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Fruit juice

Orange, banana or pineapple juice, carrot, tomato juice or watermelon smoothie, strawberry nectar or papaya cocktail… Find the ideal and customizable eco-responsible container for vitamin drink service! Move the lines and integrate the virtuous loop of reuse!
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Reusable juice cups: an alternative to disposable cups

In a world increasingly aware of the need to take care of our environment, the choice of the containers we use takes on particular importance. Used on a daily basis to quench thirst while companyon the café terraceWhen you’re out and about, on vacation or even at home, cups deserve our attention: how can we consume our beverages without generating waste? Eco-responsibility is obvious when we drink natural beverages (sparkling water, still water, fruit juices…). To avoid disposable containers, Re-uz ® offers a wide range of reusable, eco-designed glasses and cups…

verres à jus de fruits écoresponsables Re-uz

Review our consumption patterns: consume content rather than containers

The devastating impact of plastic waste on our planet is a worrying topic at . The best waste is that which is not produced.

Oceans clogged with plastic, single-use cups ending up in nature, disposable containers left in (or next to) garbage cans… Damage linked to consumption and over-consumption habits. How can we preserve our ecosystem?

Re-uz ® deploys reusable containers for all types of beverage: a tangible and obvious solution to plastic waste. 

Re-uz ® proposes to integrate the virtuous loop of re-use: consuming more fairly and therefore consuming better. With sturdy, eco-designed, returnable, reusable and 100% recyclable plastic cups and glasses, it’s possible to shake things up by changing the way things are done.

Reusable glasses and cups for fruit juices

Re-uz ® glasses and tumblers are eco-designed. They combine lightness with extreme strength. Heat-molded in one piece, they are virtually unbreakable.

They are made from a single material, making them both robust and recyclable. They are, above all, intended to be used, washed and then reused, again and again.

The lenses in the Re-uz ® range are easy to deploy. Storage is optimized: they can be easily stacked.

Repeated re-use of these containers contributes to a significant reduction in the amount of waste: forget single-use plastic cups or glass glasses that break.

Thanks to their contemporary design, they highlight the bright colors of the beverages served.

verres en plastique pour jus de fruits Re-uz
gobelet short drink Re-uz

Pressed fruit in nature-friendly containers

Freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh pineapple juice, apple juice… Enjoy the fruits of nature with complete peace of mind: Re-uz glasses and tumblers are eco-designed. They’re designed to be reused hundreds of times!

Customizable 30 cl tumbler, unbreakable plastic short drink glass, faceted cocktail glass… Eco-design aims to multiply uses without any constraints on use.

The entire Re-uz ® range is easy to wash. There are no grooves or gaps to catch food residues: the inside walls of the glasses are smooth and won’t catch. You too can be a vector of change by using them again and again.

Adopt gestures that count in all circumstances

Adopt gestures that count in the workplace to limit plastic waste. Reusing containers mobilizes employees and makes your entire structure an agent of change.

Reusable glasses and tumblers are ideal for high-traffic environments… Whenorganizing events, sturdy containers are an asset. Containers are highly resistant to falls.

Transparent balloon glasses, long-drink glasses for soda and juice: containers that are as attractive as they are practical, appealing torestaurateurs concerned about their impact on the environment.

Combine aesthetics and environmental responsibility, and become an agent of change for a more sustainable world.

gobelets long drink tube Re-uz
gobelets personnalisés Re-uz

Customized cups for all types of beverages

Re-uz ® gives you the opportunity to assert your commitment to ecology while standing out in style… Customize your own containers.

Re-uz ® deploys personalization techniques such as IML plastic injection (personalization inside the walls of the container), screen printing anddigital printing. Discover all the possibilities available to you by interacting with the data sheets dedicated to each container.