designed containers, Re-uz ® strives to make reuse a matter of course:reuse considerably reduces the amount of waste generated.

Why are Re-uz ® cups sustainable and eco-responsible?

Re-uz ® offers a wide range of plastic glasses and cups. Different formats are available to suit different serving methods and beverage types.

Each cup is made inone piece. This process gives the container extreme resistance.
Each cup is made from a single material. The monomaterial used for manufacturing is a plastic alloy called polypropylene. It is extremely resistant to mechanical shock, thermal shock andwear.
Each cup can be washed and reused. Assimilated to plastic tableware, they can be reused again and again. These atypical beverage containers fit perfectly into the re-use loop.

Gobelets écoresponsables avec Re-uz
gobelets personnalisables Re-uz

Customizable cups to encourage reuse

As well as being durable, reusable cups are also fully customizable. Companies, associations and private individuals can add their logo or graphic elements to personalize them and assert their reuse and CSR approach.
Useful and designed tobe reused again and again, personalized glasses and tumblers are an excellent way to promote a company, event or brand.

Practical, fashionable cups

Re-uz ® cups are designed for practicality. Tableware and cups are stackable, sturdy and lightweight. Resistant, they can be handled without risk of breakage. All containers are suitable for hot and cold drinks. They can also be placed in the microwave.

Portable tumblers with lids

Re-uz ® offers a range of cups with ergonomic lids that prevent leaks and spills. These models are particularly suitable for people on the move or who need to carry their drinks with them. At Re-uz ®, we think of these formats as nomadic hotcups. Ergonomically designed caps with a small hole for standing consumption mean no “accidents” are to be deplored!

Versatile cups for every purpose

Re-uz ® reusable cups are extremely versatile. They can be used for a multitude of different drinks, from hot beverages like coffee and tea to cold drinks like smoothies and juices. Reusable cups can be used in large-scale facilities (companies, stadiums, arenas, festivals, etc.) as well as at home, at work or when traveling. They are available in a range of sizes to suit individual needs.
gobelets boissons chaudes avec Re-uz
gobelets lavables et réemployables Re-uz

Returnable cups for public events

In addition to their environmental benefits and great versatility, reusable cups are also beneficial in the long term. Ecocup ® by Re-uz ® cups have been deployed in the region for many years now: they mobilize both organizers and users in a virtuous process of reuse.

Beer Up by Re-uz ® cups feature an innovative bottom-filling system. This prevents drum losses during pressure service.

For event organizers, buying or renting are two ways to encourage use.

Purchase of reusable cups

Thepurchase of crockery and food containers is popular for recurrent use. Purchasing reusable cups may seem more expensive than disposable ones. In the medium term, however, the savings are considerable. Reusable cups can be used for years!

Rental of reusable cups

For a one-off event, Re-uz ® rents out tableware and generic cups. Re-uz ® will then send you quantities of containers adapted to the scale of your event. These will be logged. At the end of your event, the cups will be collected by Re-uz ®, washed, reconditioned and stored. They will then be deployed for another event.

Reusable cups are an integral part of the virtuous circle of reuse. They have the advantage of reducing the use of resources. They will also be recycled at the end of their useful life. Re-uz ® monitors the life cycle of its containers. After many uses, wear and tear is identified. When this happens, the cups are taken out of the reuse loop and recycled to create new products.