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Reverse vending machine

Discover the Lemon Tri automatic returners!

Automating the deposit is a simplified way to engage users to return their reusable cups and tableware. With deposit machines in your premises or event locations, the return of containers is encouraged and facilitated.

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Partenariat Re-uz

The container deposit method that makes reuse easy

We started from a shared vision to set up this collaboration, which combines quality reusable containers and high-performance RVMs ready to handle them.

There are 6 incentive or or deposit systems.They can be adapted to the configuration of your choice to better respond to customers needs.

Theses options are fun and varied, and are not limited to the simple return of coins: lottery, donations, vouchers… So many ways to reward user involvement!

In this way, the deposit can be returned physically in the form of a token, receipt or coin; or digitally, through the event app or by adding the value to the badge.

Container return accessible to all

Retour de contenant réemployable en déconsigneuse automatique Lemon Tri

The machines were designed to be fast (they can collect up to 15 containers per minute) and particularly easy to use. Simply place the reusable container into the opening before selecting the desired deposit return option.

Smart, customizable machines

Déconsigneuse automatique Lemon Tri
Impact Group at SIRHA / Valentin Astier

The  RVMs  are equipped with high-performance sensors and barcode scanners and can be parameterized according to the  incentive   or   deposit  options. The machines can also be customized according to your brand identity.

Rigorous monitoring for safer reuse

We have carefully marked each of our reusable containers with a unique code to ensure correct detection by the machine. This secures the return flows and the value assigned to each code. This tracking system also provides precise data on container return rates and the use of the reverse vending machine.

Safety and hygiene are top priorities

Hygiène et sécurité gobelets Ecocup
We have established strict quality procedures that guarantee hygiene and safety for every new use of our containers. With wash centers in France and Europe, we deploy resources that offer you a turnkey solution.
Déconsigneuse automatique habillage personnalisé
Impact Group at SIRHA / Valentin Astier

communicate through customized casing

In addition to their primary function of refunding deposits, Lemon Tri machines can also be used to represent your brand identity through personalization.

To this end, we offer a range of cover options.

The classic Lemon Tri x Re-uz ® cover is included in the package: we take care of design, printing and installation.

Alternatively, you can choose to send us your own design, or go for a customized design that our graphic designers can create based on your brief.