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Lemon Tri Easy+ reverse vending machine

A regular size for an indoor and outdoor-ready machine.

The EASY + machine takes up no more space than a vending machine and makes the return of containers accessible to all.
You can set it up according to your specifications, but you can also have fun with its outward appearance by customizing the casing.

Lemon Tri Easy+ reverse vending machine WITHIN THE RANGE:

Technical characteristics

Height183 cm
Width99 cm
Depth88 cm
Overall dimensionsH 183 cm x L 99 cm x P 88 cm
Tare weight150 kg


Power consumption<300 Wh
Mehod of acquisitionSubscription
Electrical connection220-230V – 50/60Hz – min 10A


Retrieval speed15 containers/minute
Storage capacity400 to 700 cups (50cl-33cl) and 100 to 200 dishes
Compatible containersBilliecup / Hotcup, Ecocup cups, Kio A1M Small square bowl, KIO A1S Small soup plate, KIO A2M Rectangular dish with hollow bottom, KIO A2S Rectangular flat plate, KIO A4M Reusable bowl
Container detectionBarcode reader, QR code reader, Smart sensor
SortingCan, Plastic bottle


CasingClassic : Lemon Tri x Re-uz: Our design + our printing and installation, Custom 1 : Personalized: your design + our printing and installation, Custom Lemon : Personalized: your design brief, our design, printing and installation, Circular : Wood, HDPE blades
Incentive systemsApp, Badge, Cashless, Coin, Ticket, Token
Options22' screen, Customizing the cover, Personalized incentive systems


Re-uz ® brings you a range of products and services designed to simplify your transition to reuse.

We’ve teamed up with Lemon Tri to offer you a complete service that will ensure a smooth transition to the container deposit system.

Customizable inside and out

The EASY + RVM can be programmed to define the incentive method of your choice. You can reward in a variety of ways, so that everyone gets involved and enjoys returning their reusable containers.

Casing can also be used to capture attention, but also to express your message and brand identity. Whether you go for the classic Lemon Tri x Re-uz ® design, a customized look or wood cladding, think of your machine as a new means of communication.

With customization, the deposit return machine blends into all kinds of settings and adapts to the most unique aesthetics.

Déconsigneuse automatique Lemon Tri à la Tour Eiffel
centre de lavage Re-uz

Reuse without constraints

Because reuse and logistical processes often go hand in hand, we offer you the possibility of outsourcing certain services to our teams, such as the washing or storage of reusable cups and dishware.

Re-uz ® provides unparalleled expertise to ensure hygiene and safety when reusing containers. So don’t wait any longer, opt for an deposit return machine !

Returnable containers with the EASY + machine

The reusable containers that can be returned with Lemon Tri’s EASY + machine are Ecocup ® , Hotcup and Billiecup ® ranges (excluding lids), as well as certain dishes and reusable containers from the Kiobox ® range.

Gobelet Ecocup ®
Impact Group at SIRHA / Valentin Astier