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Offering eco-designed containers to offer an unforgettable consumption experience, combining the pleasure of tasting with ecology… Re-uz ® strives to make reuse obvious through eco-responsible solutions and containers…

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Eco-responsible beer service

Whether golden, white, brown or amber, beer is a popular beverage the world over! The beverage of choice for convivial events, it has earned its letters of nobility over the years. All brewmasters agree: beer should be enjoyed wisely… And in a suitable glass.

Offering eco-designed containers for an unforgettable drinking experience, combining the pleasure of tasting with ecology… Re-uz ® strives to make reuse a matter of course through eco-friendly solutions and containers. Whether you’re a catering professional, an event organizer, a brewer or an avid beer lover, it’s important that the pleasure of drinking doesn’t detract from the ecology… That’s why Re-uz ® offers containers and solutions tailored to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Discover how Re-uz ® containers, glasses and tumblers combine innovation and eco-responsibility. They’ll be the perfect showcase for this subtle, thirst-quenching blend of malt and hops. They will undoubtedly transform your tasting experience and that of your customers.

Service au bar de la bière pression dans des gobelets Ecocup

How can a reusable cup enhance draught beer? The subtle art of tasting...

In the world of beer tasting, every detail counts in capturing the richness of flavors and aromas. It’s often said that the container in which beer is served can influence the taste experience, but it’s time to break down preconceptions. Ecocup ® tumblers have proved themselves perfectly capable of enhancing draught beer tasting. The Beer Up System draught system offers a whole new way to enjoy beer, thanks to a bottom-pressure draught system!

Re-uz ® reusable cups are made from modern, high-quality materials. They are designed to respect the integrity of flavors. The plastic used is carefully selected to prevent any alteration in the beer’s taste. Contrary to popular belief, these cups allow draught beer to express itself fully, without interfering with its aromatic profile.

A significant ecological advance for eco-responsible consumption

Re-uz ® offers a wide range of glasses and tumblers for beverage service. Ecocup ® and Beer Up ® cups are not just an alternative, but a powerful lever for change to protect our environment.

Reusable several hundred times over, they are also fully recyclable. The single-material plastic used gives them extreme strength and proven recyclability. Unlike single-use cups, they considerably reduce the amount of waste.

Re-uz ® strives to mobilize! Consumers have the power to make a difference: every use of reusable cups to replace a single-use container is a concrete step towards preserving the environment. You too can be part of a global movement towards more sustainable consumption that respects our planet.

service des bières écoresponsable Re-uz

separate cups, separate benefits

Far from being mere containers, the reusable cups in the Re-uz ® range embody a benevolent approach to beverage consumption. Sustainable design, turnkey customization options, ingenious service features… They are vectors of change, symbols of environmental responsibility, and effective communication tools.

Ecocup ® cups for beer service

service des bières gobelets Ecocup

The Ecocup ® cups are robust and durable. They are a popular choice for events with large audiences. Event organizers use deposit systems to recover cups after use. Once washed, they can be reused intensively.

Visit range of Ecocup ® cups is perfectly suited to serving beer. They are smooth and do not create abundant foam. Various formats are particularly recommended:ECO 30 as a 25 cl glass orECO 60 as a real 50 cl pint.

Beer Up System ® draft cups: turn up the heat

gobelets Beer Up service pression des bières

Beer Up System ® technology is integrated into Beer Up cups, and is This innovative device allows cups to be filled from the bottom, ensuring fast, even service without splashing. The Beer Up range comprises 2 sizes: the 25 cl “demi” and the 50 cl “pinte”.

This Re-uz ® innovation significantly reduces waiting time at the filler, improving the consumer experience and service efficiency.

Thanks to Beer Up System, it’s possible to precisely control the volumes served, to avoid wastage and keg losses.

Switch to reuse and adopt glasses, tumblers & pints in your organization

Growing environmental concerns are prompting us to promote reuse and adopt reusable cups for draught beer service. This ecological transition does not mean sacrificing the quality of the tasting experience. On the contrary, it demonstrates the harmony that can exist between preserving the planet and enjoying the pleasures of taste. Re-uz ® offers a variety of solutions for all types of use.

Re-uz acteur incontournable du domaine associatif

The perfect combination of conviviality and sustainability for association events

Ecocup ® reusable cups are the ideal choice for reconciling conviviality, practicality and a commitment to the environment. Make every gathering a moment of gentle sharing for the planet… That’s the Re-uz ® motto!

Association events and private gatherings are often rooted in the local community. By switching to reusable plastic cups, hosts and organizers inspire others to rethink their consumption habits. This positive change can extend well beyond the event, influencing participants’ daily practices.

Concerts and festivals: sustainability at the heart of culture and celebration

At the heart of the cultural scene, it’s possible to reinvent the way drinks are served. Festivals, concerts and cultural events are synonymous with effervescent entertainment… Reuse considerably reduces waste.

Ecocup ® reusable cups offer a wide range of customization options: an expression of the event’s cultural identity.

Thanks to meticulous logistical planning, Re-uz can set up lockers and take care of washing and storing the plastic pints.

Re-uz au cœur des festivals & concerts
Re-uz au cœur des foires et salons

Trade fairs and exhibitions: combining conviviality and environmental responsibility for beer service

Fairs and exhibitions are places where people meet and discover new things, but they also generate large quantities of waste.

Serving beer at fairs and exhibitions calls for sturdy cups that can withstand the constant hustle and bustle. Ecocup ® cups: a hassle-free experience for visitors and exhibitors.

Re-uz can help you join the zero-waste movement with ease.

A (r)evolution for Beer Service in Stadiums and Sports Events

The use of reusable plastic cups represents a major step towards reducing plastic waste. At stadiums and major sporting events, banning single-use cups considerably reduces the volume of plastic waste. This transition takes place against a global backdrop of growing awareness of the importance of sustainability and environmental protection.

As an organizer, you’ll be able to convey a message: your commitment to a more sustainable future. This initiative not only encourages your audience to rethink their consumption habits, but also inspires other industries to explore environmentally-friendly alternatives.

The use of Ecocup ® reusable cups offers an enhanced experience for sports fans. Made from high-quality materials, these cups are sturdier and safer for gatherings.

Re-uz au cœur des stades & événements sportifs
Re-uz & service sur terrasse

The eco-responsible choice for restaurant terraces or temporary catering

A transition to reusable containers: an evolution that demonstrates that the culinary experience can be tasty for the taste buds while being kind to the planet!

When it comes to serving draught beer, every restaurateur knows that service plays an essential role… Without compromising customer comfort and pleasure, Re-uz ® offers a wide range of reusable plastic “halves” and “pints” designed for this purpose.

Bars & cafés: the new era of eco-responsible beer service

Serving beer in bars and cafés demands quality cups that can cope with the hectic pace of business. Ecocup ® cups or the Beer Up System ® combined with Beer Up cups offer elegance, durability… And innovation! Designed to last, they enable beer to be served in optimal conditions, while adding a modern touch to the customer experience.

Re-uz partenaire des bars & restaurants

Customize your pints & halves to express your identity

Thanks to various personalization techniques such as silk-screen printing, four-color IML (in-mold labeling) injection molding or digital surface printing, our cups can reflect your brand image. Personalization is designed to make glasses and tumblers unique. Combined with deposit/guarantee systems, they are more easily recovered for reuse.

Re-uz ® reusable beer glasses make serving beer and other beverages simple. They’ll reflect the eco-responsible approach you’re taking.