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Ecocup ®: reusable cups that move the lines

If you’ve never heard of Ecocup ®, our concept is reflected in our brand name: two strong words that combine to make reuse a matter of course

Eco”: deeply rooted in an ecological approach that respects the environment

We call it “Cup ” because we offer a wide range of reusable containers for all types of beverage.

Since 2012, Ecocup ® has become a benchmark brand for zero waste. We believe that the contents can be consumed and the containers preserved for re-use.

Our range of containers is eco-designed. Ecocup ® glasses and cups are 100% reusable and 100% recyclable. Our approach: limit everyone’s environmental impact. Our concept: to deploy virtuous reuse systems by associating them with reusable containers.

Reusable cups made in France and 100% recyclable

Ecocup ® glasses and tumblers are eco-designed to be reused hundreds of times. Extremely resistant, they are nonetheless lightweight and ergonomic for easy transport and storage. Made in France, Ecocup ® cups are manufactured in our workshops in the Jura region of France. The entire Ecocup ® range is 100% recyclable as it is made from a single material. From design and manufacture to storage, transport, washing and recycling, every stage of the life cycle is optimized to limit the ecological footprint of our containers and those of our customers.

A wide range of eco-friendly, reusable and customizable glasses and tumblers

Customize for reuse. Ecocup ® offers a wide range of 100% customizable glasses and tumblers: wine glasses, campaign flutes, coffee cups, carafes, cocktail glasses, pints… Each container can be returned and reused. With Ecocup ®, you can proudly display your brand and your commitment to reuse on an eco-responsible medium.

Tailor-made, simple and practical solutions to make re-use a matter of course

Ecocup ® deploys tailor-made solutions combining products and services. Our motto: support and adapt each device to our customers. Ecocup and Re-uz are real facilitators in making re-use a matter of course. Festivals and concerts, fairs and markets, trade shows and galas, stadiums and sporting events, hotels, cafés and bars, restaurants, events and clubs, companies, company restaurants, school canteens and home delivery, schools, campuses and educational institutions… Our customers have opted for reuse and we’re joining the zero waste movement. Why not you?

Rent or buy: ecological solutions with ECOCUP ® returnable cups

Ecocup ® rental and turnkey solutions for your events

Re-uz offers Ecocup ® cup rental systems. This solution offers great management flexibility in terms of container volume, storage and washing. Cups are refunded, collected by Re-uz and put back into circulation at another event.

Range of Ecocup ® cups available for hire

purchase of Ecocup ® cups for recurrent use

Thepurchase of Ecocup ® cups allows the same organizer to use the containers on a recurring basis. Customizable and reusable, Ecocup ® cups are reused in a closed circuit. The returnable cups will be washed and stored before being deployed again. Storage and washing can be managed by Re-uz as part of a specific service.

Range of Ecocup ® cups available for purchase

Returnable cups and glasses for your events

Rental cups will be reused at the end of your event. This approach helps to reduce plastic waste by opting for an ecological approach to reuse.

Re-uz can help you set up a deposit system. The deposit is generally €1 for each

Cups washed on site or at Re-uz wash centers

Ecocup ® glasses, containers and cups are then washed by Re-uz. Depending on the size of your event, cups can be washed on site for direct reuse, or sent to one of our dedicated wash centers.

Stackable tumblers for optimized storage

Ecocup ® cups are stackable to optimize collection and facilitate storage. Cartons and storage boxes are provided for easy counting of both used and unused cups.

Storage of ecocup ® by re-uz ® cups

Re-uz has storage warehouses and a dense territorial network. Containers are transported there for storage. Containers can be deployed quickly and as close as possible to your event.

tailor-made logistics

Because every need is specific, Re-uz deploys customized logistics solutions. We offer dedicated support for each of our customers.

Glasses and tumblers to personalize

By purchasing Ecocup ® reusable cups, you’re joining the zero waste movement. Customized for reuse, you put reuse at the heart of your organization. Add value to your approach by personalizing your Ecocup ® cups with your own colors.

Cups that are reusable, washable and designed to last

The entire Ecocup ® range is washable. Ergonomically designed, Ecocup ® cups are quick and easy to wash. With no rough edges or grooves, they can be washed in the dishwasher for immediate reuse.

Cups for hot and cold drinks

Ecocup ® cups are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. These can be placed in the microwave without any alteration. They resist high temperatures up to 110°C.

Lightweight, unbreakable eco-responsible cups

Ecocup ® cups are characterized by their sturdiness. Both light and strong, our containers secure your events without the risk of breakage.

Food-safe cups

Ecocup ® cups are made from BPA-free thermoplastic polymer. Thanks to their single-material construction, they are also 100% recyclable.

Ecocup ® reusable cups
re-employment instructions by Re-uz ®

Stop throwing away plastic anduse it wisely: Re-uz ® and Ecocup ® at the heart of your business

Re-uz ® is a sustainable brand ready to take up the challenge of reuse. At a time when climate and environmental issues are becoming a major challenge for our societies, let’s get mobilized!

Control your footprint and limit waste: Ecocup ®, the ecological solution

Our societies tend to hide waste… But they do exist! The most visible are those that litter our streets and countryside. To limit waste from outdoor events, Re-uz is committed to making reuse a matter of course.

Making reuse a matter of course at work: Ecocup ® by Re-uz ® helps reduce plastic waste

Mobilize your employees and federate your teams around waste reduction. Choose Ecocup ® reusable, personalized cups to promote a more environmentally-friendly way of working. Ban disposable cups at your facility

Catering: From disposable to reusable, there's only one step

You are a restaurateur and need to organize one-off or short-lived events. Ecocup ® cups provide you with spare glasses, personalized with your image for all occasions. Easily stored, you can deploy them at any time.

Cafés, terraces, hotels, restaurants: Ecocup ® cups customizable with your brand's colors

Preserve your crockery, forget about broken glass and above all… Do not use disposable containers. Re-uz ® offers a wide range of containers for hot and cold drinks.

because reuse is everyone's business, ecocup ® golebets for associations and individuals

For receptions or simply for everyday use, Ecocup ® cups are the alternative to disposable plastic or cardboard cups. There’s no such thing as a small gesture if there are millions of us doing it.

awareness shared by public authorities

The ambitious goal ofachieving “zero disposable plastic” by 2040 has already been set by public authorities. Reuse is already becoming a norm within institutions. It’s up to each and every one of us to get things moving and take action for the environment.

Festivals and concerts put their trust in Ecocup ® by Re-uz ®.

Many artists have already put their trust in Ecocup ® during their tours. Europe’s biggest festivals have already adopted Re-uz ® reuse solutions. Our approach makes sense and resonates with the biggest names in music events.

Stadiums and major sporting events: opt for Ecocup ® by Re-uz ® reusable cups

Adopting the principles of reuse for tens of thousands of spectators considerably reduces the volume of waste. The deposit principle is a virtuous one in sports halls, sports complexes and stadiums.

Environmentally-friendly open-air parks with Re-uz

Committed parks and mobilized visitors! Combining reuse and visitor mobility is possible. Re-uz supports each facility in organizing the deployment of closed-loop reusable cups.

Trade fairs and exhibitions committed to recycling with Re-uz ®.

Whether indoors or outdoors, welcoming a large public must not lead to additional waste production. Re-uz implements tailor-made reuse solutions for all types of associative events, galas, trade fairs and shows.

Takeaway more environmentally friendly

Mobility is an important issue for Re-uz. On-the-go consumption patterns can be more virtuous thanks to reuse. Re-uz offers customized solutions through its committed brands Kio Box ®, Billie Cup ® and Ecocup ®.