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Portable & nomadic Beer Up Party filler for 5 L kegs

Beer Up party is the first portable beer tapping machine! Dedicated to home beer lovers, this nomadic beer pump features on-board Beer Up technology. This filler keeps your keg fresh for more than 20 hours, so you can enjoy a pressurized draft in all circumstances! Really turn up the heat with the innovative bottom-filling system…

Fabriqué en France

The Beer Up Party: the portable beer fountain for all occasions

The Beer Up Party filler is a small, portable beer pump that holds a 5-liter keg. The scheme is aimed primarily at individuals and associations. This is a consumer version of the Beer Up System professional beer taps.
This small pressurized draft device is the ideal companion for small-group parties, outdoor getaways or simply to enjoy a pressurized draft. This device operates mechanically without electricity. Easily transportable and lightweight (although the weight of the keg should be taken into account when moving), this home filler can be used anywhere and in any circumstances. The dispensing system uses special Beer Up cups… A unique tasting experience!

tireuse à bière portative Beer Up Party

A truly autonomous & mobile pressure printer

The Beer Up Party fountain has a name that fully illustrates its concept: a festive beer pump for the home. It’s also ideal for associations organizing one-off events. This device allows the use of commercially available 5 L drums.

Its use is similar to the “beer machines ” sold in supermarkets. However, unlike the Perfect Draft or Beertender systems, the Beer Up Party filler is self-contained and operates without electricity.

The cylinder houses the barrel. The latter is connected to a draw-off plate which allows the glass to be filled from below. The pressure in the barrel is sufficient to allow the glass to be filled from below (without a compressor or CO2 cylinder).

The Beer Up Pary filler works with specific Beer Up cups. These have a hermetic valve at the bottom. The glass is inserted into a filling nozzle. This simple action fills the glass with draught beer.

The freshness and autonomy of a portable beer fountain

The Beer Up Party beer sorter consists of an isothermal block in which the keg is placed. It is designed to preserve cask freshness for 20 consecutive hours.

To preserve freshness, the keg must first be placed in the refrigerator. Ice loaves can be stored in the freezer.

pains réfrigérants Beer Up Party

With its isothermal box and pre-frozen cooling films and discs, the isothermal device keeps beer and keg at the ideal temperature for optimal tasting.

Beer Up Party : pompe à bière transportable même à la plage
tireuse Beer Up Party transportable

An easy-to-use takeaway filler

The Beer Up Party filler is easy to use. It’s self-contained, lightweight, practical and easy to transport. It features an ergonomic carrying handle.

The Beer Up cups supplied with the filler are stackable for uncluttered use. Made of plastic, they are sturdy, unbreakable and lightweight.

Beer Up 25 cl half-bottle and Beer Up 50 cl pint tumblers can be reused hundreds of times. They are dishwasher-safe. They can also be customized.

Their single-material construction also makes them 100% recyclable.

An innovative bottom pull system

The Beer Up Party filler gives you the freedom to serve fresh, perfectly tapped beer wherever you are.

The Beer Up System allows filling from below. The Beer Up Party filler offers a drafting method similar to that of professional beer fountains. The system is simplified and operates solely mechanically. Filling takes place once the glass is engaged. Filling stops when the glass is removed.

remplissage pression par le bas Beer Up Party
Beer Up Party transportable avec ses verres

Barrel installation for true pressure drafting

The Beer Up Party is compatible with 5-liter Beertender® kegs.

Barrel installation is simple. Simply replace the keg tap with the Beer Up device. The tab-and-faucet system can be installed simply by following the installation instructions.

languette & robinet Beer Up Party