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Hot tea or iced tea… Discover the selection of Re-uz ® eco-designed containers. Practical and lightweight, the reusable cups, mugs and tumblers can be used every day. Join the zero waste movement by using and reusing them within your structure.

Durable but also 100% recyclable, awaken users’ ecological awareness: teas and infusions will have a particular aroma: a flavor of responsibility and commitment towards our environment.

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Plastic cups and mugs for serving and tasting tea

As soon as you hold a Re-uz ® cup, tumbler, mug or carafe in your hand, the lightness and practicality of the containers become obvious. Opaque or transparent, a single plastic material is used. All the containers in the range are reusable 100% recyclable.

Eco-designed and resolutely sustainable, Re-uz ® containers add an ethical dimension to the tea “ritual”.  Ecological awareness lends a special flavor to every infusion, a flavor of responsibility andcommitment to our environment.

contenants réemployables pour le service du thé Re-uz

Respect for content, tea aromas and heat

Selecting leaves, blending aromas, combining flavors to determine the overall balance of the final blend… Tea is an art and a delicate drinking experience.

Re-uz ® deploys a specific range of containers dedicated to serving tea and infusions. Re-uz ® cups and tumblers are suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

The high-grade plastic used to manufacture the cups guarantees the preservation of delicate aromas.

Theeco-design andthickness of the walls ensure that the contents retain their heat for a long time, while offering ease of use. Each container is washable and reusable (several hundred times). Washing is extremely simple: the containers are thermo-molded and have no grooves or gaps that can hold residue.

The Re-uz ® range is the environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use disposable cups. These made-in-Europe containers combine the pleasure of tasting with respect for the environment.

A 100% reusable plastic tea set

Ceramic, glass, cast-iron or clay cups are commonly used for serving tea. However, these containers are relatively heavy and can easily chip or break. The use of plastic is a practical and relevant alternative when it comes to deploying eco-responsible solutions. The Re-uz ® range has been designed to facilitate everyday reuse


Teacups & mugs to go with lids

gobelet thé 40 cl Re-uz

40 cl tea and infusion cup with lid

The large 40 cl cup allows you to enjoy the richness of the flavours while keeping the drink warm thanks to the ergonomic lid.

tasses de 30 cl réutilisable pour le thé

A 30 cl cup for tea and herbal tea to go

The 30 cl takeaway cups allow users to stroll around while enjoying a hot beverage. Once they are returned, these cups can be washed and reused for another service.

gobelets tasses de 20 cl réemployables pour le thé

A 20 cl cup for brewed tea

The small “hot cup” is ideal for serving hot beverages as well as frozen desserts. Lightweight and stackable, they are easy to store.


reusable cups & teacups for businesses

gobelet réemployable pour distributeurs automatiques

Cups for vending machines

These cups can be personalized and inserted into a vending machine. They simply replace the (over-)used disposable cups.

carafe / théière Re-uz réemployable

A carafe / teapot

Tea can be prepared in advance and poured into carafes. Suitable for hot drinks, the carafes are stackable and act as serving teapots.

gobelets ECO30 pour thé

A 30 cl cup for every occasion

The Ecocup ® by Re-uz ® range offers a wide variety of capacities for all types of beverages (hot and cold). The cups can also be customized.


cups for serving tea at events

Verre tube en plastique pour thé glacé

Long drink cups for iced teas

Ice Tea can be served with ice cubes in reusable long-drink glasses. Unbreakable, reusable and 100% recyclable, they can be reused hundreds of times.

gobelets réemployables de 18 cl pour le thé à la mente

Reusable cups for mint tea

Mint tea can be served in small 18 cl reusable cups.

Customize tea cups & containers for more re-use

Customize your mugs to encourage reuse

“Making reuse an obvious choice”: a verbatim statement that is still shaking things up today. To engage your audience and users, it is possible to personalize your containers very easily

Showcase your commitment to eco-responsibility by displaying it on your dedicated containers.

Thanks to advanced personalization techniques (silk-screen printing, in-mold labelling or digital surface printing), it is possible to place a logo, a striking slogan or an exclusive design on each reusable container.

The cups and tumblers manufactured by Re-uz ® are eco-designed, practical and durable: they will represent your company’s identity and combine practicality of use withasserted eco-responsibility.

gobelets lavables et réemployables Re-uz

Re-uz ® reusable cups & teacups are easy to wash

Re-uz ® cups, mugs and tumblers are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 110°C. They can also be placed in the microwave and washed at high temperatures (manual, semi-professional or eco-responsible professional washing).

Re-uz ® containers are eco-designed. They are lightweight, stackable and resistant to intensive use and re-use.

For Re-uz ®, local distribution channels are essential to reuse. Cups, mugs and tumblers are made in our workshops in France. Combined with these, washing centers and storage warehouses enable containers to be deployed quickly and efficiently.