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Vaisselle réutilisable Re-uz : contenants lavables, réemployables, refermables.
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Contenants réemployables pour la restauration rapide, restaurants & fast food by Re-uz

Reusable containers for fast-food

Practical solutions for reuse

Explore our reusable container solutions for your fast food establishment.

Re-uz ® is committed to democratizing reuse through a range of lightweight, unbreakable and greaseproof dishes, cups and boxes.

Re-uz ® reusable containers for fast-food restaurants

Take the step towards reuse in your fast-food restaurant by choosing the Re-uz ® range of tableware.

Re-uz ® containers combine practicality, durability and respect for the environment. Made from recycled and recyclable materials, they are designed for long-term reuse thanks to their unrivalled robustness. Grease-resistant, they are suitable for the greasiest of foods; thorough disinfection is ensured during washing. This range of reusable tableware is the ideal solution for reducing waste and promoting sustainable consumption.

For takeout, resealable containers are ideal as they secure the transportation of dishes. With a deposit system, they easily replace disposable cardboard containers for delivery and takeaway.

The dishes, containers, and fry cones from Re-uz ® challenge the norms of fast food dining. It’s a range of reusable containers specially designed to meet the demands and high traffic within fast-food establishments.

Barquette réutilisable pour fast food by Re-uz ®
Gobelets réutilisables pour fast food & restaurants by Re-uz ®

Reusable cups in a variety of sizes for all types of beverages

Ecocup ® by Re-uz ® cups are an easy way to improve the customer experience in your restaurant. When it comes to fast-food consumption, speed and safety of service are the main concerns. Ecocup ® reusable cups offer a practical and safe solution thanks to their lightweight and sturdy attributes. They are designed to be unbreakable and thus suitable for users of all ages.

To accommodate your entire range, our cups are available in a variety of sizes and formats. Each model is ideal for serving small, medium or large beverages, making it perfect for all the drinks on your menu. For an espresso, a medium soda or an XXL milkshake, Re-uz ® cups make serving easy and safe. Soft drinks, lemonades, and smoothies will find their place in one of the containers in the range. These are also perfectly suited to beverage dispensers.

Customising cups for a memorable experience

Enhance the identity of your fast food establishment through customised cups. Customised Ecocup ® cups ensure immediate brand recognition and enhance brand awareness. All formats within the range can be personalised, allowing you to create a unique collection tailored to your brand.

By placing your restaurant ‘s logo on Re-uz ® reusable cups, you associate your brand with reuse. Because environmental responsibility is at the forefront of everyone’s concerns, reusable containers become essential for food service professionals.

It’s an effective way of creating a positive, committed brand image, while reducing waste within your establishment.

Gobelet personnalisé Ecocup pour les restaurants et fast foods
Pot à glace en plastique lavable et réutilisable by Re-uz

A versatile and sustainable range of reusable containers

The Re-uz ® range of reusable containers has been designed to adapt to all menu options.

Discover reusable cups and ice cream tubs with or without lids. These containers feature thick walls, making them ideal for serving hot drinks or frozen desserts. This way, they avoid any risks or twists and maintain the right temperature throughout consumption.

With Re-uz ® containers, reuse is possible for your entire offer. They offer a sustainable and economical solution while maintaining practicality and service quality.

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