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When we think of wine tasting, the traditional image of an elegant crystal glass comes to mind. An important service, securing an event, welcoming a large audience: there are situations where the use of robust and lightweight glasses is preferable. Re-uz ® offers solutions to meet these challenges: a wide range of wine glasses as aesthetic as they are practical.

Discover contemporary, reusable, fully recyclable and customizable glasses: a true link between eco-responsibility and assertive aesthetics….

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Plastic wine tasting glasses

Wine tasting is a rich sensory experience, a moment in which every nuance of taste, every aroma, plays an essential role.
As with all Re-uz ® containers, the range of reusable wine glasses is eco-designed. These tasting glasses combine elegance and eco-responsibility.  

Re-uz ® wine glasses will meet the expectations of even the greatest wine lovers. They will enhance the most beautiful tables with style. Resolutely contemporary, they create a link between ecology and aesthetics. From then on, they are a real statement of intent:  combining design, sustainability and reuse.

Plastic stemware to combine eco-responsibility and tasting

In a world where every action counts to preserve our environment, the notion of sustainability is much more than just a passing trend: it’s the expression of a deep commitment to our planet.

Re-uz ®, offers containers in tune with today’s environmental concerns. How? By integratingeco-design and reuse in a virtuous loop: limiting the accumulation of single-use plastic waste, activating levers for reuse and, above all, shaking up usage.

So that every toast we make, every laugh we share, is a powerful gesture, join the zero waste movement.

verres à pied réutilisable en plastique Re-uz
verres à vin réemployables en plastique Re-uz

Sustainable wine glasses to combine Ecology and Economy

Re-uz ® tumblers, stemware and wine glasses are aimed at catering professionals ( cafés, restaurants, bars, caterers, institutional catering ) as well as event organizers and associations.

Wine glasses are sturdy and lightweight, unbreakable and stylish. Thanks to simple deposit systems, every glass can be recovered and reused again and again.

Re-use is a virtuous process: it reduces waste and costs. Re-uz glasses can be used and washed several hundred times without any degradation of use.

Forget about broken glass, cluttered garbage cans and plastic waste at large-scale events: the durability of these glasses is proven.

There are no small gestures… Every reusable glass used embodies an informed decision, a conscious choice in favor of a greener, more sustainable future.

The practicality of eco-friendly plastic wine glasses

Combine elegance, convenience, aesthetics, refinement and practicality…

Re-uz ® wine glasses are thermo-molded in one piece. There are no hard-to-reach nooks or crannies. This means that every glass can be washed without difficulty: no residues can get lodged in any gaps.

Their thermal resistance means they can be washed in dishwashers (private, semi-professional or via  ).

Wine glasses are made from a single material. They are therefore fully recyclable (after being used several hundred times).

Flûtes à champagne en plastique dans un vignobe

Why use plastic glasses and what types of wine can be served in them?

When you think of wine tasting, the traditional image of an elegant crystal glass immediately springs to mind. However, there are situations where the use of plastic glasses is preferable, whether for reasons of safety or convenience.

verres à pied en plastique sur une nappe

Fresh rosé wines

Rosé wines, whether dry or slightly sweet, can be served in plastic glasses. Their red fruit notes and refreshing character are perfectly suited to a summer outdoor event or outdoor buffet.

Fruity red wines

Some light red wines, such as Pinot Noir and Gamay, can be served in plastic glasses without losing their charm. These wines are appreciated for their subtle fruitiness and low tannin content… Making them perfectly suited to plastic containers.
Tulip-shaped wine glasses, with their curved form, concentrate the
the olfactory richness of the wines they produce.

Light white wines

Light white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Sauterne, are perfect for serving in plastic glasses. Their delicate flavors and freshness are well highlighted. The lightness of these wines makes them ideal for warm-weather outdoor events.

Sparkling and semi-sparkling wines

Sparkling wines such as Champagne, Prosecco, Clairette de Die and Crémant can also be served in plastic glasses.
Choose slimmer glasses, such as champagne flutes, specially designed for sparkling wines. Their elongated shape helps preserve the bubbles, capturing their sparkle and delicate aromas.
verres à vins élancés type flûtes pour vins mousseux

From the almost sacred nature of a decanter, which allows wine to breathe and fully reveal its aromas, to wine glasses, designed to capture every note and nuance of a red or white wine… Containers are very important.

In the refined world of wine tasting, every detail counts, including the container used to present it. Each glass, each shape, each design is an invitation to discover wine from a different angle, offering a unique experience every time. Embracing the Re-uz® philosophy, these containers are not simply tasting instruments, but symbols of a tradition that, while honoring the past, looks resolutely towards an eco-responsible and elegant future.

Customizable wine glasses

The customization of Re-uz® wine glasses redefines the way we perceive traditional containers.

These wine glasses can thus become an extension of your brand, a blank canvas ready to illustrate a unique vision.

Businesses, bars and restaurants can enhance these glasses with a distinctive imprint (a striking logo, an eye-catching slogan or their own artistic design).

With Re-uz ®, every sip becomes a statement, echoing your principles and your aspiration for an ecological future.

verres à pied personnalisables en plastique