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Easy Lemon Tri reverse vending machine

Lemon Tri’s EASY machine is small in size. It is inconspicuous both in size and silent running, but can be eye-catching with a customized casing.

With a 22″ interactive screen and configurable incentive options, the return of containers becomes intuitive and fun. Offering your customers different refund options makes it easier for them to return their reusable containers. They really are rewarded for their gesture and are invited to participate actively, making the process engaging.

Easy Lemon Tri reverse vending machine WITHIN THE RANGE:

Technical characteristics

Height183 cm
Width78 cm
Depth71.1 cm
Overall dimensionsH 183 cm x L 78 cm x P 71.1 cm
Tare weight140 kg


Power consumption<300 Wh
Mehod of acquisitionSubscription
Electrical connection220-230V – 50/60Hz – min 10A


Retrieval speed15 containers/minute
Storage capacity400 to 700 cups (50cl-33cl) and 100 to 200 dishes
Compatible containersBilliecup / Hotcup, Ecocup cups, Kio A1M Small square bowl, KIO A1S Small soup plate, KIO A2M Rectangular dish with hollow bottom, KIO A2S Rectangular flat plate, KIO A4M Reusable bowl
Container detectionBarcode reader, QR code reader, Smart sensor
SortingCan, Plastic bottle


CasingClassic : Lemon Tri x Re-uz: Our design + our printing and installation, Custom 1 : Personalized: your design + our printing and installation, Custom Lemon : Personalized: your design brief, our design, printing and installation, Circular : Wood, HDPE blades
Incentive systemsApp, Badge, Cashless, Coin, Ticket, Token
Options22' screen, Customizing the cover, Personalized incentive systems


Re-uz ® has developed a range of products and services designed to make reuse accessible and fun, because we believe that there’s no such thing as a small gesture: everyone can contribute to change.

In collaboration with Lemon Tri, we offer you the possibility to automate the return of containers and the deposit system with high-performance machines, reusable cups and dishes designed to last, and a range of extra services.

A discreet and subtle machine

The EASY deposit return machine from Lemon Tri is a smart addition to any consumer environment.

Its small size makes it a perfect fit in confined spaces. There’s no need to set up a dedicated area: this RVM can simply be added to your relaxation area, restaurant or coffee corner. The casing can be customized for even greater discretion or a more eye-catching appearance.

The machine collects reusable containers from your users and returns their deposit according to the selected options… without making a sound.

Déconsigneuse Lemon Tri EASY
Retour de contenant avec une déconsigneuse automatique Lemon Tri
Impact Group at SIRHA / Valentin Astier


The small size of the deposit return machine does not take anything away from its performance. It is able to collect up to 15 containers per minute, which it immediately detects thanks to the barcode or QR code they carry. It can store up to 900 containers, including reusable cups and dishes.

As an option, a 22″ interactive screen and various incentive systems: users can effortlessly return their reusable containers through a fast, fun experience.

It also has the advantage of operating with a power consumption of no more than 300Wh.

Reusable containers adapted to deposit return schemes

We offer a range of reusable containers that can be integrated into the Lemon Tri automatic deposit return system.

For beverages, the machines are compatible with our Ecocup ® range, as well as our Hotcup and Billiecup ® ranges (excluding lids).

Consumers can also claim a deposit refund on certain dishes and reusable containers from the Kiobox ® range.

Gamme de gobelets Ecocup ® by Re-uz
Impact Group at SIRHA / Valentin Astier

Additional solutions for a full service

Re-uz ® improves the transition to a deposit return system, by offering washing, storage and logistics services. Our reusable containers are washable in the usual way, but you can also choose to let us take over this step. Our teams use washing techniques that ensure both eco-responsibility and impeccable hygiene. This is how we optimize the life cycle of our reusable containers and limit the environmental impact that plastic can generate if poorly managed.